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  1. This is becoming a weekly and bi-weekly norm. The more people become accepting of the fact that this is now a part of our normal lives, the less willingness there will be to stop it. It's the frog in the boiling pot.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we should just kill off billions of people. It's not possible, our global population is too large for that and it would be barbaric genocide. Now, in an ideal world where we had genuinely altruistic leaders who had the best interests of our planet and species in mind, I believe that everything written in the guidestones would be obtainable even with the population that we have now. However, we're ruled by groups of individuals that insist we live in a scarcity-based society while pillaging the world around us. I certainly don't expect anything in the Georgia Guidestones to be beneficial for us while the 13 black nobilities/TPTB/shadow government/deep state/ etc are in charge.
  3. Honestly, I hate to be "that guy", but I've never been able to jump on the Georgia Guidestones hate bandwagon. If anything, all of those commandments (with the exception of the first one because there's no real way to bring the population down that low without help from nature) are a guideline to how we should live on the planet. They're almost like common sense rules that people should follow now anyway. 1) Be respectful of nature and try not to engage in any actions that would harm the environment. 2) The best genes should be perpetuated to ensure that our species is always functioning at its peak and has an overall good health. 3) This one is also a little weird because I'm a fan of foreign languages and how they sound. But in a world where we all share the same medium for communication, I can't possibly see why that wouldn't be a good thing. 4) Okay, this one is a little weird too because passion sometimes tend to be a little problematic if it becomes too strong. 5) I don't see anything wrong with this. We should be doing that anyway. 6) Once again, this should already be a thing. 7) There's definitely a few nonsensical laws and positions of authority that we don't really need. 8) Nothing wrong with this 9) Since I'm spiritual, I see this one as saying "Value truth, beauty, and love, while maintaining a respect and understanding for everything that is/God/the universe/the infinite/life itself. 10) This is good as well. Why is it that we're not living in harmony with nature anyway? The planet provides everything that we need to coexist together and yet we seek to destroy it out of convenience. There's no way that I can truly read these guidestones and say that I don't agree with them, because they sound close to an ideal world to me.
  4. Political Wars: The Swamp Strikes Back
  5. CosmicArbiter

    Helicopter Drops Ammo On School

    Recently I've been wondering if this whole "Yanny/Laurel" nonsense is some kind of MK Ultra trigger for someone (or a group of people). Just my overactive imagination I suppose.
  6. Researching government black projects yields some very interesting results. Of course, who knows if any of the information is factual? But, I wouldn't put it past our government or world leaders to be funding some pretty SyFy heavy stuff beneath the surface. The large underground transportation network is a very interesting theory though.
  7. I'm saying that if someone had knowledge that something was going to happen, then why not take measures to prevent it? Although, I'm sure that this shooting was just a "coincidence". This event just shows that if something conveniently needs to be orchestrated to distract the masses, then it can. So, what exactly has the Q team accomplished in all of this with all the knowledge that they claim to have?
  8. Q-Post 1401: “What is the common theme when bad news is about to break (against them)?" This post was made the day before this shooting. Also Q-Anon: "Future proves past" Which can just as easily mean, "What we engineer in the future proves what we say/do in the past" So, the Q team knew that something odd was potentially going to happen and yet here we are with all these orchestrated events? Just sayin'
  9. Nonsensical Administration of Scientific Ambiguity
  10. This is very interesting. I wonder how often this alignment occurs and what impacts (both positive and negative) it has on the planet and the lifeforms on it. Perhaps we should revive the Mayan calendar after all. ? This would be a perfect time to study some old knowledge, if everything wasn't suppressed and manipulated.
  11. CosmicArbiter

    Why the QAnon Movement is so dangerous

    Well, I certainly apologize for that error. Since Trump and Q are pretty much synonymous with each other at this point, I've bundled them together. Trump was elected back in 2016, this Q nonsense may as well have been going on since then because nothing him or Trump have promised has come true.
  12. CosmicArbiter

    Why the QAnon Movement is so dangerous

    "Movement" is just the general term that I'm using to describe, well, what ever this is. The point is that an overwhelming amount of faith and confirmation bias is attracting more people on a daily basis to believe that "Q" is working with Trump to take down evil in a Hollywood-esque cyber war. It's a masonic checkerboard situation. People are rooting for the good guy, while not realizing that both sides of the board are controlled by the player(s). Q promotes free-thought while also limiting it. Q promotes unity while also creating dissent. I think people are severely underestimating the means that the enemy has to manipulate and engineer certain events.
  13. CosmicArbiter

    Why the QAnon Movement is so dangerous

    Good analysis, Jostler. One thing that's never sat well with me during this movement is why all this corruption needed to be exposed now. What's changed in the power structure that the higher ups on the pyramid have said "Okay, they can at least know this much." When I think about the spiritual or religious aspect of this whole thing, I always refer back to the law of free will. As long as TPTB can supply us with the bare minimum of knowledge about their plans, they're not imposing themselves on us. By doing nothing and trusting the plan, we're still giving our consent to the same tricks that they've been pulling. And Q is doing a frighteningly fantastic job at keeping us idle. The fact that Q is "exposing" all these things now means that TPTB want to be more open with their games.
  14. CosmicArbiter

    Why the QAnon Movement is so dangerous

    You're one of the lucky ones who didn't pay it any mind.
  15. The QAnon movement has been going on for almost 2 years now and it's managed to receive a very large audience. What makes this movement so different is that its managed to appeal to both those within the conspiracy community and those outside of it. This "Q" insider gives information in the form of cryptic drops, which are meant to be decoded by the followers of this movement. Due to the vague accuracy of Q's predictions, people are now under the assumption that a group of "white hats" are engaging in a silent war against TPTB and that Trump is leading this noble effort. On the forums that discuss Q, users refer to themselves as "Patriots" while repeating phrases such as "Trust the plan", "WWG1WGA", and "United we stand, divided we fall!" Now this is all good, people are finally banding together to take down a common enemy. There's only one problem, Trump/Q is the enemy, just a different variation of what we're familiar with. People were finally getting fed up with the state of their corrupt government, it was becoming too obvious who the enemy was. So, how about we just throw in one of our most corrupt politicians and pair her up against our "anti-establishment" outsider? And surely enough, people have become just complacent as ever. What makes this all even more interesting, is that Q repeatedly tells their followers to "Enjoy the show". You elected us. You don't need to do anything except watch. We're fighting for you all. And guess what? People just eat that nonsense right up because who actually wants to be held accountable for their corrupt governments right? Now personally, Q has said two very important things that made me wary. 1) "60% must remain private [at least] - for humanity.” And 2) In response to a question about whether or not the federal reserve would be ended, Q said "Restructured" Firstly, who gets to decide what 60% of information can't be disclosed? It's pretty hard to trust someone when they can't even give you half of the whole truth. Secondly, anyone who knows absolutely anything about the federal reserve, why it was created, who owns it, and how it enslaves populations through debt, knows that there's no way something like that can be permitted to exist in a free world. It doesn't matter how you "restructure" it, its intent was evil and it needs to be destroyed. Would you like to know what people's responses are when you bring up those concerns? "Trust the plan". Above all else, trust the plan even though this movement is targeting nothing but a bunch of low level politicians who have no power compared to the real threats (13 elite families). People will applaud and praise Q for exposing anything as long as it makes them feel like they're winning. Winning a bigger fence to keep the sheep in line and maybe some shiny new shackles. Throw them just enough to make them feel victorious. Meanwhile, the agenda for global control continues undisturbed. Instead of fighting against it, Q will be the mechanism that gets people to embrace their enslavement in the form of anti-establishment figureheads. And this time, TPTB are making sure that they snuff out all opposition.

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