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  1. Here we go with the whole Flat Earth is a psy-op. It's a pretty ineffective psy-op if you ask me. You see I go out, in the world, each and every day, as I work and interact with regular people each day. The consensus among pretty much everyone I have talked to is, they have never even thought for a second about the flat earth theory. People are not only un-informed about the whole idea, they are also apathetic to the actual shape of the earth. If it were a "psy-op" wouldn't it be more prevalent in everyday life? Perhaps some documentaries about the subject? No. Why is that? If they wanted people to know en-mass what better medium than television? No in fact they not only don't want people to look into and research the subject, they have amassed an army of internet trolls to belittle, insult, and dismiss the entire idea that our globe earth is not real. Any mention of flat earth on the internet will target you for a barrage of attacks, baseless attacks which direct people away from researching the subject for themselves. The very fact that the flat earth subject is still censored even on so called conspiracy and fringe websites, should be a red flag to anyone with open eyes. Wake up they are discrediting and misdirecting people away from flat earth BECAUSE ITS THE TRUTH, not because they want you to believe it.
  2. cs That's what it seemed like to me. This is scary. My question is what means will they be using to control people? Cell phones, chemical spray, TV, Radio?
  3. It's not news or current events and from some guy's sketchy blog. It belongs in hardcore section.
  4. It's not news or current events and it's from a dodgy ufo website. Belongs in the hardcore section.
  5. This isn't news or current events and it's from a dodgy website. Belongs in hardcore section.
  6. Hardcore conspiracy section........
  7. Hardcore conspiracy section......
  8. This thread belongs in hardcore conspiracy section.
  9. This thread belongs in hardcore conspiracy section.
  10. It just exploded early that's all. None of them ever go into space, they are set to explode as they get far enough away. Same thing that happened to challenger, exploded to early.
  11. The logic you are using is that if we are looking at balls in the sky that must mean we live on one. I'm simply demonstrating to you how that logic fails. We have life, clouds, atmosphere none of the "planets" we are looking at in the sky have any of those things. So in that aspect we are unique so different from what we are looking at up there. Furthermore the spinning earth can't explain the winds on earth, being that our atmosphere are an enclosed system, so they say. This is why the argument is constantly being used that "we don't feel the spin" because it's enclosed. How can we not feel the spin yet the winds in our atmosphere be affected by it? If the winds and storms are being affected by the spin, then that would mean other things such as airplanes should be affected by it, but they aren't. The winds, Coriolis effect, and other's are created by the force of the sun moving around.
  12. Well if that's enough to convince you, that's your prerogative then. This line of reasoning doesn't work for me though. If that were the case you should look out all the planets and see clouds on them, but you don't. But we have clouds though. The logic fails.
  13. ? Objects in the sky don't prove anything about that on which we live. I don't understand the mentality here. "Oh we see balls in the sky, that must mean we live on a ball." Come on now.
  14. Well i guess we know who's gullible then.
  15. That's fine you can see the world however you want. The fact remains that these unproven theories are being taught as fact to our children. The fact remains that anyone who questions NASA or official answers from big science are being ridiculed and ostracized. The fact remains that they continue to give us photo-shopped pictures of earth, none of which matches the other.