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  1. Good point... although he could possibly make sure she's never charged. He and others did it previously knowing damn good n' well she was guilty as all hell. Just the fact that she was even able to run for POTUS after all her prior criminal activity being exposed is beyond any Twilight Zone episode I've ever seen.
  2. I heard something (the bonehead was flappin' his lying lips again) on that yesterday. Numerous others were predicting that it was the she-devil herself he was referring to. Would not surprise me one bit. Her being prosecuted and thrown in jail would though. It's a big happy get away with crime family after all...
  3. I still use Tweekers 'er um I mean Ditties... darn it, I mean Twitter. Yeah that's it... that's the ticket. The majority of peeps I run across are lost souls at best. However, there are the limited few that actually hold their own when it comes to intellect. I take the good because so much of it is bad. That platform has blocked/suspended numerous good folk in the past. Just one reason I still utilize the POAP (Poop Of A Platform) is to push the boundaries in honor of those who pushed a little too far. Too Far for that platform is often times = We don't like the truth and want to live in LaLa land. I'm still trying to figure out GAB but because Cinn recommended it I took the opportunity to sign up for it. Hope to converse with some of you there soon enough :)
  4. It's all BS and it's bad for you... http://wp.me/p593H6-Cw
  5. I refer to this waste of a man as John McPain and now forwarding to the Russian Hacking Accusations... John McBlame. What a warmongering POS this goober is. He wants to retaliate against Russia? Okay... Send his sorry a$$ along with Graham over there and let them have at it. You go and get 'em John.
  6. Back up... just checked again...
  7. 'Twas up a while ago... now gone again. The DR Feed is still op http://www.drudgereportfeed.com/
  8. Shill Clinton... what a jacka$$
  9. The state 'er um prison of California had messed with me for far too long. I bailed out of that $hithole long ago (Feb 2012). It's really a shame because it really is a nice place to reside. Although, it requires way too much dough and I'm not referring to the kind one would use to make bread. However, if you have a boatload of loafs... more power to ya! One shining (political) light for me though... Sharon Runner. This woman will always hold a special place in my heart. She helped me with the corrupt DMV and just for this one simple/not-so-simple act... I am forever grateful. May you RIP Sharon :) As far as Diane Frankenstein goes... I really hope there is a special place in hell just for the likes of her and her partners in crime. Am I bitter? Naw... just brutally honest. Corruptionfornia... It's a nice place to visit but when you're done, be sure to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. This coming from an individual who was born & raised there.
  10. All one needs to do is watch their lips move to know that they are full of it :) War is only necessary to those who wish to profit off of it...
  11. We've seen "proof" previously that led to the first and second war with Iraq. Even if they produced anything that seemed somewhat substantial, I still would find myself more than reluctant to believe their BS. They sell lies and the majority of folks buy it without question. Although, I have seen some promising signs that point to that 'majority' waking up to this fictitious nonsense. Peace y'all!
  12. Me not believing the lamestream media has nothing to do with Donald Trump. I stopped believing what their lips were spewing long ago.
  13. I know what you speak of Cinnamon. I had done this on our way back from Rockport, TX. For your consideration: http://wp.me/p593H6-se Anything but anything is possible in our current illusion. G'day all :)