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  1. I'm reading it's a fake pic. Someone did a screen grab and photoshopped it from a live video. When you watch the video he never touches her. I think pjw was just stiring the pot to show that the bs goes both ways.
  2. p.s. I haven't heard about the umbrella shooter. Kinda interesting.
  3. But of course they can't Investigate with out the tooth. Bullshit. Just go see what employee is missing a tooth. Lol.
  4. Thank God the press sec has some cajones and called them out over that. And told them they were going to start being held accountable. I loved that! That was the one thing I was really hoping would happen in the first 48 hours. And the more that they get called out the more people will see their bs and the way they have manipulated people thru the decades.
  5. Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahah omg I can't stop laughing right now.
  6. Is this another idiot I'm going to have to add to my list. Tisk tisk.
  7. Got your back Cinn. I've got a couple things in the works in notepad at the moment. A boycott thread of celebs and the products they advertise is coming.
  8. I bet if they were passing out communist manifestos they would have been applauded. Sad.
  9. Nice Ima have to check that out. I so wish I could get off of caffeine.
  10. Same situation here. My dad has always been a small guy, around 135 and my mom was about that before she had me then of course gained a bunch the past 35 years but recently lost a lot of that weight. Me I was always a fat kid mainly due to bad eating habits. I was very active but you can't stay skinny eating a big bag of chips daily and other crap daily. My freshman year in hs I was 5'2" and 225. It took me ages to lose it all and today I'm 5'10" 170 and fit but still I have bad eating habits and love sweets an I have the spare tire around my waist to prove it. I can work out all day and not gain a lot of muscle but I will gain strength. Always been like that. Back in 2010 while working security I was taking some "workout" suppliments and jumped to 215-220 and deadlifting 485 lbs. muscle size you would never tell I could lift that. Then and now my biceps are no bigger than 15 inches around. Like you said it could be genetics my dad has always had wirey strength and at 135 I've seen him toss 250 lb tractor tires around like there nothing, of course he was a farm boy growing up and spec ops in the Air Force so I know that had help in that strength he has.