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  1. NeKro

    Rapper XXXTentacion dead at 20 after shooting

    Artist my ass. Name one rapper that can play an instrument? Musicians are artists...rappers are ghetto talentless pieces of shit
  2. fine for me at home in MA and at work in RI
  3. that was a great breakdown
  4. Beck stayed on with the Trump administration - which she describes as the "insane clown posse," adding "What was once joy has become 'a waking nightmare. I'm now a stenographer in the Trump administration." We're sure that can be fixed. LMAO, I guess she thought better being a drugged up cheating whore. Priorities people
  5. a crack smoking gay man won the nobel peace price... oh wait you already mentioned Obutfuk
  6. I watch him too. I also watch Lori too. Even though she prays at the end which I don't take part in. I like her calm soft demeanor
  7. NeKro

    Live Feed Of US/NK Summit

    damn you had all the camera shutters when they shook hands? So many it sounded like falling water...incredible moment.
  8. I dont understand why people need permission from the government to use cannibals... I smoked for 20 yrs and although I dont no longer.. if someone needs it that badly just go out and get your own...to hell with the law. I break the law as much as I can get away with just for the fact that most laws are bullshit.
  9. I watched it and yes it is crazy how blatantly obvious they are
  10. so what were those restraints nailed into the trees?
  11. I am getting 33-34 mhz with 100w each. I didnt mind spending money on the case cuz I wanted to protect my GPUs as much as I could. Octominer board was only $200 shipped and I didnt need a CPU as it was board mounted. I am in this for the long run and I am ready to start to build my 2nd octominer. I have the board and server PWs but I am trying to find GPUs in the $250-$300 range used that will hash around 30-33mhz. Why wont you share which GPUs you use? I am not gonna buy them all, just 8 of them
  12. I just watched a Q anon video on youtube and Q was saying look at the Spade suicide and her connections to children foundations in NY and then trace import and exports. I then thought of the husband wearing that mouse mask. And isnt he an art dealer? Cuz I also rememeber reading last week a rumor they ship LIVE art in special containers that customs are not allowed to even open or inspect...they were shipping children around is what I think they are leading too. wow
  13. They should fire cannons at the ships when they appear on the horizon. You think they will get the hint?
  14. Maybe he can convince Kim to get a noose ring. Seriously this guy is a drunken clown and has no place on a world stage.
  15. I wish someone would start a crypto club here. I follow Voskcoin ,Dave Devine, and Datadash on youtube and they are great

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