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  1. it's cancer......

    Im praying for you!
  2. They can have my DNA..its not really fair that they don't know what powerful force they are up against. Its all in my genes...have fun with that you bastards!
  3. My best friend just died

    Sorry to hear about your best friend. Rejoice in the fact that you were allowed so many happy years with your baby. Its never easy to say goodby! Ive done in too many times in my life and it never gets easier. I will pray that your heart heals soon.
  4. Landslide!

  5. Landslide!

    Broken bones mend...broken hearts don't!
  6. Landslide!

    Go Love Yourself!
  7. Landslide!

    And this too...
  8. Landslide!

    My life!
  9. The church has a youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwi858rGRPg0lFFVycFvvWA The sermon on 10/15 was "When to call a witch"
  10. What??? ATF says that special agents from their Houston and San Antonio offices are on the scene of the shooting. A bomb squad is en route. http://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/multiple-injuries-reported-at-a-church-shooting-in-sutherland-springs-tex
  11. Texas Church Shooting: 27 dead (per Albert Gamaz, Wilson Co. Commissioner) Shooter dead FBI responding Scene is 38 miles east of San Antonio
  12. Say Hi to our New Moderator!

    Welcome and good luck!
  13. During the 14th and 15th century pandemic, the black death killed nearly half the world’s population, according to, Bubonic Plague: Yesterday’s Scourge–and Tomorrow’s? As present-day cases of bubonic plague reappear in parts of North America and Europe, people are seeking natural methods to fortify themselves against this devastating disease. Due to its remarkable ability to destroy numerous toxic pathogens, garlic possesses the clout to kill plague. More: https://www.jbbardot.com/garlic-kills-bubonic-plague-and-other-pathogen-based-disease-epidemics/
  14. On Friday the 13th I had a dog related fall that resulted in stitches and a broken left hand. I was told by the ER doctor I would be in the cast for at least 6 weeks. The Orthopedic specialist a few days later confirmed 6 weeks recovery and told me NOT to go to the gym. I refused any pain pills and said that is what whiskey is for! lol I decided, screw y'all. Im doing it my way. For the first 2 weeks I loaded up on calcium, protein, sunshine, homeopathic remedy Arnica, used light therapy among other alternative remedies..and yes, whiskey for pain. At Week 3 I added going back to they gym into my personal healing routine. I went to another specialist today and the DR was in shock. Three full weeks into a broken bone. the wound and the bone were healed! At my age (over 60) the Dr had never seen anything like it in his life. I will have to do some personal physical therapy to get full use of my hand back but I figure in a week I will be back to normal. So much for modern medicine. Have faith in yourself and heal yourself just like people have been doing for thousands of years.
  15. i need quite a few more beers before i can pass out. besides, im afraid of their pills. aka poison. im doing it old west style..whiskey and beer, at least i know whats in that stuff and what the side effects will be.