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  1. I think as a Tax payer in California Cinn @Cinnamon you should request a break down on that hair removal thing. Is it legs, underarms, face, bikini line or creepy back hair. You really should know what part of their bodies your tax dollars are being wasted on. And you need to protest too. Screw those trans..They can shave their pits, legs and other parts that can be reached with a razor just like the rest of us. For that matter, they can have a "friend" shave their backs if need be. Hair removal my ass...give them a package of cheap razors and tell them to shave whatever the hell they want. Will the insanity every stop? Probably not!
  2. All I know is King Putt took the scenic route back from Indonesia for a photo opp in Alaska. Why did he go 6000 miles out of his way to get home. What are they doing in Alaska? Great question!
  3. Don't watch TV either. Every other commercial is for some sort of disease or drug. I swear if I watch those drug commercials I feel sick. I usually record shows and fast forward through the drug commercials. If for some reason Im watching live TV and drug commercials come on, I close my eyes, stick my fingers in my ears and hum until the commercial is over just like when I was a child trying to ignore someone. You are 100% correct. The mind is a powerful thing. They know that too, which is why they "program" people to be sick through their drug commercials.
  4. How Smart Is Your Tooth Brush?

    Oh yea..Hammers are my favorite implements of destruction. And....Its hammer time!
  5. What? If people are stupid enough to travel to North Korea I say let them go and suffer the consequences. Lets see, I'm looking for a great place to visit so I can go to Pyongyang or Phuket. Pyongyang I might be tortured and killed or Phuket I can ride elephants, have fish nibble the callous off my feet and get a great tan on the beach while someone brings me cocktails with orchid's in them. Damn..the US government warned me about NK but I'm having a really hard time trying to decide where to go on vacation. I say you cant fix stupid so If someone wants to travel to NK...let them go!
  6. How Smart Is Your Tooth Brush?

    Im totally against things connected to the internet but If they would create a smart bar that reported to the liquor store when I was getting low on beer, wine, scotch, tequila or vodka, order it and have it delivered to my door...i might get behind that technology. LOL
  7. Hawaii needs to go away. How did they become a state anyway? They are not even connected to the mainland. I guess its because we needed a military base in the Pacific just like we made Guam a territory because of its strategic location. War is big business but Islands are expensive to own. I say lets sell Hawaii to the highest bidder. Think Kimmy would want to nuke Hawaii if it belonged to France? LOL
  8. How Smart Is Your Tooth Brush?

    I have a dumb toothbrush. You know the ones that after 3 months you throw in a basket and use to scrub tile and toilets with. I like dumb things around my house because I think its important to be the smartest "thing" in your house. If and when any devices in my house get smarter than me...I'm going to destroy them with a hammer. Smashing electronics that tick you off can be very rewarding if done correctly.
  9. He put the pillow over her head and checked under her mattress for his BC after they carried her body out. Chances are she buried it under a breadfruit tree for safe keeping. Nuking the big Island is the only way he can be sure they will never discover the truth.
  10. King Putt is praying Kimmy nukes Honolulu. Good luck finding his birth certificate then. LOL
  11. I wont be eating lab grown meat. Im in Texas and we have plenty of cattle ranches that sell to the public. For that matter I can buy half a cow any time I want. Problem is my freezer is not big enough to hold that much meat. Guess I will need to buy a bigger freezer or make a hell of a lot of beef jerky in the dehydrator. Either way..lab meat is out in Texas!
  12. I am getting worried.

    Im starting to think the only wall that will be built will be around the White House to keep the tar and feather bearers away.
  13. Damn Shep, @Ukshep If I get a divorce Its COP's fault! With the site being up and down so much lately, I've had too much time on my hands and have done nothing but stir up trouble around my house. My kids and husband are not talking to me now. Glad my COP family is back because my real family is very tired of listening to me.
  14. No kidding he has brain cancer. I think we all have known that something has been seriously wrong with that man for a long time. I think they might need to screen all congressional members for brain cancer because many of them cant think straight from what I can tell. Pelosi needs to be checked next! For sure something is wrong in her head too.
  15. All I got in the editor is bold, indent, underline, link, quote, happy face, 2 paragraph things, and preview
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