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  1. Hey, OP, someone posted a link to the Syrian Free Press Network, which reprinted your OP and I followed to here. So, you're claiming that someone on Wall Street gave you this information about a future influx of refugees and migrants, in Europe, and that it would be a Trojan horse for the mass entry of terrorists who would attack, all over, in one 24 hour period. Is that right? Then you said this: I wont tell you every detail because I have already become spooked by them, but you'll understand the main thrust of what is happening and what is set to happen according to them. which I have to say sounds suspiciously like bullshit, to me, being an old timer on the fora. Forgive me for being skeptical but there it is. Why would you relate all of this and then hold back on details that you were spooked by? The point of the point, ostensibly, is to inform everyone of what you were allegedly told and then you fail to share the juicy part. Anyway, I'm not saying you're not telling the truth. Someone may have told you all this and I would like you to elaborate on those not shared detailsthat spooked you and who it was that told you this. Not a name but a description (trader, banker, what?). Were you a trader? Do you have reason to believe that the person who told you this was in a position to be privy to intelligence agency info? Just asking! IMHO, a certain percentage of the mobs of people coming in will be Islamic State or other jihadi freaks. The thing is, who is it that created and runs these guys? The US, UK, Turkey, Saudis and Qatar. So, this is a perfect set up for a Gladio style campaign of terror and the Gladio terrorist attacks, while blamed on leftist groups, was carried out by NATO affiliated actors. In this case, intelligence agency operatives could easily manipulate any number of these terrorists to do what the agencies want them to (World Trade Center bombing and Oklahoma City being good examples). Point being, it's the governments who are the enemies and these jihadi fucks are their creation and tools. If anything happens it will be governments behind it. Merkel seems to be a central player in all this and she's a snake. Speaking of Merkel, for a few years the US/NATO has been trying hard to militarize Europe. So far, it's worked to a minor extent with all the all fear mongering about Russia. However, also for a few years, there has a been plan to combine all EU countries militaries into one gigantic European armed forces with a central command. The EU is the USA's bitch so that would mean an EU military merged with the US and NATO forces. Obvious targets: Russia, China, Iran and whatever is left of the middle east. Very scary scenario. Here's something on that: Merkel 'expects Cameron to back EU army' in exchange for renegotiationGerman chancellor will ask UK to stand aside as she promotes ambitious plan to integrate continental Europe’s armed forces, The Telegraph has been toldhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/11861247/Merkel-expects-Cameron-to-back-EU-army-in-exchange-for-renegotiation.html Anyway, if you could address my questions at the beginning of my post I would appreciate it.
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