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  1. Guest veiwing our profiles

    Hmmm there still here lol
  2. Guest veiwing our profiles

    not true k 9 exit money talks and bull shit walks shep ya sold the truthers out the rest of the ct fourms are laughing there ass off at cop the flat earth fourm for passing his disinfo
  3. But i see a need for balance in opinions and see removing some ct thread topics as a form of controlling the flow of information and censorship. I think not I think money was the motivation and then the bot attack reading everyone profile and e mail address roflmao looks to me like everyone here was just the victim of a mk ultra test just how easy it s to convince the sheep of a proposers idea data collect move along fokes nothing to see here
  4. Guest veiwing our profiles

    bots sure why not lol
  5. well lets just jump from the frying pan right into the fire Both subjects are bull shit both story's were created by man both fe and religion talking points do not match real world observation ya can color a pig pink but its still a pig and for a ct site taking donation from them and giving them a platform all I can do is shake my head The beast I say lol Good luck with that my friends They will soon have the data they need and I hope I threw a big stick in the spokes I guess the saying is true money talks AND bull shit walks
  6. I find it strange that ft bs is Even talked about here but then again the bank account sure looks good the other forums do not allow it because it disinformation not any other reason
  7. What is the exact size of earth? http://www.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_exact_size_of_earth Planet Earth is not a perfect sphere. Its polar diameter (from pole to pole) differs from equatorial diameter (diameter at the equator). This in turn means that the circumference of the two will also differ. Its dimensions are listed below (dimensions are rounded to the nearest whole mile): Polar Diameter: 7,900 miles (12,714 kilometers) Polar Circumference: 24,860 miles (40,008 kilometers) Equatorial Diameter: 7,927 miles (12,757 kilometers) Equatorial Circumference: 24,902 miles (40,076 kilometers) Earth's total surface is an area that measuring 197,000,000 square miles (09,600,000 square kilometers)
  8. Here is a link that explains flat earth http://www.wanttoknow.info/050626mkultra.shtml this is all it is nothing more nothing less
  9. fish eye lens https://cdn.tutsplus.com/photo/uploads/legacy/204_fisheyeroundup/Fisheye-1.jpg regular lens https://sp.yimg.com/ib/th?id=OIP.M3db9a3448476c90f0ca76043fed7a3b8o0&pid=15.1 hmmmm
  10. kind of a boring read I'm new here and not a lot of content here looks like you get a lot of money though
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