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  1. If true this means the guy didn't attack anyone, he was chased into the crowed by gun toting maniacs.
  2. Good article. I always crave sweets but lately it's like it's all I crave. Not real food but sweets is what I always want. It's not every day but every few days. Weird.
  3. Holy crap I was in that area yesterday, I thought I heard some explosion sound.
  4. One of these days the entire cabal will go down. There's just no way they can keep hiding stuff.
  5. I've met him a few times and I get both a good and bad vibe from him. I donno what to think about the allegations but kinda want to say there may be some truth in them.
  6. I heard it was really really really stupid. Not just really stupid but really really really stupid. I just feel that once they sold the franchise it all went to hell in a hand basket.
  7. New O'Keefe vid up

  8. Top Dem commits Treason..... media silent. Should be the title of the article. Lol. But of course nothing will be done. But yeah I'd love for them to try a shut down over this bs.
  9. Yeah I'm usually on my phone when hitting the forum lol but when ever I can get a day off this week Ima watch it at home. These vids really look interesting.
  10. Awesome post! I see it in my own kids and friends of mines kids who go to public school. The ones who go to private school are much better off. I swear my son who's a senior in HS doesn't know shit about shit. My daughter on the other hand is in the advanced classes and has all A's but trying to explain street smarts to her or how the world really works it just flys over her head. My son of course hunks he knows it all but sadly he's in for a shock come graduation in May. I feel for them I really do and I'm doing all I can to really put the truth in them.
  11. German TV for kids

    Islamic propaganda paid for by the state. W T F
  12. I used to work with a guy who moved here from India and he was Muslim. He converted to Christianity - preacher actually. He told me on numerous occasions that he could never go back home due to the fact that they would kill him for converting. So, if this senator simply stated the truth, how is it racist? Of course the left states that truth is now racist. War on words and thoughts.
  13. Bookmarking for later when I have more data. Looks interesting!
  14. Oh they def know about round up. I've seen some warning lately on sprays that contain the ingredients of round up. No they don't say the words cancer but they do state basicly to be careful around it and wash your hand and don't drink it, wash any plants/food before consuming etc. Also by working at a farm supply store I get to talk to a lot of different types of farmers. One guy I talk with knows full well of monsatan as he calls them. Said they tricked him years ago into getting their seeds and it took him over 10 years to get out of the contracts that even once he did and started using his own seeds the land was so screwed up that not even a blade of grass would grow back. He spent the last 4 years cleaning his fields, basicly stripping the top 6-8 foot of soil off among other things. He finally had a small crop in 2017 but out of 100 acres only 5 could be grown own. Sad.