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  1. There's a lot more out there. Get em all and toss them under the jail or publicly execute them.
  2. Just saw this on twatter. Hope these witches burn!
  3. Some liberal douche judge will prolly go in favor of the school somehow. I don't know how yet but sadly I see that coming. They will prolly have some obscure rule in the school handbook which they in interpret as the kid can't do what he did. Or they will just make it all up and say the kid was in the wrong. I see this thing getting drug out somehow.
  4. I'm not surprised this happened. At first the family offered a reward to find the killer then all of a sudden questioning the murder was "bullying" the family. Now this investigator gets shot in the back and msm won't even report on it except to call it a conspiracy theory. Way to much weird crap with this one.
  5. Say Hi to our other new moderator PickleSnout!

    Yep yep. Love this corner to the net.
  6. Say Hi to our other new moderator PickleSnout!

    Woohoo congrats!!!
  7. I would seriously hope this family goes after them with a suit. This shit is getting rediculous!
  8. Lmao that's hilarious. I've been to kod a few times and if a monkey got lose in there it would be hard to find. Lol.
  9. Their spraying like crazy today in se Louisiana. Have been since at least 4 this am. I never see jets in the sky that early and I saw 8 on my way to work. When the sun popped out the classic grid lines were all over the sky.
  10. Outa likes but yes they do!
  11. This creep needs to be arrested and tossed under the jail.
  12. He has to know something. If he winds up dead in the next bit then we know.