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  1. Jedi knight, this is order 66 L ron hubbord was kinda right the planets a prison, and god forgot to exist Your under religious mind control you need to resist You think earth is flat and 2000 years old You opened up your mind to the lies they told I bet you work for the cia all day with reptilian dna and microchips in your brain Me? Im just the humble shepard, the stuff of legends.
  2. I challenge you to a rap battle Last1oftheJedi....
  3. Anyone know where to find this video?

    Yep thats it, thanks a lot shep....been trying to find this again for a few years.
  4. Anyone know where to find this video?

    Its supposedly a secret mission to the moon where they find a crashed spacecraft and inside they find the frozen female pilot and she has these weird control mechanism implanted in her eyes....anyone know the video im talking about?
  5. Yes, I believe there are benevolent beings out there, but I think that they cant do much for us until humanity is ready. Out in space when people die they just enter a new body...the benevelont beings are gonna bring that here eventually..but imagine a bunch of reptilians and peleadians coming here now....the world would descend into chaos.
  6. I dont know either of their work that well....what aspects do you want to know if I agree with?
  7. Lol, sorry, im from ohio, we officially use more cuss words per sentence than any other state.
  8. Anybody make music?

  9. There are 2 human races Human race A. is a highly advanced space faring civilization at war with what we will call alien race a. We are human race b. The theory states that alien race a created human race b in a lab and put us on this planet earth (far from where human race A. can find us) so they can study their enemy human race A.
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