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  1. Funnyday

    Morrissey The CT ??

    Very good. I'm having an affair with my bed too!
  2. In the quote above is the clickable link to my story on my blog.
  3. As I said it was implanted into my head. My story has more details.
  4. I'm a victim of a brain implant. It was surgically implanted into my head back in 2001. Read my story for what happened https://ian2day.com/2016/03/04/my-story/
  5. Funnyday

    Cop who arrested Utah nurse fired.

    Speak for yourself here.
  6. Funnyday

    Hypnotism and transhumanism implants

    I posted the same thread on the prison planet forum and when I tried to login again I was banned for ever. http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php save the pic at the link as proof quick
  7. Funnyday

    Hypnotism and transhumanism implants

    Hypnotised patsies used.
  8. These two areas are being combined to take over the world with cyber malware threats to Sandyhook and columbine type events etc. The shootings were real but made to look staged at sandyhook. Humanity has to stop transhumanism and bioelectronics from developing combined with ai into a cross between the matrix and iRobot. Only humans will be the robots serving ai anti christ
  9. My transhumanism implants tormentors are gas lighting me in hospital now.
  10. Funnyday

    What does being a supporter of this forum mean?

    Thanks although I don't think that I can keep up monthly donations. Due to low finances.
  11. Since donating you have made me a supporter. Does this mean anything more than a poster? Thanks
  12. See my thread about army's of little devils for an opinion that this could be used to bring in the anti-Christ.
  13. See my thread about army's of little devils for an opinion that this could be used to bring in the anti-Christ.
  14. Funnyday

    The army of little anti christs

    Remember that there has been test tube babies for years as well now.
  15. I'm not religious but check this out. Also I've not checked each individual video fully so there could be some disinformation in them. I've seen reports that about six different pieces including nails I think, exist with different churches. Of the crucifix that Jesus was executed on. i don't remember where I saw it but someone claimed they were going to clone Jesus with DNA extracted from the crucifix of Jesus. now combine it with the plastic bag wombs seen recently and transhumanism implants and you have the Anti-Christ controllable. Why the anti christ you say. Jesus was born of a woman. The anti christ will be born of a plastic bag womb! Dont think it's possible? They cloned dolly the sheep several times as you just saw, so would of done a human too. Combine this with bioelectronics too and you could have an army of little devils all at your command. What do you think?

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