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  1. I've heard this story before about her. I think she mentioned something about it back around 2008 when she was being interviewed on a Miami radio station. It doesn't surprise me at all since no one heard of her before the end of 06 beginning of 07.
  2. So.... this is the establishments way of calling all trump supporters and all against the left a looser. Ummm ok, come say it to my face. Then I'll tell you why your a moron. Lol
  3. Lmao it was a funny episode. Eric basiclly fell in love with Alexa because of how subservient she was and the kids kept adding all kinds of stupid thinks to the shopping list.
  4. Wow what a piece of shit! I belive I would of had to go all slapaho on that pos. I can't stand people who won't respect service animals or people who abuse any animal! I've been known to defend an animal or two or three in the past and will do it again.
  5. OMG: Zombies do exist......

    True but they need real jobs lol. You know something that actually helps society.
  6. OMG: Zombies do exist......

    Don't any of these snowflakes have a job, other than protesting? It's like none of these people including the older ones in their 40's who prolly still live at home but say that the parent lives with them instead of the other way around. Plus wow every single one looks like a lifeless walking turd, just look at the look in their eyes, there's nothing there, no life at all.
  7. Anyone Here Do Crossfit?

    I do it off and on when ever I can. I love the randomness of the workouts.
  8. Thanks for the info!!! But yet not a word from msm nor any apologizes to the ones they all called crazy.
  9. Even South Park Gets It LOL

    Love me some South Park lol caught up last night on this season. I love how they are pointing out all the lunacy of the left and even some on the right.
  10. More liberal lunacy. If they don't like America or what we stand for or what we were built appon then GTFO so sick of hearing these complaining little bitches and their complaints about everything American. You people are not American in my book so gtfo and go to what ever country you think is better than us, then go try to protest the way you have been and then see what happens.... than come back and talk to me about freedom. I've been to some of those countries, it ain't nice!
  11. I don't eat cereal but thanks for the heads up, I'm sure I get some Kellogg's products at times but no more. F them and F all of these other companies that donate to the destruction of our country.
  12. Agreed. I listen to c2c every weekend when I work late and I've noticed the changes over the years. Lately they will bring on someone to talk about what ever then never fully get to point, they dance around it but never fully let it out on some episodes. Or at least that's what I've noticed on a few lately.
  13. Their ai bots prolly made the article. Doubt a human even wrote it especially when there no follow ups. And that's where a lot of the info mess comes from,artificial intelligence, the elite will be the ruination of the planet. Getting tough to tell real from fake articles at this point.
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