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  1. Allen B West Site Down

    I found it intriguing as I can't ever recall finding https://www.allenbwest.com/ down before Screenshot #1(Firefox) Screenshot #2 (Chromium) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Check-in if nothing happened :D

    All is quiet on the Coastal Bend... I did feel a little strange but I think that is the norm for me
  3. Total Eclipse Countdown Clock

    Protect your eyes my fellow eclipse viewers
  4. What A Bunch Of Wussies

  5. What A Bunch Of Wussies

    Those who hide their hideous hate-filled faces behind masks speaks in shameful volumes. What do these piss-poor examples of human beings have to hide? These sick folk are truly wishing for and welcoming a Civil War to be sure. Brainwashed jelly-brains will do anything; I suppose. I could only hope that they’d be a little more mindful of their grotesque intentions. Which leads me to wishing in one hand and shitting in the other. The end result seems to be that one of my hands is getting full of stank rather quickly. So much for wishful thinking. And just for the record, my thoughts are completely based on utter disgust rather than anything to do with hatred. Hatred is far too easy and rather boring to me.
  6. When will we fight back?

  7. The division

    Oh, I can't close my eyes and make it go away... Befuddled... Heads high and g'day all
  8. Are you paying attention? Really?

    “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” ~ Henry Kissinger
  9. It's not Antisemitism if it's the f**king truth!

    ^^This^^ I had posted this vid on Kidder (Twitter) back in the day. It was up for about 3 hrs or so and then "Poof" - My post simply vanished into thin air. I then gained a new follower (Illuminati) after the fact. Interesting to say the least
  10. Baaaaad Goats Baaaaad Goats What ya gonna chew What ya gonna chew When they shoot at you The policeman give the goat no break They'll shoot 'em just for fu*cks sake Ja I know... stick to my day job
  11. You will get chipped -- eventually

    I'd rather be dead than chipped. Those who assume control of the weak-minded masses are some sick (severely mentally ill) individuals. I often find myself laughing at their overconfidence. However, I then realize that there are a lot of desperate and gullible sheeple out there
  12. But when us unusually white pale people speak out about or even question WG, we're immediately labeled as racist. After the short fused and unfair labeling, we will then be accused of participating in something known as "White Privilege" Interesting how things work these days. Ignorance has taken over and the majority of today's zombies think it's just fu*king dandy. Society has gone to pot to be certain. However, I still hold faith that there are some good (the color of your skin matters not) folk out there who care not to play the stupid Divide & Conquor (Polished Over The Years) game. I have never witnessed such nonsense in all of my life. Those who fan the flames shall carry the shame
  13. It's a Blessing...

    Simply enjoying the moment for what it is me brudda to you and yours my friend
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