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  1. While we watched the fake American civil war

    An interesting article about that topic: Fun with Slavery: Dark Spots in a Shining Sea of Twaddle
  2. They are referring to a 200 milliliters glass (7 oz) of water x 4. From the video at 1:04:
  3. The threat alone causes a lot of trouble. http://theduran.com/breaking-major-bomb-threats-moscow-force-mass-evacuations/
  4. Here is a possible explanation. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/01/140106-earthquake-lights-earthquake-prediction-geology-science/ https://www.livescience.com/56869-what-are-earthquake-lights.html
  5. I've posted two videos about these earthquake lights in another thread:
  6. Strange Lights Seen Before And During 8.4 Mexico Earthquake

  8. I did some reading on hurricane forecast models -- they all agree that Irma will turn northward, but the crucial question is when it will happen. Here are the "spaghetti models": http://www.myfoxhurricane.com/custom/storms/storm1_models.html
  9. Dan Leonard‏ @DanLeonard_wx 3 hours ago New experimental IBM Deep Thunder MPAS model has landfall near Key Largo as cat 5, 906 mb. Absolute worst case scenario for MIA. #Irma https://twitter.com/DanLeonard_wx/status/905841507214688256 Dan Leonard‏ @DanLeonard_wx Sep 6 ECMWF: #Irma phases w/ polar Jet carving a monster trough in the east by late next week https://twitter.com/DanLeonard_wx/status/905504091132088320
  10. But NASA and physics are not the same -- despite all claims to the contrary from the Flat Earth camp. If the footing of the moon landings is fake, then this doesn't disprove the so-called "heliocentric" model.
  11. Shep, it seems to me that you are applying a double standard here. There are many posts of Flat Earthers claiming that Flat Earth is "the truth" or an "undeniable fact" -- but I've never seen your objection against that way of talking.
  12. The operation was successful ... the storm produced more rain over a larger area ... Indeed it did! Any questions? https://www.intellihub.com/documents-show-cloud-seeding-operation-during-hurricane-harvey-did-it-amplify-its-impact/
  13. The words "house arrest" are used in the figurative sense. https://twitter.com/Cernovich/status/903783516227416065
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