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  1. I would never blame someone for having hope. My only advice: Please, don't get lost in it. Understand that there is only one hope for this world. God.
  2. I've often speculated that there is some kind of divine rule about disclosure. It stems from Luke 8:17. Maybe Trump is the way they've chosen to disclose the evil "deep state" plans. After all, what are we going to do about it?? Lol. Nothing. Especially when your new hero (the actor doing the disclosing) is claiming to be fighting them. It's kind of genius.
  3. What does this have to do with your blatantly incorrect statement about the video in question? Nothing. Me thinks you hadn't even watched it. How could you have? You certainly would have noticed my screenshot was from the very beginning of it. Curvature distortion at 6k feet. Totally normal! Yes. I've been through Kansas (many times, unfortunately) and sat my bum on lots of beaches! Lol. Cute parady article, btw. Haha. Am I supposed to get upset and suddenly forget that curvature and motion have never been measured because someone made an article poking fun at flat earth? Come on... You can do better. Maybe just stick to the crows nest?
  4. Lol. It's the same video that you and Jerry were talking about. It's a screen shot from the very beginning of that video. 6k feet and all sorts of "normal" curvature. Come on man... Had you even watched the video before you commented about it?
  5. Yep... It's totally normal for there to be curvature at 6k feet. https://imgur.com/gallery/680lQ Totally normal.
  6. Can you do a quick bullet point of them? I'm making a list of the reasons people believe the ground is curved and the earth is moving. I'm trying to see what reasons seem to override the fact that neither can be empirically measured.
  7. 20 pages now. How can you conclude the earth is curved when it has never been measured as such? How can you conclude the earth is in motion when every attempt to measure said motion has failed to do so?
  8. You can see curvature while it's stuck in the tree. Surely we can measure that kind of curve from the surface, right?
  9. Are you implying that a spherical raindrop means the earth is a sphere? Or is this just to show that nature does produce a spherical rain drop? (I saw the original quote from Anthem, no need to rehash)
  10. Thats absolutely inaccurate. The science you believe says that you must be at least 35,000 feet in the air with a minimum of a 60° fov.
  11. Good looking telescope. What do you use to attach your camera?
  12. I see what you are saying, but while there is still good AND evil in this world, it's a fruitless endeavor. Don't forget the words of Jesus. Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: Luke 12:51 KJV Fruitless until all is done.