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  1. Mexican Cartel Begins Using IEDs

    Who didn't see this one coming??? He cartel has been helping Isis cross the border for a couple years now and in turn they are training the cartels. This can't be good
  2. Wait. Wtf did this guy do. Inform people of their constitutional rights as jurors? He broke no laws that I can see. I just hope he can get a good lawyer and sue that country. I feel the judge here was just trying to make an example of this former preacher man.
  3. It is a possibility. I have heard numerous times over the years that Chester was molested as a kid. All I know is the music industry lost a great singer and a great all around guy.
  4. I'm pretty sure she went there to molest some young girls. Just like her hubby did. There's been lesbo rumors for years with Shillary.
  5. Wait a sec. this is America, we supposedly have free speech.... I'll talk crap about who ever I want too.
  6. That study just shows that 51% are brainwashed. I wound up talking to a 20 year old the other day on the check outline only because I over heard him talking about how bad capitalism is and how Trump sucks. So of course I turn around and tell the kid "lemme guess, your in college?" His reply was "yep" so I said "your being brainwashed by what ever college your in and stop listening to the media about Trump and actually go to the White House website and see what all Trump has done, in his first 100 days he actually did more than O did and even lowered the national debt a little bit while O doubled it." I also asked him if capitalism is so bad what would he like to see if not capitalism?" His reply shouldnt have shocked me but it did.... "socialism" so of course I tell him that socialism and communism never works on a nation wide level that at most it would only work in a small area like a town or city and even then the ones running everything will still be pocketing everything. And also what your not being taught in college and most never even research it is he fact that half of the commies that college kids just love like Che, stallin, and Mao killed millions of people jut for the hell of it, all of their political opponents were killed, in a just world that isn't being equal, that's saying well you don't wanna follow me so I'm just going to kill you and have my way anyway." At that point you could see the light bulb going off in his head and he started to see hey the crap they have been teaching him. Then of course the convo went into blm and racism and I just simply told him it's all contrived bs and that the blm were more racist than most whites. And since the kid was from my town I simply asked him "when was the last time you truly saw something racist here in town?" He said he's never seen anything racist here. I personally haven't seen any racism since the 90's here. And I'm in the south and in a town that was a turning point in the civil rights days and ol mlk even marched here. So for a millennial to actually realize they really haven't seen any racism in a town like this where it used to be rampant decades ago, it really wakes them up and makes them want to actually look into things. And that is the issue kids today take everything they are told to heart and take it as truth, this is why so many are f'd in the head now. They have never had to work for anything or earn anything, thy just want it handed to them. Now my kids know better, at the age of 12 for both of them I cut hem off of allowance unless they do their chores, if any chore isn't done that money isn't paid. Also if they want stuff like toys and what not I will not buy it they have to work and save their money to buy what ever it is. I've also been noticing that kids from the rual country areas seen different than "city" kids. Even around here in a small town you can see the difference. It's like the country kids are being taught manors and the city kids aren't.
  7. Yeah me staying off the net allows me to accomplish a lot.
  8. Glad the site is back up @Ukshep but while it was down I actually had time to start building a racing quadcopter that's I've had sitting on my desk for a month. Lmao. And of course my clumsy ass burnt myself with my soldering iron. Hah.
  9. School District Approves Paddling

    They still allow it here in Louisiana. All the parent has to do is sign a form. Heck in the 80's when I was in elementary school no form was needed. Let's just say that for about 3 years I couldn't sit down lol. I was a lil bad ass but I hated school, I have a high iq and started school a year early and I always got bored in class because I basiclly understood everything they were teaching and I loved to talk a lot. Lol.
  10. I think it is setting a little further North as well. I've been noticing a lot of weird things in the sky lately. From the position of the moon and sun to the colors of the clouds and the color of the sun. Something is definitely up.
  11. So hard to find good biscuits!

    Home made is always the best. I'll try to get moms recipe lol. Love them with a little butter and some jelly. Haha dammit now I'm hungry.
  12. UFOs in the Backyard

    Very cool. I to noticed the moon coming from the other direction about 3 nights ago. Weird.
  13. Yep lol. But you also got to think a lot of people there aren't well educated and some take advantage of that.
  14. I may have said it wrong it's more they are tricked into doing it. Like they will be told that they will be given money and their child will be brought to America to be free and that they will go to a good family and good schools and things like that. They also use other tactics to get them and of course there's kidnapping.
  15. Not really. A lot are scammed out of their kids and their houses with promises of money and whatnot.
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