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  1. Obama Plans To Shutdown News Organization

    I rather enjoy the breath of fresh air that Alex sometimes brings during false flag attacks, 2nd amendment discussions etc. But then again, I also read in more than one article that he is being paid from "above" to keep the fear mongering going. Who the hell knows anymore..
  2. Why is a Pope addressing Congress?

    Even though I consider myself a devout Catholic, I really feel that the Pope is a tad out of place to be addressing Congress on loving each other as neighbors etc. I like my religion and government separate. I completely agree with Bill O'Reilly however that our country has key elements of Christianity built into it (i.e. in God we trust, Christmas holiday etc.) but that is a philosophy; not a religion. And for me - I am okay with that. It is when the Catholic church steps out of turn and lectures our Congress on how to act and pitch his liberal agenda backed with religion so in some way justifying it's validity? This will open Pandora's box for other religions to step in and want the same equality. And why shouldn't they? America needs to buck up and realize that we are an institution of governing law and freedom. Could you imagine if you walked into a retail store like Gap and they had crosses on the walls and were reciting scriptures from the Bible on their bags and said God bless you when you bought something? People would shit a kitten.
  3. If you follow the whole "Deep Impact" concept, you will notice early in the movie that a high ranking government official, Alan Rittenhouse, abruptly resigns form their position for reasons not really valid enough to warrant someone resigning. Today, John Boehner announced his resignation as speaker and from Congress completely. Is this a sign? Are the similarities too coincidental? Let me know what you guys think.
  4. Sorry if I am speaking out of turn in any sorts -- new here still but been watching the site for a while. Why is it that people immediately refer to conspiracy theories as crazy, left field and impossible fiction stories when they are really just unanswered questions? To me, there would be much less conspiracy theories in the world if the people in charge would simply answer clearly and concisely these unanswered questions. But instead, they are avoided, topics changed, laughed at or whatever else. I was having a 9/11 discussion with someone recently and I brought up the point that an open fire can only burn up to a certain temperature and that temperature is not hot enough to melt steel like that; needs to be in a controlled fire situation. The person looked at me, laughed and said "oh boy, another conspiracy theory lover huh?" I stared back and said "do you care to answer the question or acknowledge what I said as factual information?" and they laughed it off and changed topics. Since when has it become mainstream to just keep sticking our heads in the sand deeper and deeper? Taking what our government says as gospel and they would never lead us in the wrong direction or harm us. Do you know how many people are SHOCKED when I discuss any of the shootings that happened in the news over the past few years and say that the government could indeed be behind these in order for more gun grabbing gun control? "WHAT? The government killing their own people? You are ridiculous." Again, sorry to vent out of turn if I am -- I am new and just needed to get that off my chest. I come here and read thoughts, ideas, concepts and more similar to my own thinking and it makes me feel a little less crazy and a little more sane.
  5. These are the reasons I keep telling my wife that I want to move out of NY -- especially NYC. There is too much of this stuff going on mixed with everything else -- and on top of that; the 2nd amendment is worth as much as a Chinese take out menu here. So how on earth can I possibly defend myself and my family should things get crazy? That is the good thing about living in the country or a state that supports to Constitution.
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