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  2. What this says to me is that there are at least 4 justices who cannot grasp the simple concepts contained within our Constitution.
  3. When a horrific car crash occurs, are most people willing to help? Or do they turn a blind eye? German police set out to find the answer, staging a fake road accident to test how many people were willing to be good Samaritans. Police in Oberhavel, in the eastern German state of Brandenburg, worked together with a local media agency to stage the fake accident. They didn't scrimp on the details, smearing fake blood all over two female victims inside the car, and on the car itself. Once the stage was set, seven hidden cameras recorded events as police hid up the road and pulled over cars that didn't stop to help. That was most drivers, as a whopping 90 percent of passing traffic failed to pull over to assist the “victims.” “Many drivers could not explain why they hadn't stopped and helped,” Police Commissioner Robert Muller said. <snip> Popular excuses for breezing past the accident included reportedly not being able to brake fast enough. <SNIP per copyright requirement> German drivers are legally required to stop and help in cases of emergency. Those who fail to do so face a fine or one year in prison. SOURCE: https://www.rt.com/news/430453-german-police-fake-accident/
  4. JUST IN: Liberal open-border groups threatening to sue Trump Administration following executive order that keeps illegal immigrant families united at US-Mexico border SOURCE: https://twitter.com/WiredSources/status/1009518181835333632?ref_src=twsrc^tfw
  5. That can be said of so many things in life. Just sayin'.
  6. I have no problem whatsoever with DNA tracking of CRIMINALS!
  7. They poison us in so many ways yet they want us to believe that they care about us and have a problem with us shooting each other? That's chust crazy...
  8. It Sold on EBay for $66,615.00
  9. Here's a better solution for the illegal trespassers who don't want to be separated from their spawn:
  10. No thanks Chicoms. We got this covered.

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