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  1. CIAs main base of operations is in Denver, CO. Has been for the last 4 and a half years 0.0 some fun facts tho
  2. sorry i don't see the connection with what you're trying to put together as a puzzle ;.; even with the tours name being close to a tv show, there is no hint to an event at a club. but that is just how i see it -shrugs-
  3. the new way of programming is simple and very exploitable if you pay attention to the people that are effected, i abused it as a teenager with all the easy people to manipulate around me
  4. just need a mass black people shooting, then Spanish and eastern o.o then all the groups in America will spill over worse and separate a lot more then it already is
  5. e.e; no one knows whats going on ;D i have a good idea tho e.e;
  6. You want to

    niggas don't wanna hang with me yo xD
  7. congrats!

    i would like to congratulate cinn and shep on their marriage o.o/) i hope the best for you both and that you enjoy each others company for years to come
  8. this video is pretty insightful on the subject
  9. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    people want to hear them die its sad D:
  10. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    "i wont leave with out my weapon and i wont goto their jail" so she wants to die e.e;
  11. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    7am wont happen sadly, they just need to leave with their hands up
  12. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    FBI is tired of it and wants to make an example out of them, none of them are willing to goto jail, and the FBI has no reason to allow any civilian to help them
  13. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

    they wont be making it out, the FBI wont work with them on this
  14. Oregon Standoff Coverage!

  15. Attack of the Transgenders

    awes cant say negative things about transgender ;o some freedom of speech there o.o/) anyways they're a waste of space.
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