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  1. Chill Grav - did not mean to offend, Just seems a bit odd. It really is all very amazing - I am on your side.
  2. John Wiles Booth lived until 1903

    It seems that what we have been told is not the truth???? Interesting indeed.
  3. Mom's Advice Column for Alchemists

    ahhhmmm! I highly doubt you are ordinary!!??
  4. Amazing, awesone..... what can i say

    Thanks I guess???
  5. Amazing, awesone..... what can i say

    Glad to be aboard Lucy. Thanks for the warm welcome ya all. Now, hopefully this ship of fools can stay afloat.
  6. Amazing, awesone..... what can i say

    Thanks Han - sage advice
  7. I have been following this topic for awhile now, and a lot of the evidence is hard to refute. It also seems to be making a lot of mainstream folks uneasy. That by itself makes me very interested. But - and its a very big but (elephant in the room big) - this not a garden variety grassroots movement. This appears to be a well orchestrated release of info. Quite frankly it stinks and makes me think there is some other agenda at work here. Makes me a tad reluctant to dive in. Stay vigilant my friends and don't be led down the garden path. Over & Out spacepal
  8. been on the interwebs since ....well - a long time. remember when Kent started it all. I just think ya all need to know what an amazing place this is. Jibby and the Jedi's (not sure of the plural) - wow. Twisted. Grav, Rothbard. Challenger, Hans and especially Shep (there are many more).,,,,,, this is a knowledge seekers oasis - hope it continues. Will post more when I sober up LOL Over & Out Spacepal
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