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  1. I was gonna lock her up... but then I got High.... I was a nationalist not a globalist... but then I got high... I was gonna start WW3 but it didn't happen... because I was High because I was high because i was higgggghhhhhhhh
  2. Trump will be just fine as long as he keeps doing whatever Israel wants.
  3. Remember the guy who built a bulldozer in his garage, then mowed down city hall?
  4. I barely pay attention anymore.... "lock her up" .... "They're good people"
  5. this show has been sponsored by.... The same people who brought you 19 Arab hijackers who couldn't fly a single engine cessna but managed to bring down 3 buildings with to passenger planes....
  6. Mr. Heisenberg

    Dow Futures Down 800 Points!! WTF??!!!!!!!

    Anytime, I mean EVERYTIME I see an anomaly I take screen shots.
  7. do away with Zionist Israel. Problem solved, although USA would have to find a way to control itself after years of being controlled by The Rothschild "Israel" Rothschild Khazarian Mafia. Don't look for Trump to do it, Mossad has him by the cajones.
  8. Bumpenberg.. I mean trumpenstein.
  9. Sooner or later the dam is going to break.
  10. I just woke a CZ up. We have become very close. I had thought there was no hope for them.
  11. Truth is ugly... But I bet it's coming out. Ugly as it may be. There is nothing hidden that shall not be made known.

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