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  1. ICE raids in at least 6 states

    THAT is some funny stuff, right there.
  2. ICE raids in at least 6 states

    Good. And it's ILLEGAL not undocumented, for future reference, WA-PO reporter.
  3. MILO Addresses The UC Berkeley Riots

    There really are conservative gays. Knew some Log Cabin Republicans back in the day. Not sold on Milo yet. He may be pulling the biggest "What's that on your shirt? Boop" thing ever. I do take him at face value. I do agree with his stance of when is equality equal enough? And that fairness is subjective and cannot be a governmental mandate.
  4. Lawsuits coming over Berkeley

  5. Been interacting with bots for over a decade. Some of you automations, I have even delovped an affinity for. What's the current status, of your sensory apparatus? 100010101111010101000010111101010
  6. FBI investigation into mayor for Berkeley riots

    I don't forsee Marshal Law. Not on a large scale. Maybe for the specific area that the violence is happening. Especially if it is a recurring thing. Meaning more than one night (As in Ferguson or Baltimore) Here in my Midwest city, there was a mini-riot after the Rodney King thing. Rioters destroyed local black owned business. They (the community leaders, churches, business owners, residents) said "the heck with this garbage" and condemned. To the point of black city council and community leaders telling Al Sharpton to get bent when he wanted to rally. That was then. This is now. Now community leaders and churches are right in on it all too often because "They" are the enemy. Ignoring that "we" are destroying "our" own stuff in the the process. Because that will learn "Them".
  7. The hope of the outcome would be people who are not for the relatively small city of Austin (size is subjective, and all that implies) screw over the rest of the state. Austin is the San Francisco of Texas. Relatively small as a city (Proper) but artsy and "progressive" and elitist. I don't see protests there like we saw elsewhere because....Texas. Not "snowflake" state. The federal Marshals there don't mess around, the governor WILL call in the Texas National Guard, and folks there are packing heat. Legally. Not just the criminals. As much as I am required to hate on Texas because of my Oklahoma roots, they don't put up with that crap there like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, St. Louis, Baltimore, etc has. Texans have citizen Millitias.
  8. MILO Addresses The UC Berkeley Riots

    The President has hinted at doing something. UC Berkeley is is famous for its research and development. Yet only 40% of graduates from there go on to full time employment within their field of study. He could say "cutting funding until the teachers who participated are dealt with." (Local news said some educators were in on it) As for the city not providing adequate police protection, if that had been a Jesse Jackson speech every available cop in the bay area would have been there. I guess the protest was fairly uneventful until Black Bloc showed up. That should be a rule of thumb for Law Enforcement. Be ready to act in response with force every time those pricks show up. Eventually folks will find themselves having to disassociate from them in order not to be lumped in with them for damages. Most of those kids don't want a felony on their record. Schools like UCB are either going to shape up or they will find themselves with the problem University of Missouri has. That school let the students run the place and now can't get any new students to enroll because of the mess it turned out be.
  9. I just kicked a neighbors ass.

    Just saw that bit about the broken wrist. No bueno.
  10. The Violent Unraveling of the LEFT: Get Ready!

    Actually kind of sad to see it go down like this. I have liberal tendencies with some things. Edit: compassionate. I have seen the progressive left destroy itself under the guise of inclusiveness and tolerance. I voted Democrat more than once. I really am saddened to see the DNC destroy the party. The polarization started with them. With me at least. "Don't remind me every day how different you are and then blast on me for seeing you as different." Kind of crap logic that I just outgrew as I got older.
  11. Phoenix is going to regret if they "officially" declare themself a sanctuary city. In quotes as the sanctuary cities say there's no such thing. I liked Phoenix when I got my one trip there. I do know that these cities...Nope these people running them....They have not figured out yet that this president will push back. The whole "Oh yeah? What do you think you will do about it? Whimp....I run this shit" well, the answer is "You get no money from me. Good luck." While increasing border and ICE ability to enforce exsisting laws in the same cities that are trying to push. This could be the fun one to watch. If we are going down in flames, I am getting the good tequilla and a comfy lawn chair to watch it happen. Let another say it wasn't fair.
  12. Sulie, Missouri did see some weak attempts with protesting recently. It only gets real when the paid anarchists show up.
  13. And the director of the boarder....er mean border (waterboarding. Border, stories get convoluted) patrol quit. News did Breaking JUST as the Trump/Republican thing was happening in Philly. There are no coincidences with timing with things like that.
  14. The Violent Unraveling of the LEFT: Get Ready!

    The progressive left is fighting against itself. It has no unity or identity. Has no goal as to what the progress with progressive is shooting for. Different with each little faction. No surburban teen white girl will go to an urban school and be accepted with her saying "I feel your pain and am with you" The left is being over ran by anarchists with the protesting. It is not just calling apart, it is eating itself right now. Then blaming others for the missing body parts.
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