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  1. You aren't being serious right now are you? Watch around 7:00 and on he starts doing his flips, never uses his foot to "stop rotational force" Nice reach though, A for effort.
  2. Yea but air resistance vs what a bullet should/shouldn't do in relation to a spinning mass underneath it, two different things. Also: WTF is that thing talking about a non rotating earth? EDIT: you just gave me something to read for the next few days, this thing is interesting as hell!
  3. There are unseen forces at work, such as the aether, which can explain such phenomenon. Not that the earth is rotating. We are told that we are locked in an enclosed system, that's why you can't hover in a hot air balloon and watch the earth spin underneath you. It doesn't make sense that a bullet leaving a gun will be differently affected by the spin of the earth when we are all supposedly locked into a closed system, via pressurized atmosphere.
  4. No you'll just spend over a year in the same thread debating the same subject, that you don't agree with.
  5. Holy shit I had to watch that a few times, you can see his foot getting stuck on the wire. Also just looks cgi, completely looks unnatural the way they look against the background.
  6. Off-Topic Repository

    It's not news or current events and from some guy's sketchy blog. It belongs in hardcore section.
  7. Off-Topic Repository

    It's not news or current events and it's from a dodgy ufo website. Belongs in the hardcore section.
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    This isn't news or current events and it's from a dodgy website. Belongs in hardcore section.
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    Hardcore conspiracy section........
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    Hardcore conspiracy section......
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    This thread belongs in hardcore conspiracy section.
  12. This guy gets it. To add to your statement no matter where you are in the world you see the exact same face of the moon. If it were indeed a sphere, people in California should see part of the side while people in new york should see part of the other side. With only those in the middle of the country seeing the exact middle.
  13. I love Army of Darkness, one of my favorite movies.
  14. And this is based on calculations done 2000 years ago with an assumed spherical earth, which completely changes the equation. INCREDIBLE an entire field of study (astronomy) is based upon flawed measurements that have never been questioned.
  15. I think you have to get that cleared with the FAA, doing a night launch with a balloon can be dangerous for passing aircraft.