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  1. CIAs main base of operations is in Denver, CO. Has been for the last 4 and a half years 0.0 some fun facts tho
  2. worth the watch if you got the time
  3. guidelines need updating again e.e;
  4. rain

    LOL NASA Fakery

    space is full of fuckery o.o/) and anyone that fully believes what NASA says is pretty stupid anyways.
  5. funny how people with under a grand can build a rocket that don't blow up huh ;p
  6. hope the new room, allows for custom filters o.o/) if it gets passed xD
  7. ​it has not effected my loading of pages
  8. ​its in the more tabs drop down box ;D
  9. nice, maybe ill make one or two o.o/)
  10. its shaping up nice, and the member base is growing nice already.
  11. if you need any icons i have a good amount that a lot of people no longer have o.o/)

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