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  1. lmao, i thought you was taking the pee and i have only just realized Doom Junkie was a forum similar to this.. I'm not sure if you knew but i was being sarcastic with my previous reply. This reply isn't though so thank you
  2. George Galloway telling Parliament the TRUTH about ISIL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baDzzCN9-BE
  3. ​Thank you that was very nice of you to say that
  4. I really hope this isn't true but i'm a Nibiru believer so i know we're all screwed. I just hope we get the opportunity to take out as many of the pedophile elite as possible.
  5. Just registered so hi to everyone, my username is same as on infowars I have been a truthseeker since 9/11 and been looking up at the stars since i was a 15. Nice to be here and look forward to joining in the conversations
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