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  1. Oh I didn't see that. But still I'm sure it won't be long now before it happens to a civilian.
  2. Funny thing the Ct community has talk s about this for years, they always point to the Egyptian hieroglyphs, now msm is pointing to medieval tapestries. Lol.
  3. That's true but of their forcing the pres to not block people, why do they even have that option?
  4. Not completely. One guy that delivers to us that told me he averages around 1300 a week has only been with the company for 3 months. Not sure how long h s been driving tho but he doesn't look older than about 25.
  5. I know some of the drivers that are delivering freight to my store are clearing $1500 a week after taxes. But the hours are horrible. Some of those guys and gals drive 10 days straight but they get 5 off after those 10 days or hey can choose to shorten those 5 days and the days not used accumulate. One guy told me he's worked the past 2 months straight and is making bank.
  6. They admitted it but still won't admit it out right. And sadly a lot of people still won't see it.
  7. Trump has his first amendment right to block anyone he wants to. But of course this judge is in Clintons pockets so....... of course they will go against the constitution.
  8. Good! Maybe more info will come out about these atrocities as well.
  9. Groove

    If you love America Listen to this!!!!!

    She's one of the few artist these days that can actually sing.... without auto tune.
  10. Good I'm glad their doing that. These anti American rich ass punks need to respect the flag regardless of how they feel about the president. You didn't see conservatives doing that crap when Oboso won. I say fine them a lot and force them to sit the game out if they refuse to stand. And they wonder why the NFLs ratings along with cnns ratings have plummeted.
  11. WTF!?! God im embarrassed to be a Eagle Scout right now.
  12. Oh wow. I don't know if that sounds good for the human body lol.
  13. Yep. And I think she's worried they are going to come back for payment soon.

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