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  1. This caught my attention. Now I wish I had snapped a pic. Saw an odd thing in Escondido, CA two days ago (2/16/16). Two white Mercedes vans (with the high back) with European plates as well. It just struck me as odd since it didn't appear that they had any other plates, which by law you would need to be on the road. It's not unusual to see someone with a European plate on the front of their Bimmer or something. But these vans' plates were on the back, which I would think would be illegal. This was near the JCPenney store at the N County Fair mall. I jokingly said to my passenger that it looks like they were probably just waiting for the DeLorean to show up. Now to see this post; even more odd.
  2. When I'm stressed, I eat like a hog and hate myself later. I didn't know blowing myself up was a coping mechanism.
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