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  1. Personally I doubt they are even a threat to us, or anyone else. This is fear mongering. Look at how many people are brainwashed right now. You ask about NK, most random people just say "yea bomb them off the planet". We are being conditioned to hate this little country which has done nothing to us. We are being conditioned to want to destroy this country full of innocent people, just because the new's networks said so. I for one aren't going to fall for the deception and the hatred.
  2. The Bible Does NOT Teach FE

    Truth is earth is flat and stationary, sorry if that bothers you so much. But please stop twisting the words of the bible to fit the globe agenda, just stop please. God isn't happy with you right now.
  3. The Bible Does NOT Teach FE

    This is all 100% your opinion and your own interrepation of the bible. That's doesn't mean it's true. Pillars holding up an immovable earth is cut and dry reasoning. To say it's anything else is putting your own spin on it. The only reason why preachers don't teach Flat Earth, is because they have to go along with modern society, or else be branded a conspiracy nut, because of course, MOON LANDING.
  4. You can't get away from it, they are watching from all angles. This was just a slip up and HP tried to cover their tracks with a bull crap excuse. Think of all the programs out there that are spying that people don't know about.
  5. Isn't it clear by now that society is being conditioned to believe in aliens and be fearful of an alien invasion? We have people like Stephen Hawking (robot in a chair) warning us of advanced beings that could threaten us. It's my strong belief that there are no aliens, usually if it's coming from mainstream, it's to be judged with extreme skepticism.
  6. The Bible Does NOT Teach FE

    Hey, WS, good to see you , I like the way you are going about this debate right now.
  7. The Bible Does NOT Teach FE

    All I know is the more I read the bible and account of creation, the more it sounds like it's describing our flat earth, enclosed in a dome. According to the bible the earth is on pillars and is immovable. This is pretty cut and dry. There is no decoder, the bible didn't come with a code sheet to decode it, ok, it's plain and simple. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who tries to twist the literal meanings of the words of the bible around, are twisting the literal words of god. And you are all being deceived by your preachers, telling you that the bible is describing space and galaxies, when it is not.
  8. Here we go with the whole Flat Earth is a psy-op. It's a pretty ineffective psy-op if you ask me. You see I go out, in the world, each and every day, as I work and interact with regular people each day. The consensus among pretty much everyone I have talked to is, they have never even thought for a second about the flat earth theory. People are not only un-informed about the whole idea, they are also apathetic to the actual shape of the earth. If it were a "psy-op" wouldn't it be more prevalent in everyday life? Perhaps some documentaries about the subject? No. Why is that? If they wanted people to know en-mass what better medium than television? No in fact they not only don't want people to look into and research the subject, they have amassed an army of internet trolls to belittle, insult, and dismiss the entire idea that our globe earth is not real. Any mention of flat earth on the internet will target you for a barrage of attacks, baseless attacks which direct people away from researching the subject for themselves. The very fact that the flat earth subject is still censored even on so called conspiracy and fringe websites, should be a red flag to anyone with open eyes. Wake up they are discrediting and misdirecting people away from flat earth BECAUSE ITS THE TRUTH, not because they want you to believe it.
  9. cs That's what it seemed like to me. This is scary. My question is what means will they be using to control people? Cell phones, chemical spray, TV, Radio?
  10. Off-Topic Repository

    It's not news or current events and from some guy's sketchy blog. It belongs in hardcore section.
  11. Off-Topic Repository

    It's not news or current events and it's from a dodgy ufo website. Belongs in the hardcore section.
  12. Off-Topic Repository

    This isn't news or current events and it's from a dodgy website. Belongs in hardcore section.
  13. Off-Topic Repository

    Hardcore conspiracy section........
  14. Off-Topic Repository

    Hardcore conspiracy section......
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