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  1. Maybe He did? This one is pretty cool to me...
  2. Would your actions change if this was true? If it is a simulation and we are being fed a reality like The Matrix, is it possible to escape?
  3. These guys obviously just finished some crazy covert ops and were silenced i wonder what they just did...
  4. Followers of Islam

    What's the end game, though? Use Islam to infiltrate, wipe out a certain thing? Then what? Kill all the folk you brought here? Control them? Do Muslims buy as much? Do they create as much wealth? W "them" over "us"?
  5. Happened to me twice today alone...
  6. Why does that make sense? What world. Freaks.
  7. First General Rising! Woohoo!

    To this day, the only retort to Islam I've heard is, "they're not all that way." See @Cinnamon's post about "understanding now"
  8. What was the trail? From whom to whom?
  9. Yeah but no one goes to those.
  10. I truly believe it's only on in airports.
  11. Seth Rich is a tragedy. I pray the truth comes out, but I think all the evidence, like you suggest, will be covered up. But who knows? I maintain hope. It's obviously not a robbery.
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