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  1. I checked in but I'm checking out...

    I must keep my blood pressure down to a dull roar... Love to you all - May strength and wisdom be gifted to you along your path
  2. Wuz gonna say F'em all but especially McFukinMcPain. I have to censor myself concerning what else I might say in regards to all of their nonsense. Use your imagination. I will not be offended whatsoever If there was ever a time to quit putting up with these out of touch with the rest of us a-holes; now would be good. Bleep Bleep F'n bleep and then some more f'n bleeps; if you know what I mean
  3. Posting this got me banned from GLP forever

    I do not find this hard to believe whatsoever
  4. Posting this got me banned from GLP forever

    It's an added bonus to all of their other wealthy adventures to be sure. They don't give a shit whether people live or die. There is always the commodity of people (chattel if you will) available for their sick pleasures and their lavish lifestyles. It's rather F'ked up if you ask me.
  5. Morning Gratitude

    Currently trying to locate my boots 'cuz it's getting thick in COP land once again. Not that it is a bad thing necessarily but certainly overwhelming at times. The world is fine (other than its artificial scars) but the majority of its people have gone ape shit crazy. Not any of my family here or abroad of course but man... what the CAPITAL F happened? I never though I'd live to see this day. Heck, I didn't think I'd make it pass 16. I shall digress... Much love to all those who are receptive of such. I'm not entirely sure what to do with the rest. When things have gone full circle only to bring intensified madness one must speak (type) their mind. Consider this my self-inflicted therapy. Glad to still be inhaling/exhaling and in the moment. First day of getting into our new apt after being not-so-willingly relocated due to Harvey. Not Weinstein mind you. Although, we did ultimately end up getting raped Life is good until the last breath regardless of how F'd up things around you may seem/be. Is this not all an illusion after all? Might as well enjoy the dreamland or... Is it your nightmare. I suppose it's a matter of choice. My words of wisdom (lol-ing at myself) for the evening. Goodnight y'all and out
  6. Microchipping... The beginning of the end of anything resembling "True Freedom" if such a thing actually exists. I will be put into the ground to become worm food, or better yet, sprinkled into the sea to become fish food (Cremation - True Baptism by Fire) before anyone puts a chip in my body. PERIOD!
  7. Are they going to cut off his little pee-pee? Needless to say, things can be interesting just as they can be deceptive. Ought to get deceptively interesting as time rolls on. D'oh! Indeed... all the world is a stage
  8. I'd say to myself... "Geez... Maybe I ought to stop eating those Silly-Cybins" Looks like D-Land and what they do/did at the Tom Sawyer marina at night. The mist of water is the screen for the projections. I haven't been there for awhile. Are they still doing their little show on a nightly basis? As mighty Obi-Wan said to Luke in IV, "Your eyes can deceive you; don't trust them" And just for the record, I understand that Old Ben and Luke were/are actually fictional characters. However, the dialogue between the two in this particular scene was/is spot on
  9. Posting this got me banned from GLP forever

    What got me banned from that hellhole was exposing (posting undeniable proof) of American and British troops protecting the poppy fields in Afghanistan. My how time flies
  10. There are numerous documented US patents on weather manipulation. Anyone that does his/her own research can stumble upon them fairly easily... Here are a couple to start with... there are many more "out there" US2756097 A US5984239 A And for those who might be a little less inclined to discover/research the patents on their own... here's 175 of them I'm fairly sure there are more that we may never know about.
  11. Was California Attacked with A High Energy Weapon?

    Food for thought concerning DEW's - Noticing some abnormalities somehow led me to this info while researching the possibilities... http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/haarp/esp_HAARP_33.htm also... http://www.drjudywood.com/
  12. Was going to but decided not to touch (don't get excited) that one Shep... Hope it at least blows over (Whoever Over is) and doesn't cause to much doo-doo - Stay safe y'all
  13. Please stay safe Cinn... Just remember that if and when The SHTF in Commiefornia, Texas will gladly welcome you with open arms
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