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  1. Some folk are just plain sick. This woman is a perfect example of which I speak.
  2. Quite a few I would imagine. However, all of us as a collective outnumber them by far to be sure. It's rather dumbfounding how so few control so many. I personally have had about enough of their shenanigans! I refuse to be a performer in the great circus jerk that is. For the time being, I suppose I'll just remain in the audience observing the greatest show on earth as it unfolds before us. Too bad there are no refunds for such a crappy production. G'Day 2 Y'all
  3. I was gonna say something but now I forgot. Nevermind! Carry on then...
  4. Until we stand together against the monsters that be. So many people being pacifically acceptive to what they tell us what we should do and be. If there was ever a sad state of affairs, this is it. Who in the hell are these people and why should any of us accept their misdirection? Division is their weapon and they will use it against us every chance they get. Monsters are everywhere. Forget about looking under your bed. Most of them are in plain sight. Don't be a fool...
  5. He is the Emperor of evil. More money that anything sensible. Ruining our world one dollar at a time. Yet this schmuck runs free? I'll be damned!
  6. I'll have to check it out as I ran across this earlier today. Thanks for the post Cinn The truth hurts those that cannot accept it as it is...
  7. It's the lack of frogs in some Asian country causing all this madness! No actually, this is what this planet has been doing way before we were all born. That is minus the weather manipulation from madmen of course. Nothing wrong with the planet. However, it is the people upon it that I find myself questioning.
  8. Is this with or without the facial masks? How are we to identify them with their wearing of their lame camouflage? They all look black to me. Does this make me racist? If it does in this sense then I'm OK with that! I Suppose I should inquire within to acquire all the details...
  9. Cancer is one of the most profitable industries in America today. Either these companies are partaking in that revenue or they are taking away from the huge bigharma and/or cancer treatment profits. However, because the FDA is threatening these particulars, I'd go with the latter. Although the FDA might actually care about people and they are concerned that folks are being mislead and/or being ripped off There is only a one time profit in any type of cure. Otherwise they gotta keep you coming back in order to satisfy their insatiable need for the almighty $ - AKA: Greed. That's Health Sick Care for you in this daze and age
  10. I feel bad to this day as I had told someone about the dangers of diet soda and aspartame about 7 years ago. After sending him a few links to information on this very subject, he decided to quit that crap cold turkey. He ended up having a heart attack about a week later...
  11. Just checked and still nada... Just Goober Err Um I mean Goofy... Damn It! Gurgle... crap man; Google. Yeah yeah... that's the thick-of-it. I find their lack of acknowledgement disturbing at best.
  12. A 'higher-priority' traveler? I thought all travelers lives mattered... Wait... nevermind... Not trying to throw things off of the specific (Airline/Airport/Customer Service Related; to be sure) The following happened to me Pre 9/11 I once had an issue with Delta Airlines at DFW back in 1998. I wasn’t allowed to board the plane for a flight to California. I was told that my attire was not appropriate. I think I had my Buttman T-shirt on or maybe it was my Pepé Le Pew Rolling Papers T-shirt. I don’t know. I simply can’t remember at this time. Needless to say, I refused to change my attire. I made them aware that I wished to express myself freely and without any restrictions. They refused to acknowledge my right of expression and denied me permission to board the plane. Back to the ticket counter I go. Upon my arrival back at the ticket counter to explain what just happened to me, I was informed that I didn't qualify for a refund because I was denied boarding the plane. I was like, “Exsqueeze Me? Oh Hell No!” So I just stood there demanding that my money be refunded before I’d even consider leaving the counter area. I assured them that as soon as I had my money back in my hand, I would gladly be on my way. After about 25 minutes of back and forth including the threat of arrest, the manager on duty finally decided to refund my money. As soon as he started counting and putting cash back into my hand, he informed me that if I did not leave the Delta terminal counter area immediately afterwards, I would be arrested. I was sure to share some of my thoughts out-loud as I walked away. I wanted to be sure that the manager, some nearby employees, as well as some nearby passengers were aware of my absolute displeasure. This is when I noticed some goons in suits moving in. My Que to get on getting on. After exiting the terminal area to the outside world, I turned around to find the Matrix Men following me all the way back to my truck. I got into my truck and just sat there for a second trying to collect my thoughts as well as my composure. These sun-glassed freaks just kept standing around the perimeter of my truck while staring me down. This is when one of them radioed someone else. This ‘someone else’ then pulled up and over to the side of my truck in an unmarked car. I backed out of my parking spot and started to head out of there as quickly as possible. This individual proceeded to help escort follow me for about three miles past the perimeter of DFW Airport property. I guess that was far enough as he finally slowed-down and dropped off my backside. I looked into my rear-view mirror and watched as he turned around and headed back to the Hellport. Thank you but no thank you Delta and DFW! Drive through! Gotta go… Bye-Bye Now!
  13. The excessive profits represent those who are to make mucho money upon a deceptive or shitty product based upon the destruction of other Human Beings. Welcome to The “military-industrial complex” It's been around for a very long time... On January 17th, 1961, Dwight D. Eisenhower ends his presidential term by warning the nation about the increasing power of the military-industrial complex. Politicians are just like Doctors... they're all getting kickbacks for the drug that they decide to push upon you!