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  1. WAIT. so it is ok for a 15yr od black male american citizen to rob a car and drive by and shoot someone with no consequences or jail time?? see you forget the media says "children" when they are <18 yrs old. 2nd these "children" broke the law. they are not immigrants but are in fact illegal invaders. 3rd the Democrats paid their parents and told them they would hel the children come to america.hence the parents separated themselves from the children way before they got to the border. in AMERICA, children are separarted from their parents when the parent breaks the law or uses the child to break the law. if a parent uses the child to help commit shoplifting,the parent can be charged by crimuinal courts and also famiy court.family courts do not follow the constitution.they take kids all the time "UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT". so now these children did in fact get what their parents wanted. THEY NOW LIVE UNDER AMERICAN LAWS. what do you think we should do? give the kids back to their parents? the same ppl who cared so much for them they sent them 1000's of miles away buy themselves with no food? and what parents? with no papers how can you prove these children even have living parents,let alone where and who they are? so should we give them to just anyone ? should we do like cuba and send them out to sea on rafts so they can hope they make it home? 1 more mess the democrats caused and we are stuck with it.
  2. all this while they fondle granny at the airport? or push for "laws" so kids can make out in bathrooms? hillary herself showed ya's that crime does pay.hell most local officials are doing it nowdays. until we throw the politicans out or at least in jail,why should anyone stop being a crook? fair is fair.
  3. they should take a case thru courts all the way to the SC if needed.get this and all stupid laws proven to be unconstitutional.end the $$ scam of local gov's. show the ppl how the cops are wasting time locking down lemonade stands instead of fighting real crimes.
  4. isn't that how "the day after" started? mixing of air from way up above the atmosphere and then caused the cold above to come down and start the storm? was the cause to a couple sci fy movies. how high up does the water vapor have to go to freeze so solid it doesn't melt by the time it comes back down?
  5. actually,our gov is dumb enough to let you take a tax deduction since you are married. also since you are married you would get the head of household deduction. this sounds like a rich persons way of not paying taxes. a loop-hole.
  6. new movement"SAVE AMERICA,SHOW YOUR BOOBS!!" the muslim men will have to leave the country or kill themselves then.isn't that why all their women have to be totally covered?
  7. well in Cali you have to walk around naked so others know what sex you are. and even then most ain't sure what they are.
  8. since Bill Clinton.s meeting on the airplane,the democrats have been blatant.they could care less that we know they are crooked.they do what theywant like they really are above the law.couldn't believe how "in your face" stuff has become. also can't believe how disrespectful of a president the country has become.the reporters talk over TRUMP or Sara.they will argue with the whitehouse over not getting their way like they are 5yr olds.if we can't respect the President how or why should anyone else including NK or iran?
  9. make sure someone is standing outside with their hands up also,otherwise the cops will think u are stealing your own TV.
  10. message was quite clear. you are all slaves to the government.
  11. huh? so someone should do all the work so others can come eat the food? in a real emergency where the prepping is needed,what do you think will happen? a community garden will belong to the community in that case. but in any case do you not see the problem? how many ppl in the city trust their neighbors?
  12. if i hit 1 on the edge of a fissure,will you put it in for me? whats the penalty for your ball burning up?
  13. 1 brand. which it is is up to the perspective of the person looking at it. kinda like a "W" is a "M" upside down. brand is 2 letters flip 90 degrees changes how you read them.
  14. its a double standard. they tell us how to live and act but they do the opposite.we have this story and the olympic gymnastic 1. how many more are covered up or "above the law"? i've watched a lot of old movies the last few years. you can tell several were made just to give the girl a part."i'll make you a star, if you do this or that......"
  15. my understanding is the letters look 1 way or the other depending how you turn them.1 way side to side ,different up and down. 1 brand though. to me this is all typical hollywood lifestyle.we all know to become a huge star,they slept their way to the top.no different than the olympics. why they crying foul so many years later? they went along with it as long as it benefitted them. kinda like cops speeding,isn't legal or right but it happens. they are above the law or the laws are different for them.

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