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  1. Because it's not about the money, it's about the lie. These elite have more money than they'll ever need, because they create the money. Building massive organizations designed to farm out compartmentalized assignments is quite genius. In the process you build an army of followers with a vested interest, not only in the vision of the organization, but also further projecting their own heroism for being part of the brave, intelligent few that change the world and save future generations. Hellava vision. Save future generations from a dying planet. Who wouldn't be enthusiastic about that?!? That's how you build the lie. The vast majority of these folks have no real reason to question the paradigm they operate within. That is, unless the question is posed. Thats the dangerous part. And quite likely, the one that terrifies them if anything actually does terrify them.
  2. Not so fast, BBrad. But isn't there land under those poles?
  3. That definitely looked scripted. Was that supposed to be real? Serious question.
  4. Walk Softly

    Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    Do you remember this ever being explained to you in school? "...we can take either the Earth or the Sun, or any other point for that matter, as the center of the solar system. This is certainly so for the purely kinematical problem of describing the planetary motions. It is also possible to take any point as the center even in dynamics, although recognition of this freedom of choice had to await the present century."- Astronomer, Fred Hoyle
  5. Walk Softly

    Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    How was Al Biruni's measurement so accurate without accounting for refraction?
  6. Walk Softly

    Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    @grav Keep your head up.
  7. Walk Softly

    Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    This is exactly why I do what I do. Don't get many stories like yours when people start learning about the heliocentric theory. Here is an example. "And so it was that at age eighteen I entered the University of Rochester as an astrophysics major with a minor in astronomy. During my studies at the U. of R. I became an atheist. After all, evolution and the Bible don't agree, regardless of what theistic evolutionists may say. Candidly, it was such compromisers who convinced me the Bible was wrong and science was right." - Astronomer Dr. Bouw
  8. Walk Softly

    Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    Trust me. You aren't being tough. I don't know how you've got it in your head that my life somehow revolves around FE? Sure, I spent some time on it for a small part of my life. Most of the time I spend on it now I'm actually using to learn more about the official system. I find that the more I learn about it, the more assumptions I find in its revelations. I liken it to a form of religious belief based on the incredible numbers of assumptive beliefs one must hold in order for it to be true. I walk through my life listening to my man, God. I let Him guide my steps. On that path His revelations have set me free in many ways. It extends well beyond flat earth, as that is but one tree in the forest of life. I walk as a free man. The judgement of my steps is for Him alone, for we will all stand before Him and give account for each one we took. "...The easiest explanation was that the earth was fixed in the ether and that everything else in the universe moved with respect to the earth and the ether...Such an idea was not considered seriously, since it would mean in effect that our earth occupied the omnipotent position in the universe, with all the other heavenly bodies paying homage by moving around it."- Physicist, James Coleman
  9. Walk Softly

    Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    My question has been answered.
  10. Walk Softly

    Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    And I would never tell you that is a waste of your time, or that your efforts don't matter. Be you and do you. Follow where ever your heart leads you. Be free in your convictions.
  11. Walk Softly

    Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    Who determines what is meaningful for someone else? It might not change anything for you, but can you be certain it doesn't for others? I've never seen another movement bring the amount of people to God that this movement has. Sure, there are some bad apples in fe that are attempting to lead people astray. You can't avoid that. I'll always celebrate people coming to God, no matter the means. I don't see that when people learn of the heliocentric theory and the implications of such. Big bang, evolution... No need for God in there. Not saying you can't believe in God and the heliocentric theory. Not saying that at all, for the record.
  12. Walk Softly

    Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    The many experiments being conducted by those who question the heliocentric model have presented a plethora of examples of the curvature not being present. Those who seemingly support the official model reject those experiments, yet provide none of their own. The real truth in the fe movement is the lack of any measured curvature and the failed attempts throughout history at measuring movement. When I say failed attempts, I mean all of them. None of them have ever shown the earth is in motion. "Thus, even now, three and a half centuries after Galileo...it is still remarkably difficult to say categorically whether the earth moves..."- Physicist, Julian B. Barbour I can literally quote these physicists and astronomers all day.
  13. Walk Softly

    Flat Earth Psychological Operations

    "A great deal of research has been carried out concerning the influence of the Earth's movement. The results were always negative."- Physicist, Henri Poincaré
  14. I'm not trying to convince you of anything. I simply responded using only God's word. You asked me what the firmament is, and that is exactly what it is to me. I believe it is exactly as it's described in the Bible. With God's throne above it. You are certainly free to interpret God's words as you wish, and I have no problem with that. As for your quoted, I already pointed out to BBrad that David wrote about the waters above and he lived after the flood. Are the waters up there now, as David suggests in Psalms?