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  1. I have contacted law professors in Virginia and now I am heading for Harvard. I will work on Yale and other law schools. The law schools are made to debate law and teach students how to properly defend clients accused of any criminal offense, period, NO EXCEPTIONS. It doesn't matter whether somebody is accused of being a molester or even a vandal or arsonist. Everybody has the right to good attorney otherwise millions of Innocent people can become federal/state prisoners at any time on crimes that each did not commit. Juries will not nullify convictions based on what Defendant's say on the stand without any proof at all. The corrupt system is designed to where you have to have an Attorney to have a decent chance at winning your case. It is time I let every Law Professor in America know what has happened to Brian David Hill. His case will not go unchecked and all evidence shall be investigated with a fine tooth comb. It ain't just Brian but hundreds to thousands of others may become victims at any time without remorse. The time of Judicial Tyranny comes to an end. Time for Lawyer and Professors to help Brian out of this corruption tyranny deep dark hole he has fallen into. God says there is light at the end of the tunnel. Brian will soon be free of his wrongful conviction the more people stand up for him. The evidence will not be blocked from Defense Counsel and the Defendant will overturn his conviction. The U.S. Attorney can play dirty all he freaking wants, because he won't win on Judgment day. The U.S. Attorney will not be able to move on to Heaven until he atones for his many sins of Prosecutorial abuse and maliciousness. The American people will not approve of such a bully as Anand Prakash Ramaswamy. His name sounds like something from a country that hates Americans. That Attorney needs to quit bullying against Brian and stick to his EVIDENCE. Stick to the facts instead of relying on liars. The Government will get caught up for what they did to many a people.
  2. This is what somebody sent to me via PM. I am surprised that Truth Frequency Radio has not decided to cover Brian's case. If I recall, USWGO material used to be on Truth Frequency News website when it used to be online years ago. I am sure Brian knows the people there. I wonder why all of the sudden, after he was officially charged by the Government with child porn, that a majority of the alternative media just ignored him, pretended that Brian's case didn't exist.. It seems to be that somebody in the shadows started telling lies about Brian after he was arrested since child porn suspects cannot use the internet until their charges are cleared or under strict Probation surveillance. I spoke with one Facebook person involved that told me that a person started lying about Brian's mother and spread disinformation. It is likely that the alternative media was fooled into believing that Brian is guilty and refuses to even look at the evidence. I cannot say who exactly without being threatened with a slander charge since it is my word against the saboteur. The saboteur even persuaded a Infowars staff person to target his Facebook page and wanted to delete it. Look the reason Brian's case is not in every media outlet everywhere is because Brian had some traitors in his ranks. He had over 3,000 or 4,000 Facebook friends, almost 1,000 likes on his USWGO Facebook page. One of his friends had joked around in 2012 about being set up with kiddie porn saying stuff like "Hey! You got kiddie porn!" but was joking around before all of this had happened. I know I sound paranoid but somebody wanted to personally set him up and may have been behind the tormail attacks against Luke Rudkowski and Stewart Rhodes. I know all of this because I am one of Brian's friends that has kept within his inner circle of trustworthy friends. Now all of it is history. I am letting all of you know about this because Brian was betrayed by one or a few more traitors in his Facebook and media connections. I cannot give names but lies were told about Brian to his comrades in certain positions to squash his support group page on Facebook. Now he isn't even allowed to use the internet. He cannot get back on Facebook and warn people about his frame up to expose what the Government and Traitors done to him. It is a blessing that this forum is even letting me talk about his case. Brian messed with some very bad people that had enough connections to politically squash his reputation forever. I have been forced to go to mail marketing advertisement places just to get the word out about Brian's case and very few people click on those type of email advertisements. I am contacting law professors and other people outside of the alternative media parameter to get the word out about his case. Bob Tuskin Radio Show on April or March, 25, 2015 did cover Brian's case. All because Bob Tuskin never even spoke about USWGO and didn't seem to be apart of the Support Group on Facebook for Brian's case, so he wasn't lied to by the Traitor. Now it seems like Bob Tuskin has shied away from covering Brian's case anymore as I kept listening for weeks to months now. It seems like Brian is not allowed to use the internet for a reason. The U.S. Attorney seems to be acting in a threatening type manner and getting away with his professional misconduct. The U.S. Attorney even openly lied about the Defendant in Court if you are able to get ahold of the Judicial Transcripts somehow. There seems to be a secret war on Brian over his political attacks on Phil Berger. When I have done research on him, it is difficult to find anything negative on this Senator unless it is from the Left. Nobody that is independent of the left/right paradigm even talks bad about Phil Berger openly, enough to ruin his chance for reelection in Rockingham County. Now I wonder why because maybe anybody that has threatened to ruin this Senator was ruined themselves. Even his son Phil Berger Jr. has a photo on his Facebook page about visiting Guantanamo Bay's Camp Justice which means that Berger Jr. supports torture and secret imprisonment of possibly American citizens. Brian was urging Berger Senior to go against the NDAA indefinite detention law. If somebody likes torture or is okay politically with torture then they are bad news. Berger wanted Brian ruined and Berger got what he wanted. Only Sheila Dogwood and several other forum posters or public posting places and other people have posted about Brian's case. It was on PrisonPlanet Forum but all mysteriously vanished. I think there may still be some posts on that forum but those threads have died long ago. There is a big move to silence anybody from talking about Brian's case to which would effectively harm the U.S. Attorney's position on the matter. We have to brake the corrupt cycle and stop the corrupt U.S. Attorney from secretly pulling more dirty stunts. The Traitor also made weird claims about what was written on one of Brian's envelopes sent out from Jail. The only people that would know what exactly was on Brian's envelopes sent from Jail, would be Jail Guards and the U.S. Marshals. Somebody knew what he was sending out from the Jail. The dirty tactics being done against Brian is exactly why media needs to cover Brian's case. The media can shield Brian from dirty underhanded tactics by the Government. I've met some great people on this forum that are looking into this and trying to find a way to help somehow. I just hope that enough people can cover his case to back the Government off of him. Brian needs people that are willing to stand up against Judicial corruption or Prosecutiorial corruption. They fear media attention and fear the truth, when it screws up their successful criminal conviction rate.
  3. Thanks for the BUMP! Right now I am trying to get this issue to every Constitutional Institution out there including Law Universities. I have contacted several Law Professors and asked them to review over Brian's case. We need to get investigations into the police handling of the case and the way the Prosecutor conducted it. Everything was not conducted in a Just manner. Brian's only Justice was getting a Time Served prison sentence. However he is forced to register as a Sex Offender and be under the dictatorial thumb of the U.S. Probation Office. Brian has literally no rights by the U.S. Probation Office. He has no right to prove his Innocence, he has no right to file documents with the Court according to USPO Kristy Burton, and he has no right to assert his Innocence to avoid mandatory Sex Offender treatment that he doesn't even need. Brian was denied effective assistance of Counsel. We need to punish the crooked ole Judge and the corrupt U.S. Marshals by publishing his case everywhere. We need to talk about how child porn was downloading ten months after the fact that his computer was seized. We need to scrutinize how the computer forensic analysis was conducted when it wasn't even crime lab scientists. Possible evidence contamination or outright tampering. Corrupt law enforcement. Corrupt and lying Probation Officers that think they are God and can get away with lying on the stand. If I lied on the stand in Court and admitted to it, I would be sitting in Federal Prison right now. Kristy Burton is still doing her career without any criminal sanctions for lying on the stand. How can our Federal Government be so corrupt that they'd bully and punish an Autistic man and deny him any Justice at all except Time Served sentence when he is not even guilty of the crime. What he needs is a good Defense Attorney that will fight for him until all of the case is resolved. All issues that Brian had brought up Pro Se need to be addressed by the Federal Judge. There needs to be a proper investigation and forensic analysis to determine if the police were even telling the truth at all, whether the prosecutor prosecuted the wrong man, and as to whether he should be found Factually Innocent of the indictment. How can a Federal Officer lie on a Document about a matter and then get away with it? Lying under Oath is the same as lying on the stand. How can the Federal Government get away with all of this criminal misconduct, malfeasance, bullying, and legal terrorism. Legal Terrorism was executed against Brian because of his political opinions. This has to be corrected as soon as possible. Only public debates can change this injustice in the Federal Court system.
  4. You don't understand how Justice really works, you have to have money to BUY Justice $$$ If you can't afford Justice then you will never really get Justice. It is Just Us!!!! Justice is an illusion and is powered by how much money you can spend on a single case. Good luck finding a lawyer with little to no money in your pocket for a expensive criminal Defense. You have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a good chance at Justice in the criminal inJustice System. You also have to have investments in the local corporate media outlets plus you need to be able to pay off Judges in the worst case scenario. Justice served for the elites!!!!
  5. Well if anything this post can be pinned, depending on how many people think this issue is important. This isn't just about Brian Hill. This issue is about the fact that anybody can be set up like this. Anybody can be thrown in jail, friends and family turned against the suspect, given a lousy Attorney that only is interested in guilty pleas, and then boom you sign the guilty plea agreement. Then however your conscious(however it's spelled) keeps nabbing at you not to falsely plead guilty so you try to withdraw your guilty plea and then they can ramp up more counts of possession of child pornography for every single photo they claim is on your computer. If your framed with 1,000 photos then 1,000 counts can be added to your Docket sheet to scare you into sticking with your guilty plea, even if you are Innocent. In Brian's case they dragged his case out until he would lose his SSI disability(That is why the Govt loves dependents) for good if he stays in jail longer then 1 year. He would have to reapply for SSI which can take years and possibly another legal battle in court, with the child porn charge being used against the SSI applicant unless the applicant has been acquitted by a Jury. Still he would be unable to support himself. If you look at the Righthaven LLC v. Brian D. Hill federal case, his mother is his caretaker since he is prone to having a lot of diabetic seizures from his brittle diabetes along with his neurological disabilities. It is all on Court record and they abused him and denied him justice. His A1C was 10.9 at risk of permanent diabetic damage while sitting in the county jails. He was forced to plead guilty against his own morals because of the way the system was set up against him. If he could even have afforded a expensive bail bond, they would have him under the strictest House Arrest with no right to use a fax, no right to use the telephone, and no right to use the computer. At least in Jail you can use PayTel. He wouldn't even have a right to phone call his lawyer. His family would be barred too from calling his lawyer according to the Adam Walsh Act based restrictions on Sex Offenders, even though we are supposed to be Innocent until we are proven guilty. They treated Brian like he was a registered pedophile sex offender child molester before he could even get his pretrial Motions in and going to Trial. The odds were against him so that would likely be his explanation why he had falsely plead guilty, because under the Adam Walsh Act he had no rights whatsoever. He wasn't even allowed to see his Discovery packet of evidence until after he was convicted. His public defender covered up evidence and Brian plead guilty under false pretenses due to Placke's cover-up of important evidence that would cause a Jury to acquit him. Brian was railroaded and conned by a crooked system.
  6. I just hope that Brian didn't mess with a pedophile in a high position. That would be the only reasonable explanation for how Brian could have got set up with child porn. If he messed with a corrupt politician or police officer that had unlimited access to child porn files then that would be the resources the perps would need to ruin his life.
  7. Oh my! It appears that somebody uploaded some of his news articles from 2012 right around the time that he was accused of the offense. I am excerpting a few articles which may shine some light on what actually happened here before the shut down or suspension of the uswgo.com domain. https://archive.org/details/USWGO_Articles_July_to_August2012 NC Senator Phil Berger refuses to take action on Nullify-NDAA, betrays his Constituents! https://archive.org/download/USWGO_Articles_July_to_August2012/NC Senator Phil Berger refuses to take action on Nullify-NDAA%2c betrays his Const.pdf http://api.ning.com/files/u325ipbpd7p8545*5hQlZAiOsh5-F*NUsJL*gMZeQQrTK*zcSX1n0u8RzMCAOGjtWhXGK3kbmmIZWYkSYHZdu2e9hZCqBb61/BrianD.HillwithStateSenatorPhilipE.Berger600x457.jpg https://archive.org/download/USWGO_Articles_July_to_August2012/Reporter intimidated and booted from town council when asking a question _ USWGO.pdf Reporter intimidated and booted from town council when asking a question This article was syndicated to Planet Infowars before uswgo.com disappeared: http://planet.infowars.com/politics/nc-sen-phil-bergers-most-campaign-contributors-are-big-banks-big-pharma-big-telecom NC Sen. Phil Berger’s most campaign contributors are big banks, big pharma, big telecom! Note: Forgive me for posting the entire article but I am sure Brian wouldn't mind as his whole news outlet is in ruins. I am sure he would have wanted me to copy his entire article on places. Last but not least, Phil Berger has gone for Agenda 21 type powers which he will have in his grasp, unless however any threats to his career keep him from being the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. https://archive.org/download/USWGO_Articles_July_to_August2012/NC Senator Phil Berger to get some of the Agenda 21 powers in the state _ USWGO .pdf
  8. Actually I don't believe that the evidence used against him was destroyed from the looks of it. Mayodan Police sent a hard drive that he stated he didn't recognize as his own. It appears that some federal or state agency may still have the hard drives. The hard drive that was sent to him was clearly meant to have child porn on it to try to frame him up again during Brian's Appeal process. I don't have too much information but I don't think that he has destroyed the evidence then otherwise he would have no chance at a 2255 Motion or Writ of Habeas Corpus Petition. If anything that laptop hard drive was destroyed since the Mayodan Police could frame it to appear that he was downloading child porn after his release from jail. I am just speculating but there is likely a good reason that drive is gone. He is on Federal Probation and any slip up can land him in prison for a very long time. His family likely wanted to protect him then report the matter in case the Mayodan Police claims they accidentally gave a hard drive with child porn to the Defendant, which would cause yet another police raid. It appears that the Mayodan Police Department may be behind the child porn set up attempts. Not only that but it's town attorney happens to be none other then North Carolina Senator Phil Berger Sr. who holds the Republican seat of that position. His son also happens to be the District Attorney who coincidentally was DA of Rockingham County, in 2012 while Brian D. Hill called Berger out for betraying his Constituents. I have the Court Documents where the Defendant has filed his 2012 online newspaper articles. It appears that Brian may had planned on having Berger either arrested or forcefully removed from office by some kind of judicial proceeding regarding some form of misconduct while in public office. He also typed up a article about the town's police chief prior to the child pornography investigation. It all sounds too convenient if you ask me. I am surprised nobody working as a private detective has decided to take this man's case to investigate all of this. Maybe Project Veritas or even some other intelligence or investigation organization can uncover how the wrong people may have set this man up with child porn files.
  9. I just started reading his Appeal records from public websites which concern me. https://www.unitedstatescourts.org/federal/ca4/15-4057/ It looks like the Mayodan Police Department released property to the Defendant during his 2015 Appeal which seems legally inappropriate. Then MPD sent him a hard drive that he didn't recognize as his own. Federal Declaration/Affidavit along with a Fax sent to the U.S. FBI Office in Richmond, VA show that Mayodan Police attempted to set him up with child pornography, then child pornography was sent to Brian's TracFone Cell Phone which he turned over to his Probation Officer along with U.S.P.O Kristy Burton's own signature. All of this sounds suspicious. Why would Brian have allowed child porn to be sent to his cell phone then turn it over to his Probation Officer while making a letter to the FBI asserting that somebody has sent those files to him from a tormail type email address? Then of course Mayodan Police appeared to have called his Cell Phone number before all of this had even happened. It looks like his Appeal caused an unknown assailant or assailants to generate threatening emails against his Defense witness Susan Basko and threats against Brian. All from tormail type addresses. Does any of this remind you of what happened to Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, etc etc? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zislzpkpvZc - Attempted Set Up of Luke Rudkowski I am surprised that Infowars and Drudgereport isn't covering this story yet. I am sure once he is acquitted then every media outlet will pounce on this story for ad revenue or bury it to cover up the truth. Screenshot captured from here: https://www.unitedstatescourts.org/federal/ca4/15-4057/27-0.html Then of course according to Document 71, it appears that Brian's seized computer equipment and paraphernalia was never sent to the State's crime laboratory according to what is reported on Docket. Brian had sent a few letters to the SBI and FBI, which copies have been filed on Docket, which prove that the Defendant had wanted answers but never knew what evidence was against him until after he had plead guilty. Agent Rodney White of the Greensboro State Bureau of Investigation regional office seems to be involved in suspicious activities. He analyzed Brian's computer himself without usage of a regulated forensic computer tower type equipment which seems to have caused child porn to download to Brian's computer for exactly ten months after his own computer was seized. His published email to Joy Strickland of the State Crime Laboratory Administration confirms that Rodney White doesn't work for the crime lab nor did he submit any evidence to the crime lab. The search warrant shows that his computers were seized on August 28, 2012. Child porn had downloaded on Brian's seized computer up to July 28, 2013. This smells of a set up and this should have been investigated by his Defense Attorney Eric Placke from the very beginning. His Attorney sold him out to a guilty plea without even disclosing the very evidence used against him that raise red flags. He should sue the hell out of this Attorney! Now I understand why Brian keeps claiming he was framed with child porn. In my opinion he should take this back to a Jury Trial as no sane Juror would ignore the inconsistencies of confession statements (false confession) if that is indeed the case, and dates that showed child porn downloading while not under the Defendant's possession. Then of course he has Autism which supports medical research that Autistic individuals even caught in child porn stings will not molest children ever. However in Brian's case he was set up by perps that wanted him destroyed. Susan Basko was threatened, Luke Rudkowski and others were either threatened or had set up attempts on them, all related to the frame up of Brian David Hill himself. It looks like whomever he has pissed off at Mayodan,is out for his blood like a vicious tiger. They will not stop until Brian's reputation is destroyed or until he commits suicide. If I were him, I'd risk a Jury Trial since they would see the threatening messages against him and his witness Susan Basko, and the Jury would see all of the red flags with a fine tooth cone. Do you think he should risk a Jury Trial? What do you guys think?
  10. Exactly! That's why I am proud that we are debating this now. I remember hearing of herbalists and natural healers being accused of witchcraft then burned at the stake centuries ago. Now it is their time for new witchhunts with new reasons to start branding people as whatever-they-want, then have the media demonize em, then destroy em. Couldn't said it better myself!
  11. This man is legit!!! Here are links of alternative media syndicating and covering his political work: http://www.infowars.com/foia-documents-dhs-monitored-opposition-to-see-something-say-something-program/ He even knew Representative Glen Bradley and former U.S. Congressman Virgil Goode. http://www.federaljack.com/former-alt-media-founder-it-is-now-time-for-north-carolina-to-stand-with-state-nullification-and-protect-the-2nd-amendment/ http://planet.infowars.com/politics/nc-state-rep-glen-bradley-introduces-bill-to-nullify-the-ndaa-law http://www.infowars.com/nc-sen-phil-berger-rep-bert-jones-still-havent-responded-to-nullify-ndaa-petition/ http://www.prlog.org/11946334-virgil-goode-and-uswgo-founder-brian-hill.jpg One of Brian's photos can be found on a Wikipedia page about Virgil Goode: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgil_Goode_presidential_campaign,_2012 What more proof does anybody need that he was a legit alternative media provider. He pissed off some piece of trash in the Government that would do anything for more power and money.
  12. I feel disgusted. They should be targeting real child molesters. They need to be targeting actual rapists. When signs come to prosecuting Attorneys that show Innocence, they need to investigate this in the event that there are signs of ineffective counsel. Without effective Counsel, you can never prove your Innocence to a Jury that is already feeling Emotional over what the Defendant's been charged over. Oh and did I tell you that Brian kept saying for months to years that he likes Asian women, even before he was set up? He has told his friends and even jail guards that he admires Japanese women because of how cute they look? He has never talked about children. The only reason he talks about the very subject is how he can beat his charge, why he was set up, and who he thinks is involved. Before then, he has never talked about child porn and has never talked about that subject until he was framed. He did have a few articles in 2012 how the Department of Defense was protecting people accused of that crime, likely because it's a good blackmail tool to control the military but never obsessed over that subject. Now with his conviction all he thinks about everyday is about his charge and how to beat it. The Government seems to be wanting people to be child molesters or look like one but Brian doesn't want to be, so they just stick to lying, using bad evidence or false evidence, give him a lousy Attorney, turn his friends against him, and isolate him. Now I've heard he is on Home Detention and GPS Monitoring. He can't use the Internet. Too bad since he had a Match.com account before he was arrested. Now he cannot even date local women, he can't date anybody now while they consistently bash him by calling him a pedophile and assert that hes a sexual predator. Maybe they are hoping he will become one if they keep doing this to him. He keeps fighting and this concerns me that he keeps fighting, while getting nowhere. All of this makes me sick. Make such a huge effort to destroy Brian Hill while real predators are targeting children everyday and abducting them. Now it's all about making Brian's life a living hell. They don't want him off the home detention because he might just tell people what is going on in his area. He may just tell the media what is going on, if any will even listen to him. I am sorry for talking negative like this but I feel bad for this man. The Government doesn't just do this thing to Brian, they do this to anybody who wishes to fight to prove their own innocence. Even with drug charges, the Government bullies and threatens people into pleading guilty instead of taking it to trial. So many people are pleading guilty, even if they have affirmative defenses under federal law.
  13. It makes me sick that the Government may be conducting child porn snuff operations but there is a lot of people that like to produce snuff films and some nasty people in government that seem to be apart of this. We need solid evidence of this stuff just to freaking prosecute them but if the prosecutors themselves are into child snuff and child porn then we are screwed, No prosecutor involved in child porn will prosecute the 'wrong people in government' as they can be blackmailed into total political annihilation. The Prosecutors are Attorneys as well. They know the law and aren't going to jeopardize their own careers to go after the real bad guys. They only go after the ones that they can successfully prosecute which include poor ole folks that cannot defend themselves even if their own lives depend on it. Public Defenders have a bad reputation for a reason, because they are designed to plead people out on plea contracts. I used to listen to the Dr. Shirley's Show Justice4Us. I used to listen to the words of former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson. He talked about kids being sold at warehouses in Lost Vegas. Some key people in the Government seem to be involved in the pedophile rings because that is how they can be controlled and blackmailed. Ted Gunderson eventually died after all of the assassination attempts on him. Look at Edward Snowden, he cannot even go back to his own country where he was born in, simply because he said too much, he exposed too much, and he let the cat out of the bag. Anybody who exposes too much truth will eventually face certain doom, especially when there is no public support. Brian lost his public support due to nature of the child pornography charge subject matter, and also due to traitors in his own alliance that turned his supporters against his own family, then defended those that were attacking Brian. Then he was forced to plead guilty with no support from any of the alternative media like FederalJack, Truth Frequency, and pretty much all of them turned against him and are refusing to look at the evidence Brian was presenting Pro Se onto Federal Docket. Hardly any friends support him at this point. He lost all his friends after he plead guilty and there were attempts to turn his friends against him before he falsely plead guilty. Nobody was to ever stop Brian from being forced to plead guilty against his will. Now he is under Probation where his Officers are literally 'Gods' that decide his fate anytime he wishes to prove his Innocence. When asserted to Radford Counseling of his wrongful conviction, he was charged with a Probation Violation. He had a meltdown also known as a temper tantrum where he lost it, and almost got two years in prison for it. He is being bullied right and left until he has a temper tantrum type meltdown over increased anxiety then they nail him for it. He needs all the help he can get. The reason the Government gets away with bullying this mentally disabled man who fought the New World Order was because of the subject matter of his charge. Who is going to defend him when accused of sexually exploiting children aka child porn photographs. Nobody will defend him even when he can prove his own Innocence. That is the NWO Motto!!! Child porn is the best weapon to bully people under since nobody will ever defend sex offenders even if they are innocent of sex crimes. It doesn't matter whether you are innocent or not once your charged. Your better off being rich and can afford the best Attorney and private investigator money can buy. Pay hundreds of thousands of dollars before possibly being charged to combat the set up attempt but not everybody is rich, oh too bad. :(
  14. It is suspicious for what happened to Jessica Upshaw. Maybe at one point she may have started wakening up and was going to blow the lid on Agenda 21. You know there are whistleblowers out there and the Feds fear whistleblowers. Of course! Anybody that is a threat to the global governance tyranny agenda or dedicated to standing up for the American people will either be physically assassinated or character assassinated with a baloney charge. I've heard she is Pro Agenda 21 but you never know if she was blackmailed for the reason she stated that now is not the right time for a Anti-Agenda 21 bill. You know all the crooks have to do is drug the Representatives drinks and then put a naked child or women on them, then snap a few photos, and then they are blackmailed by the NSA and others to be a political tool, a puppet if you will, and that is how politics is anymore. Even in the 1600's to the 1800's, the royal families were betraying each other and even marrying for political reasons, for a seat of power on the throne. Politics is all about who has the most power? The Courts are being corrupted because that is the only way that the World Government tyranny agenda can ever come to pass. The only way Satan or a world dictator can take control of the entire world is by corrupting every level of government as much as possible using human nature against us. We are prone to ego, greed, fear, hate, anger, love, bitterness, despair, etc etc. The globalists are using selfish and weak people to blackmail and corrupt to follow the piper of rats right straight into Hell. Then of course they want the American people to be weak and selfish so that nobody will stand up for each other. Then you have traitors, cointelpro, paranoia, and fear of retaliation. I will not fall into any traps as I know what traps the corruptors have set for us. I am able to get the word out about Brian's set up because it is important for people to realize that anybody can be set up with child porn. Child porn is basically just computer files such as image files and videos files. Videos and images can be compressed to be small enough to fit on a floppy disc or email attachment. Anybody can send these images and videos to anybody in the world. People can use TOR, public wifi, library computers under a false identity, internet cafes(again under a false ID), and private wifi routers to send child porn to anybody. The police don't care if an IP Address is a public wifi or a private ISP account. Once an IP Address is flagged for child pornography distribution then the police have the probable cause to raid the person's home. Got no child porn??? The police will not raid a home for nothing because of fear of lawsuits and defamation/libel/slander lawsuits. If the police have to, they can get some child porn images from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children or even the Internet Crimes Against Children task force. They have access and caches of child porn as I have discovered that ICAC officers have open and free access to child pornography without the risk of criminal charges through legal immunity for good faith exemption. ICAC officers can plant a few child porn files then technically they are guilty of possessing those images. The police will keep pushing for a confession until you give them a false confession, they will wear people down if desperate enough and even threaten family members. They will get their false confession and plant enough child porn to prohibit internet access under Supervised Release conditions. No internet means no access to alternative media and no access to the truth. The New World Order wins using child pornography as nobody will help anybody accused of this type of crime. People get angry at anybody accused of such crime, even if they can prove innocence. Child pornography seems to be a perfect political assassination tool. By waking people up here and other places about this terrible issue, we can prevent what had even happened to Brian Hill. We can prevent this from happening in the future,
  15. I am glad I am not the only person that thinks his charge is suspicious given his extensive political history and no history of any criminal misconduct before all of this. He seems like a bright young man and has learned a lot since he was 19 years old. He even ran a YouTube channel as well with various political rants. He also had articles syndicated on ActivistPost, Infowars, FederalJack, and other places. He was even featured in a NYTimes article about the Righthaven lawsuit. He was named as a Defendant and it was revealed that he was mentally challenged. It is hard to believe that a mentally disabled person such as Brian would become such a thorn in a corrupt politician's side. Well if he is intelligent enough then he could have become a big rival if his intelligence gains him momentum in the political arena. He posted articles about the corruption in the Mayodan town council in 2012. He had a Petition campaign to nullify the NDAA law. He has no complaint when anybody decides to hire a private investigator into this guy. No parking tickets, no complaints of indecency, in fact the only official complaints lodged against him were all copyright related prior to his charge, all against his website material or YouTube videos. I hope that the alternative media will start to cover this unless they are afraid of looking like pedophile sympathizers so they are waiting until Brian proves Actual Innocence. My guess is once Brian proves his innocence, then he will be able to regain his lost credibility back in the alternative media.
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