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  1. Friend in need is a friend indeed.

    SaZ is home and recovering well. Thanks to all who held good thoughts and prayers for my friend. ♥♥♥
  2. Friend in need is a friend indeed.

    SaZ is off the ventilator, alert and in a great amount of pain. He is still on IV antibiotics. Many thanks to those who read this and keep him in their thoughts and prayers!
  3. Friend in need is a friend indeed.

    My Camzone peeps- Our buddy Saz, is in need of prayers tonight: he's on a ventilator in ICU. Complications from an infection/surgery. Please add your prayers with mine for a full recovery, complete healing! Thank you all! I hope this is ok to post here, We think the world of our camzone friends.
  4. Goodwill Investigation

    I chopse Arkansas for the fact it had only 1 physical business address. Many states have several different filing locations and tax fronts. Fiscal year ending June 2014 Total Functional Expenses $21,988,473 Executive compensation $580,477 2.6% Other salaries and wages $11,956,108 54.4% All executive compensation show $.00 on all but for 3 executives. 06-30-13 thru 07-01-14 CEO .79630 % $1674.00 CFO 1.34350 % $1532.00 COO 5.58513 % $1619.00 Total 7.72494 % $4816.00 IF the COO compensation is a typo and should read .72494 % Total 2.86444% $4825.00 Executive compensation stated by propublica 2.6% $580,477 Other Salaries and Wages at the 12 locations averaging $1,086,919.00 per location, per yr. Fuzzy math, Fuzzy brain, My head hurts from looking at numbers. ☺ https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/or... This site has links to 2014 and 2013 Tax Returns.
  5. Justice through Clemency

    1 in 6 Men are Unemployed or in Jail in U.S. as Economy Sinks Like Titanic! In 2014, there were 38 million men in the United States between the ages of 18 and 34; about 5 million of those young men were jobless, and 1 million were incarcerated.1 Those numbers and some related longer-term trends have significant economic and budgetary implications. Young men who are jobless or incarcerated can be expected to have lower lifetime earnings and less stable family lives, on average, than their counterparts who are employed or in school. In the short term, their lower earnings will reduce tax revenues and increase spending on income support programs, and the incarceration of those in federal prison imposes costs on the federal government. Credit to: CattyScatbrat InformedPlanet.org
  6. Justice through Clemency

  7. My favorite designer of coins.

    Keep in mind, this is the melt value or spot. These coins are available from various bullion dealers and a premium is added to the melt price. The premium varies according to the shape the coins are in, slicks as opposed to coins with a visible date or coins little wear.
  8. My favorite designer of coins.

  9. My favorite designer of coins.

    As I started to say in a post above, my wife works as postal clerk at the window. She works in a city which is dying. In the years she has worked there she has only came up with a handful pre 64 coins. Most banks clerks don't look at their coins and about all one can do is look at their coin tray and ask for the half dollars. I have gotten lucky a few times doing that. They hate the half dollars and the worthless dollar coins.
  10. My favorite designer of coins.

    Good luck. I went to the bank and bought quarters and dimes by the case and found only a couple out of several boxes. My wife is clerk at My best luck is with getting small change back at the drive though eat joints and I am always asking at the bank for rolls that have been rolled by customers. I got 2 quarters a few weeks ago from Sonic. I had a plenty of change for correct change, but I thought, heck, I'll give the car hop a 5 and see what I get. Might have been that old synchronicity thing at work. With the advent of coin machines very few of the hand rolls are available.
  11. My favorite designer of coins.

    The Mercury dime is a beautiful piece. One to be proud of.
  12. My favorite designer of coins.

    The junk silver as it is called is at an all time high, running around 18 bucks per 1 dollar face. I am crazy for junk silver as it brings back memories of my youth.
  13. My favorite designer of coins.

    I use them to describe where their money system and the world is headed and where we came from. Hope the images come out this time. Sometimes, with close friends and when out of town I pull a couple of 1 t oz. Sunshine Mint bars and try to pay for our lunch. More times than not, after finding a manager to set it up, I do pay with them to the amazement of these friends. (I can be a little sneaky) Silver and Gold is real money, despite what anyone says to the contrary. http://imgur.com/6b6AD8t http://imgur.com/x1Xgst5 http://imgur.com/A3NOGe2 http://imgur.com/gPd3mu3 https://silvergoldbull.com/search/products/?q=zombucks
  14. My favorite designer of coins.

    1 gram or one t oz? I carry a 1 gram sliver on a laminated card and it is so small I don't even drag it out and show it. I carry a Silver Buffalo and a 2014 Silver Eagle as pocket pieces. Sometimes I carry 4 coins to show to people I want to wake up. The 2018 Slave Queen and Buffalo both issued by Zombucks. Both of these show the direction we are going in and an ASE to show how we once were a proud nation with real money and a penny that I put on the tracks when I was a boy to show them how thin times may get if we don't End The Fed, Start demanding financial accountability from our, so called, leaders. They make a powerful presentation.
  15. My favorite designer of coins.

    Coin Design History and Resume for Daniel Carr Daniel Carr received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado in 1982. He also studied computer graphics and art extensively. He wrote his own digital sculpting computer software which he uses in an innovative process to create coins, medals, and tokens. "Amero" A currency union, similar to the European Union "Euro" has been proposed for North America. The name of the new currency is the "Amero". The Wikipedia encyclopedia article has additional details about the "Amero". This has been the source for many conspiracy theories tied in with other proposals such as the "Canamex Corridor". Danial Carr Statement On the North American Union I have received numerous inquiries as to my personal stand on the North American Union (NAU) issue. My goal with these coins is not to endorse a Union of North America or a common "Amero" currency. I fully support the United States Constitution, and I would not welcome (in any form) a diminishment of its provisions. I expect that these coins will help make more people aware of the issue and the possible ramifications. I leave it up to others to decide if they are in favor of, or against a North American Union. And I encourage citizens to voice their approval or disapproval of government plans that impact them. http://www.dc-coin.com/unaameropatterncoins.aspx?page=7 He submitted six designs in a national open design competition for the US Mint's 1993 WWII commemorative coins. He proposed Apollo Astronaut designs for the new small-size "golden" dollar coin. The designs were featured on the front page of Coin World on two separate occasions (March 30, 1998 and April 13, 1998 issues). He applied for, and was granted, the opportunity to make a presentation at the Dollar Coin Advisory Committee meeting in Philadelphia in 1999. The purpose of the meeting was to decide what woman to portray on the new small-size "golden" dollar. His designs and proposal for Bessie Coleman was tied for second place in the committee's voting behind Sacagawea. He created the only unsolicited works to be accepted in the limited invitational design competition for the Sacajawea dollar.
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