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  1. Quit calling me "Neptune".
  2. I said, "I have a fever and a cough." Boss said, "Stay home and go to the doctor." I said, "I'll stay home, but I'm not going to the doctor." He said, "Why?" "I'm going to go where all the sick people are, give some dude money, and find out I'm sick and need to stay home?" I asked.
  3. Not really "Top Secret" anymore...
  4. Flat earth doesn’t posit the earth is a little floating disk. Read up a bit. Flat earth is fun stuff.
  5. I don’t usually watch videos without a summary. I watched this one. I like it. nice to have positive vibes. I think it’s important. I do believe we are stronger than we know.
  6. Does everyone here have it on theirs or has blasted it out via social media?
  7. How does flat earth explain clouds being illuminated from below? http://g1.img-dpreview.com/F323C91F2E05445DA54D64E776E873B9.jpg
  8. That's a really good question. Could they have moved after they landed to a point where they would see it on the horizon?
  9. Check out the composite stars on the guy's shirt.
  10. I can't send you pms? Hmmm. Anyway. I'll be hanging out here http://tinychat.com/calmshock2016 tonight while I play some League. I wanted to talk to you about video editing and what-not.
  11. I'm only on page 440. I'm buying a house! All my time seems to spend uploading documents and making horribly boring phone calls. But I was reading a bit tonight. Had a few thoughts and one big revelation over the week. Nice video. I'm not really interested in proving or disproving the curvature on land. You can easily say the land is flat while the whole of the Earth is not. Just slice a bit off an apple as an illustration. I'm super glad you're doing this legwork, though! Please keep them coming! I would love to do the same. I'm still thinking about getting an RF meter... What the hell is Facebook? I'd be happy to narrate. I don't have a nice radio-friendly baritone, though... re that chat room stuff: doesn't this still work? http://tinychat.com/calmshock2016 What? ...I'd say I'm still on the fence. Besides, I don't want to be lumped in with you loonies. I got CPS to worry about. What I did finally understood, however, is some of the most damning evidence against the ball I've found to date; the midnight sun in the arctic. I've been looking and looking and I can only find videos of the sun circling the Earth. After much thinking, I have to agree it shouldn't do that. The sun should go East to West from 12:00am to 12:00pm and then West to East from 12:00pm to 12:00am. I can't get around it. If you point a camera at the sun, from Earth, and time-lapse it so you're always locked on the sun, it would never make a whole circle around you. There's a video I didn't see until about a week ago. It makes so much sense it's ridiculous. I cued it up to the good part. Did you guys know you could do that? Click the "Share" link on a YouTube, then hit the check box "Start At x:xx". Please stop making me fast-forward videos... I've spent the last few nights of my internet time trying to find a time-lapse that shows what I think (and this my perspective guy is illustrating). I can't. All the vids I find are full circles around the camera. Makes no sense. ...man, I don't want to be "Flat Earther". I have a theory about retrograde motion. Why not a luminary bounced from the sun to the firmament? The idea being based on stars being "projections" in a sense. That is, if there was some 'thing' projecting the stars on to the firmament from (let's just say - the north pole) why couldn't the sun be doing something similar on a smaller scale? The idea of sonoluminescence from the sun itself? Wouldn't that cause retrograde motion on the theorized firmament? I read several pages on the curvature from metabunk. There's some GREAT stuff in there. I think the picture you've linked rings true. I'm man enough to admit I haven't done the curvature maths myself. Von, do you think/know if this is accurate? https://dizzib.github.io/earth/curve-calc/ I'll catch up on the thread when I can. Ya'll move so fast!
  12. So what's the explanation for why there seems to be an obvious curve here? https://yumyummatt.wordpress.com/tag/chicago/ Air, waves, and perspective?
  13. http://www.hark.com/clips/fbcphtzczz-thats-what-i-said-boobie-traps