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  1. How is he not one? Wasn't he purposely spreading terror?
  2. Nope. I only have my view and try to learn. I made an ass of myself wholly knowingly. Why not use those connections here?
  3. You do, Cinn. No one likes a quitter. No fight was won by quitting. That said, I've thought about leaving a lot, myself. But I have too many family members who've lived too many places to think the grass is greener on the other side. The devil you know. Good luck, though, for sure. But he's not wrong.
  4. Flat

    What are you doing?

    I obey.
  5. Reverse racism is fu****g funny.
  6. So anyone will conspire with Russians for political purpose if it fits their purpose? Interesting.
  7. Flat

    Is this your 22? Dow Jones!

    The numbers are skewed due to percentages Obama's 2000 point rally from 7949 to 10012 is a 26% jump. Trump's 19827 to 24775 is an almost 5k jump is a 25% jump. I don't know where you got your numbers... But a bigger percentage off smaller numbers is misleading. Which market would you rather take credit for? 2000 or 5000 jump? ...
  8. Quit calling me "Neptune".
  9. I said, "I have a fever and a cough." Boss said, "Stay home and go to the doctor." I said, "I'll stay home, but I'm not going to the doctor." He said, "Why?" "I'm going to go where all the sick people are, give some dude money, and find out I'm sick and need to stay home?" I asked.
  10. Not really "Top Secret" anymore...
  11. Flat earth doesn’t posit the earth is a little floating disk. Read up a bit. Flat earth is fun stuff.
  12. I don’t usually watch videos without a summary. I watched this one. I like it. nice to have positive vibes. I think it’s important. I do believe we are stronger than we know.

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