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  1. you sure
  2. haha, I already know all about you.
  3. You do mr mole man
  4. There's someone here who knows what this is for real. He just won't tell you.
  5. Natural Stevia: 0 calories 1 Tablespoon Table Sugar: 48 Calories 1 Tablespoon Agave: 60 Calories You would be surprised by how fast they can add up.
  6. Gravity is Magnetism: http://newtonsrival.hubpages.com/hub/Gravity-is-Magnetism
  7. Seen that analogy years back, and for that to have happened that way, that would mean JFK's own wife had to be in on the whole thing because of course she heard from which direction the shots came from. She wasn't such a good wife after all it seems.
  8. I think its fake like all the trumpets we heard everywhere across the planet years back. Back then it was sound, and now its light.