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  1. How many empty seats are there on the courts Trump could appoint? Like 20? Makes you wonder what he's doing.
  2. I think this is a good idea. But we need a big win.
  3. The thing I don't understand is the eye level horizon. I feel like it should always and measurably fall away. I did some simple computer simulations once. My math was off, admittedly, but the horizon dropped IMMEDIATELY upon take off on a sphere. It stayed eye level on an "infinite" plane. That's what slays me? How is there no video of a rocket launch going into earth orbit? How is there no video of a satellite looking at several other satellites in space? Not to mention all the other "NASA faking shit" videos that seem pretty strange to me. What else slays me? Flat Earth theory of stars. Figure out southern hemisphere stars. Or, at the least, have one working idea. @Walk Softly, did you watch this video?
  4. Do I get in trouble if I tell all of you it's seven? The answer is seven. Why do either of you pretend you know anything? Why cling so hard either way? Is it hard to believe you may not know? @A Freeman, Surely there's a video of globe earth sunrise explained the same way people presented flat earth sunrise debunk. @Walk Softly, how is any of the information in the video presented below wrong?
  5. @A Freeman, Thanks for that video. Great stuff. Did any of the Flat Earthers watch that? I noticed most have stop posting here... What's the counter argument to what the gentleman in this video has to say? What did he do wrong? Great video. Seems like pretty damning evidence of ball earth... But I did notice in the video, A Freeman, he did say you can only see so far. Made a bit of a point of it. As such, why do you forsake the sun setting on flat earth? It seems you actually know the model well. Could you describe what you think you would see as the sun circled around? Also, no one answered me. Is there a flat earth explanation of stars yet?
  6. I just read this whole thread. I'm disappointed by the lack of beer and boob. But seriously, thank you for laying out the information about that famed flat earth flight path proof, @A Freeman. Great stuff. Keeps me on the fence. Freeman, how does ball earth explain lack of video evidence of curvature in this day and age? How come I haven't ever seen a space video with other satellites and space garbage floating around? I feel like I google this shit enough. Flat earthers, has anyone explained or divined up a model to explain stars?
  7. I got worried when I heard all the "conservative" media outlets talk about what a perfect choice he was.
  8. Not much. Follow through. Just start doing what he said he would. More tweets. More crazy tweets would help.
  9. Okay. But I am admittedly ignorant, and am finding it hard to find sources that aren't biased one way or another. Is killing people for joking about a religion a thing that happens or a one-off? Does it happen in every Muslim nation or like one or two?
  10. But, Shep... he didn't answer me...
  11. @Kral, Did you answer the question about the cartoon of Mohamed getting butt-raped? Is Islam okay with that? What happens if a Muslim draws such a thing?
  12. "The punishment can be fines, imprisonment, flogging, amputation, hanging, or beheading." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_and_blasphemy Wikipedia also mentions a that death is a punishment for "insulting Islam" but doesn't go into specifics of what "insulting" is. "The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding." -Milo Y Kral, is that true?
  13. I need to study the Quran more. @Kral why is Islam "beautiful"? Edit: Are you saying Islam doesn't put people to death for jokes? @Ukshep what about the Quran horrified you?
  14. Speaking for designer children like myself, your days are numbered. We will eliminate the brown-eyed menace. Curious to know where the line gets drawn. I know some scientists would care. Most would take the money and run, I bet. But will it get to the point where the doctor comes in and asks what color eyes you would prefer your baby to have?