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  1. Yep. Now if I see a bat flying around during the day time I'll definitely know something is up. Lol.
  2. I've got a few by my house that all of a sudden this past week I noticed them chirping up a storm at midnight. I haven't heard them till recently, it's like their sleep cycle is messed up or something. Yard goes quiet around 7pmish but around midnight you'll hear about 4 or 5 birds just chirping and whistling and sounding like their having a good ol time. Weird.
  3. At least I didn't get a "fee" for not having insurance half the year last year. I just hope they straighten out this crap.
  4. Hmmmm I wonder how many comments sections I can get banned from, hehe.
  5. OMG LMFAO!!!!! You know your fake news when your forced to say your real news. Hahahahaha. Screw the msm with all their lies and pushing pedophilia lately.
  6. Wow. Chris how about you walk in the bathroom while my 12 year old is in there and see what happens. Yeah you need to worry about what I would do but I would be scared as hell at what my 12 yo daughter would do to you. She has already said the first man to walk in the bathroom with her is loosing something very close to them. And yes she is good with a knife for her age. Has nothing to do with tolerance mr cuomo it's about right and wrong. Pedophila is wrong and I will completely F someone up for messing with my daughter, that is after she gets to them. I didn't train my kids to defend themselves for nothing.
  7. No matter how much they normalize it there will be someone there to whip some ass. Even if it were legal if someone were to touch one of my kids I would like them and have zero remorse. Sorry not sorry.
  8. Ummm isn't that illegal? Seems they want their funding cut huh? I'd love too see some school security guard try to hold back a few large ice agents lol.
  9. I've seen weather like this in Louisiana when it happens it usually early am or just before sunset. Pretty cool.
  10. Don't you just love when the left ignores the facts and makes up their own. This is why riots start. Haven't they figured that out by now.
  11. The ar7 is a fun little survival rifle.
  12. Definitely. Now a days the sell the lowers for a lot of different firearms. You can get the 80% lowers for ar15s and ar10s, and even an 80% lower for a Glock pistol or even a 9mm ar15. And if your a little more mechanically inclined a 1911 80% lower. And building these yourself is completely leagal as long as you don't sell them. I've built a few and currently working on a 9mm ar build for competition. Fun times. As far as "old guns" I love my old ruger 10/22 I finally upstaged it a couple years ago and she still runs like a champ. Changed out the stock and upgraded the bolt parts and barrel. And talk about accurate, I can shoot a quarter at 200 yards with her. Love that rifle more than the rest I own but shhhhh don't tell the others. Lol.
  13. So its suffice to say I didn't miss anything. Heck some in the thread called the exo planets before NASA did. Not a huge surprise we suspected it any way.
  14. Thats why I prefer to build my own out of quality parts that these parent companies haven't touched yet.
  15. Screw the media,, Trump is right and they know it, America knows it. At least most of America knows it. The left are still twiddling their thumbs thinking they are winning.