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  1. Do I know. My dad was a Air Force pj(their special forces) during Vietnam. He taught me much of what I wound up training in later in life. I've trained the last 8 years in the Self defense training system (sdts) which is basiclly WWII combatives. Simple and brutal.
  2. Exactly! That's why I always say train how you fight. You have to go full bore a lot of the time if not never really know what you can and can't do.
  3. CNN has ZERO right to speed on anything White House related anymore. Retracting one story out of hundreds is not even a start for them to correct the damage they have caused to this country.
  4. Lmao I show the pic to my wife and all she says is "wow all I see is teeth" judging by the mugshot tho this cat looks happy to have been arrested, like he just gained more street cred.
  5. Hehe got mine Christmas of '88. Today it's rocking a bull barrel and the archangel ar style stock and the bushnell trs-25 red dot. Love that sight even have one on my AR9 that I use in the pcc division in uspsa, super accurate, I can take a quarter out at 100 yards with it.
  6. Hell yeah. Or even a hammer fist to the collar bone. Hehe. Takes them completely out of the fight and to the hospital. I don't see anyone fighting back with a broke collar bone, especially those pansy waste punks.
  7. The stupidest laws in the country come from Commiefornia. This one is no different it's only keeping law abiding citizens in fear for their life because criminals don't care about laws.
  8. Lmao. I am so waiting for some leftist prick to try and punch me in the throat. I'm so going to love to show them the proper way to "chop" a throat. My chops don't make you lose your breath, mine drop you straight to the ground. It's all about placement. Also so the funny part is, if your learning Real self defense you don't use boxing gloves or wraps. Also one reason I refuse to go to most Krav Maga schools they choose safety over realism. I've trained real self defense for years and hate to see that watered down crap they teach now a days but if they are teaching that to the leftist we really don't have anything to worry about. Just remember in the street their are NO rules.
  9. I HOPE this is the beginning of the end of this thing. FINALLY!!!
  10. Oh boy do I know. Almost made that mistake once.
  11. Unfortunately we have Billy kkklintons fav mob down here... the Dixie mafia. They claim to no longer be doing stuff but I personally know at least 10 current members. And know of some things they have done here in the past 2 years.
  12. No worries everyone. It's just a drill gone live. Nothing to see here, move along. Its always a drill.
  13. All of south east Louisiana is mafia run. But they don't like that bit of info to come out. They want you to think there is no more mob. Thing is your 110% correct. I've heard of cops even doing the dirty work sometimes. I remember one incident where a judges son was killed, with in 3 days the perp was found dead in the swamp, the rumor was that some cops killed him and left him there for the gators to finish off. But a local found the body first, there was never any investigation done which only fueled the rumors.
  14. Honestly this happens all the time in New Orleans. Just rarely reported. They have at least 1-2 murders a night there. At least on the local news they will say that both the victim and perp are "African Americans". Which is 98% of the murders here.