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  1. "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."
  2. Lansdren

    A twist on the meaning of immigrants?

    I disagree, A large number are not seeking refuge they are seeking a better life for themselves, they are economic migrants and should be classified as such. I have nothing against anyone wanting to better their lot and move somewhere they can become something more but a lot of them want to be given things not earn them.
  3. I love how so many people miss the obvious, almost all of his family have been in the military of one stripe or another. Give it a few years and he will have access to plenty of real guns
  4. There is little to no punishment anymore and what does happen is treated as the cost of doing business
  5. Humans don't deserve dogs, they are in many metrics are so much better then us
  6. It does open the question of splitting the sports by hormonal levels instead, if your testosterone is above this level you compete as male if estrogen is this level you compete as female. Could throw a number of spanners into a number of works
  7. This makes no sense to me, it doesnt even pass a basic sanity check. If I had a nice garden (I don't but lets say I did) and I needed to keep it watered in a low rain area, the first thing on my list would be a big ass water butt to capture what I do get off the roof and keep it for when I need it in the garden. Hell if my neighbours were not against it I'd be linking their guttering up to mine to get the benefit of their water run off too. I mean its not that hard to dig a hole and sink a big tank down, you would even go so far as to rig up a shared resource between a number of homes if you wanted, it would stop the run off flooding the system and give you a back up supply in times of real trouble.
  8. Sounds to me like invasion but with extra steps
  9. Very true, everything is about scale
  10. Am I right in thinking that Cali also doesn't let you use reclaimed water? So even if you wanted to recycle water for say garden usage you can't.
  11. This is the scenario that preys on my mind the most, if YS was to go that's a civilisation ender. For the USA it will devastate a huge area straight off, but then for the US and the world the ash cloud will change the weather maybe even up to something like the nuclear winter that has been in peoples doomsday scenarios book for the last 60 odd years.
  12. Once upon a time when people were less connected the Apocalypse was so much more personal. Wipe out a village or town and for them its the end of the world, if no one escaped or witnessed it they were for all intents and purposed struck from the earth. A few hundred years ago whats happening in Hawaii would have been their end of the world and the rest of us would have hardly noticed, with the world being so connected its almost like the scale has to be even bigger for people to notice. If its not half a country going down its not worth our air time.
  13. Lansdren

    On the wet side

    No I don't believe so, looks interesting though
  14. Well one bit I heard was he was doing a role of someone dying from drugs so who knows really. But I will update you next week if I remember I'm seeing the Holywood Vampires so will get a closer look
  15. Lansdren

    All Hell About to Break Loose on 6/11

    I must say I'm impressed by everyone's positions on this one it took me five mins to realize he means June eleventh not the sixth of November

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