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  1. The FDA is the same people what approved all the drugs they later pulled off the market after killing millions of people. So don’t trust anything they say they are paid shills.
  2. Obama to skip Scalia funeral

    He probably will not go because of guilt. He probably had a contract on him
  3. Biggest conspiracy

    Yes I do agree some awake people are talking about it but if you asked a person about the twin towers every one know if you ask a person about doctors killing millions they will look at you as if you are crazy.
  4. The biggest conspiracy ever and no one talks about it. How many persons you know personally have been killed by a terrorist and how many people you know have died from chronic ailments like heart problems, diabetes, and cancer? Over one hounded years ago a few millionaires took control of the medical system schools, training, hospitals, and the governing authority. When they [terrorist] kill 3,000 people in the twin towers they went to war and have not stopped. From the medical system themselves say that 15 million per year are killed injured and infected and nothing is said and when they fail we gang to gather to have a [walk or other fund raising act] and give that money to the people who fail to help. Even the laws prevent good treatment if a doctor start curing cancer his licence will be taken away he will be called a quack and thrown in jail. Type two diabetes the cure has been known over 50 years ago and doctor will not tell you because they can make more money treating you for your whole life. Heart problems congestive heart failure the cure has been known for three hundred years, myocardial heart attacks is caused by a deficiency of one mineral this is even known by the WHO, Heart attacks caused by blood clots are caused by a deficiency of omega acid or a racial of 3,6,9 A-fib is not a heart problem but a back problem it is a smashing of the nerves leaving the spine do to degeneration of the discs. These medical systems think that everything should be treated by drugs and natural medicine is quackery and that is just the opposite. The medical system is a business doctors make money when you are sick so why should the cure you and loss a customer; a person cured is a customer lost. The doctors are hamper by their education they are taught about drugs little about minerals, vitamins, and nothing on nutrition.
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