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  1. I've seen strange thing in the Louisiana sky and have seen similar to the event yesterday. I guess since I'm on the south east side of La I prolly wouldn't have had a good view of it lol. Now I did see 3 meteors last night come thru the clouds. One you could hear explode. It was crazy. But also looked nothing like the video, of course it was 2am. Hah.
  2. How they don't melt in the high temps is one. My dad couldn't even explain that one to me. I mean I don't doubt their up there I just don't know how they stay when the temps are supposed to be high where some of them are. Plus some sats just look like a Bunch of tin foil stuck on a frame.
  3. my dad worked for NASA during all the Apollo Missions and helped wire up most of the rockets. I had to ask him if Apollo 13 was his fault lol. But anyway there's things that i just don't understand and satilites are one.
  4. Yep I'm staring to get pissed at my home pc for not updating the past 4 months. I tried to update it Wednesday and it crashed 4 times. Wtf. I will not go to windows 10 and they can kiss my ass. I'll use a Mac before I go win10. Lol wait I have a mac. Haha.
  5. Holy crap how did I miss that today
  6. Oh sh*t that's not good if thier getting police training.
  7. Lol yeah I meant secret instead of security
  8. Agreed. She may have no clue what goes on with manufacturing. She may not even set the pay but of course she's a Trump so the media will push all the blame on her.
  9. Israeli Security Intellegence Service - ISIS.
  10. Hmmm sounds familiar. Hes thier inside man of course their. Gonna project him to win. He's a globalist. Hell he doesn't even have a plan for the country when you look at his policy or at least heard his speak about his policy he never gives the people a clear answer on anything yet they love him. LePen in a right winger so they try to paint her as crazy and everything else just like they did trump.
  11. Last night while walking my dog for about 25 mins. I look up and see about 15 aircraft fly over, busy night. It was very clear out at the time minus the trails behind the planes. This am at 6 I get up walk outside and I saw the cris crosses everywhere, never have seen it this bad and of course now it's cloudy and blah outside side. I just feel that they are blaming us for what they are doing. And that global warming is just a huge money making scam. Hell NOAA got caught last year fudging numbers yet people still belive it. I got in a huge argument on yt yesterday about it. People are just plain stupid and refuse to use common sense. Edit: the humidity seems a lot higher than normal today too. It's Louisiana so humidity is always high but today is really bad.
  12. Exactly that's how I got one of my kids away from the pos mom. Then the judge didn't want to split them up and I got both of them. Im pretty sure those 10 jurors were prolly against aj from the beginning. But also here in the south: Texas Louisiana Mississippi it is hard as hell for the father to win no matter the evidence against the mom. In my case it was child abuse, I lost the first court go around. The abuse happened again and I still lost the second time. The third my son grew a pair and finally started talking about what the step dad did to them and the judge finally listened. Now I have my kids an that prick(x step dad) is sitting in jail. AJ can't give up if he Truly wants his kids.
  13. I still have hope about trump but I feel the deep state got to him somehow. Either thru his wife or one of the kids. And I'm willing to bet Kushner is involved in it.
  14. Every one should now follow him and troll his twatter acct. lol.