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  1. Facts about my Education

    I'm not the most educated person in the world, and my formal education is far less than Average because my rights to a Free and Appropriate education was violated by the School District of Philadelphia, however I have sued the School District of Philadelphia and I received an education with the money that I sued for. But I have a lot of knowledge about animals, gained from these. Zoo Books, DK Books, For Dummies Books, Documentary after Documentary, specially bought and paid for Trips to the Zoo where I'm one on one with the keepers, etc.
  2. This is the real reason why monkeys are bad pets (in the USA). 1. The owner of primates attempt to take care of the monkey the same ridiculous, and inhumane way that they take care of their dogs and cats, out of habit. 2. The USA's education system sucks... it is, even at best.. like the education systems of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut, Rhode Island, California.... at best, its centered around making money, and not how to function. Its Science classes are centered around making Engineers who make money, Its Math classes are centered around making Mechanics, Engineers, Mathematicians, Accountants, Brokers, Doctors... who make money, Its English classes are centered around making Newspaper Editors, who make money. Its all about money.... That does a disservice to people, especially when they try to function in life... i.e. attempt to deal with Animals in their personal life. Not once has any of America's Elementary, Middle, Junior High School, or High School students lifted a finger to open up a book about Wildlife, or any particular species of Animal, or Evolution... or how to take care of an Animal, nor were they ever instructed about how Animals perceive and interact with humans. Never once has any such students read or studied a book about Monkeys and different species of monkeys. No other life function is taught in American schools either. For Two, nearly three centuries, the USA's people have been victimized by the politics of "the answer is NO, because I said so"... which isn't functioning, its just flat out stupid and dictatorial. That is the reason why monkeys don't make good pets in the USA, because the USA is stupid, they don't know how to function outside of their closed circuit niche environment based on the attitudes of the 1700s era Britannia.
  3. Self Absorbed

    Nothing like they are.
  4. Self Absorbed

    Rapists and murderers need to be executed.
  5. Self Absorbed

    Rape and Murder isn't a mistake... its a final act that usually has a trail of evil behind it.
  6. Self Absorbed

    There is a lot more people out there that earned a long walk down the prison's hallway, leading to the IV bag.... than there is who actually meet the IV bag. Luck is everywhere, and that includes the Police Station too. I never said that your son shouldn't live, and we should support HIM.
  7. Self Absorbed

    So NOBODY gets left behind... NOBODY gets left behind, even if they can't afford the way America lives Today ? NOBODY gets left behind, even if NOTHING that they did in their lives says they DESERVE anything ? NOBODY gets left behind, even if they dropped out of School ? NOBODY gets left behind, even if they're a low IQ moron who has his parents take care of his kid, while he goes out and makes more kids ? lol There is a lot more people out there that earned a long walk down the prison's hallway, leading to the IV bag.... than there is who actually meet the IV bag. Luck is everywhere, and that includes the Police Station too.
  8. Self Absorbed

    Actually Capitalism isn't self absorption. Capitalism means nobody is going to pay for your dumb ass, "socialism" is more self absorbed.... its the idea that I shouldn't have to work. The Military isn't a self absorbed group, its every man is each other's brother, no matter where they are, running around doing whatever you want all the time and not serving your country... is pretty self absorbed.
  9. There might also be a public anger against cars in general, because of Halliburton's oil rig business and the things that their CEO did.
  10. This is why the American Economy is going down... Because the workers are being Underpaid, Overworked, Under Represented, and to be quite frank with you... Abused, Even with the Improvements in Quality, I don't think that the quality of a Mercedes Benz (which would beat the purpose of an economy car like Ford), is the issue... I think that if Ford contracted with General Electric to produce its engines, and Lockheed Martin to produce the components... it wouldn't save Ford, or any other American car company. Want to know why ? Because to be honest with you, there is a Public Backlash against Ford, I think people are Angry with Ford, and the people OF the Ford Motor Company have their heads stuffed so far up their asses, that they don't get it. They left Detroit and went to a Suburb called "Dearborn", and then they started using Robots instead of Paying people to use Power tools, And Importing inferior equipment from Mexico and China as if they don't care about our safety (which they don't). So I think that ford can advertise how they own work, how their trucks are "Built Ford Tough", how much cleaner their engines are than what they used to be.... or how much power their vehicles have.. it's not going to matter, because that isn't the issue. And if the people that run the company had 1 iota of a fuckin' brain... they would understand what they did to America... They fucked up America. That's what I think.
  11. United Republic

    I said that Europe doesn't have a social environment that supports warfare like I do.
  12. United Republic

    On my website about the United Republic (a website for a country that I made about of the Queen Elizabeth Islands) , they asked me what makes me tick... what makes me able to get Americans off my back, and shut their attitude up, and make them switch off of Europe, and onto their classic insults, including "good, let Europe fight its own battles"... I replied saying... Europe has first rate technology to use... assuming they have the right personality. and they have and a 20 plus trillion dollar economy, but its also all too convenient that I don't come from Europe, and that the "United Republic" isn't a European country, but a country that I made with photos of European Technology, photo shopped to have "United Republic" markings... and my American culture regarding the numbers produced and acquired, the willingness to work for it, the willingness to use it, the willingness to fight... and that I come from Philly and grew up poor back in 1986. So I got the technology and the right attitude.... whereas Europe has the right technology and the wrong attitude.
  13. Disadvantages that Europe has

    If you want to talk about disadvantages that Europe has in warfare.... here's a debating strategy more likely to succeed than trying to attack Europe's technology and Economics :) 1. The attitude of Modern day Europe is absolutely nothing like it was, their hardcore conservatives are further to the left than Barrack Obama, they aren't quite as Vile and disgusting and dehumanizing of other people as the USA's redneck motherfuckers... the "GOP", and Europe is now more than 50 years ahead of the USA in terms of Liberties, and Civil Rights.... Those are qualities that doesn't sit still very long in Warfare. 2. More than 90 % of Europe's tax revenues goes to the European People..... that affects its productivity, as the personal motivation to work is less, because the consequences of not working are far less Dire. 3. The European Media would cry the blues about how inhumane the European's Military is, if it were to actually win a battle, INSTEAD of saying "Whoo hoo, we did it, we made 5 Double Aces".... because the media is ridiculous and that would lessen morale. And Joining the Military is a personal quality rarely witnessed. 4. Europeans are far more self absorbed than Americans, generally speaking... and that is not a quality best suited for the Military. Those are points ABOUT Europe that should be put out there. How important is personality ? As important as anything else is.
  14. More on the Europe subject

    The F22 Is too expensive to throw into combat in a cavalier manner and call it a "sorte", it doesn't have good numbers, and it has defects. Everytime you lose an F22 Raptor, you lost half a Nimitz carrier, in terms of cost. :)
  15. More on the Europe subject

    Europe has Drones too. :)
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