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  1. Hehe. You may be right. I'm having a blast on Twitter this am. Hahah.
  2. Yeah saw this just a bit ago. MM has now said his stupidest statement to date. Wonder what he will say tomorrow. Lol. Libs are loosing their crap over that environmental bill thing. Hahaha. I've been trolling twitter again this am because of it hehehe.
  3. And this i believe is true. My best buds dad is retired from the oil field and was some high up guy. He retired in 2004 in 2009 they called him out of retirement to head up his old spot because they found 500,000 barrels of oil in the same spot they supposedly dried up in 04. To me that tells me there is a lot more oil out there than they tell us and that it can possibly renew somehow.
  4. That's funny because the liberals swear we're the ones with the mental illness lol. Love it.
  5. Shhhhh.... they may try to regulate that too. Just wish I could find some around here lol. But I'll just stick with the sticky for now hehe.
  6. So if it can say that you smoked days ago how the hell would that hold up and prove you were high at the time you were driving. Crooked cops and judges are about to make a lot of money and people's lives miserable. Way to go Cali.
  7. I don't even remember aj talking a whole lot on this mess. And if he was threatened by ja then what about all the bloggers on yt that were freaking out over the allegations and pushing the narritive way more than aj did. Now I'm not saying I like aj or anything like that but he did help wake me up as he has thousands more but lately he has been acting just been plain strange. I feel he is slightly controlled I just don't know to what extent. But I will say the main thing that has turned me off of him is his ego he constantly talks about hisself and constantly interrupts whoever he is interviewing and even the people that call in just to say something, he takes over like he already knows what their going to say. Ugh aj what the hell happened to you these past few years? That all said aj has been right on a lot of topics, just not the timing tho. And usually he does post some type of "evidence" but in this case there isn't much evidence to go on other than weird post and pics.
  8. So basically someone can take a leak in a glass and simply trick someone into drinking their piss. Lmao pranks gone virtual!
  9. Just as soon as liberals come to the realization that they have been lied to for decades. Which I don't see happening anytime soon. :-(
  10. LOL depends on the fruit. My son on the other hand played football up until this school year so he can focus on his grades but he would rather a steak then fruit lol. I can't get him to eat any fruit at all but meat and veggies he will try it all no matter what it is. My daughter, yeah good luck with anything that's not normal southern food. She loves her fried chicken but yet wants to complain bc she's a few pounds over weight, not much but enough that if she cut out eating junk for just a week or two she could loose that 10lbs. But she's my book worm, my son is my twin in looks but not my iq sorry to say. My daughter is the smart one lol and wants to run her own business, she's only 13 and already wants to boss ppl around lol. I just hope she doesn't do like me when she goes into high school next year. Like me she has had all A's since kindergarten, but once I hit high school and puberty all I worried about was friends and girls lol. But she has a head on her and I don't think she will do that. Of course my son did that but in like 5th grade lol, like I said my twin. Haha.
  11. Aren't you here in Louisiana? Or at least Texas? Now you got me nervous. I see the national guard all the time, there's a couple of "bases" around here. Well the two spots they do their one weekend a month around here plus the brown water guy's train on the river behind my house. They rather piss me off when they do night training. Just a couple weeks ago all I could hear were boats going up and down the river and freaking black hawks flying up and down. I'm about a qtr mile from the river with a lot of trees between me and them but the sound still carries, heck I can hear them yelling commands on a still night.
  12. Oh shit! (Where's that face at when you need it lol ) its like the wings are wrapped around a cobra.
  13. Same here, I'm starting to hate pizza. I cringe when my kids ask for it now.
  14. So... they gonna start another hashtag on this. Lol like that works.