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  1. Not martial law, civil war is the plan. They will use their sleeper agents to kill all the govt people in their way, then claim they are the rightful govt. It's coming soon.
  2. I think free will trumps a queen, or god, or anything else. You're right that having no direction is causing most of our problems though. The answer is some direction, hopefully a good one. I think people are more like sheep, seriously. Human Farms
  3. Excuses, excuses. Anything but facing the fact that they are actively working against morality in every way, scool, media, politics, culture, all on purpose. Being poisoned all the time can't help, I get that, but it's still a choice, and they've been working on making more sociopaths for a long time. It's a plan, not a byproduct.
  4. I never did the math before, less than 1 in 15 is White worldwide. How dare they call us the majority and claim victim status! It's diabolical.
  5. So there's less than 500 million Whites out of 7.6 billion people. Fact. There's a huge push to reduce those numbers because they're not multicultural enough? Sounds more like a planned genocide to me. Why are there no movements to make Asian people more multicultural? Or africans? Or latino? There's Way more of them than whites, but somehow one of the smallest groups demographically needs to have their numbers reduced? Seriously? Whites are an actual minority, while the supposed minorities are not.
  6. Xavier

    To veterans of the sub.

  7. The media is a weapon against the people. People who listen to this crap and believe it need therapy. Insane evil people need to be stopped. Fox news is just the right, of the left right lie. They are no better than any other sell outs. It's nearly over, as we are now in a post truth world.
  8. Xavier

    Trying to find Me

    I'd like to say I've made progress. I've read and watched a wide variety of things, thought a lot, but I just don't seem to be making any progress and it's killing my motivation when I need it. I haven't got a call back on any jobs and I need to put in more applications on monday, need an income. I've been having dreams for the first time in many years, so that's cool. I will have to get back into lucid dreaming soon. I just can't block out the knowledge about the world I have, and I admit it's negatively effecting my motivation. To much Why Bother going on in my head. I don't know what I want, which is not helping either. Just going through the long dark night of the soul extended version.
  9. Xavier

    Who Do Dictators Murder First?

    They most often kill the traitors to the former system they betrayed to help the dictator get in. If they can betray once, they cannot be trusted.
  10. Xavier

    The real problem to worry about is

    Plastic. When I learned about what they add to it, and how long ago that started, it started to really make me understand how long this has been going on. Years later I realized it's been going on much much longer. Sigh.
  11. Xavier

    The real problem to worry about is

    It's been unfolding for generations and lucky us, we get to experience the end result.
  12. This is a fantastic summary given by a fellow who seems to have spent as much time as I have thinking about it but is still able to be calm when saying it. Please listen and comment, Crowhouse on the Big Issues Then listen to this, grow up, there's little time. Human Extinction happening NOW
  13. Xavier

    Faith in God? What Have You to Lose?

    So which book am I supposed to follow? Who am I supposee to kill because they believe different? What if you guess wrong on which God is the real one? What if you pick another? What if God is real, but every book and religion was made up by man? What if believing in yourself, or your fellow man, was what God wanted? What if by believing in God you are setting yourself up to be judged by the standards you attribute to god and you wont be able to live up to them and fail to please god? What if god doesn't care at all about you? There's a lot of possibilities.

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