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  1. barefoot

    Paper Money is the Devil.

    Money is simply the tool to control us. Worthless pieces of paper we depend on to feed us, move us, entertain us. they give us money, and we gave them the world in return...
  2. Are we really real? or are we so confused that we forgot what it feels like to feel? I mean, as a day goes by I just grow cold hearted. painting a picture of a perfect world is nothing short of distorted, nothing short of disguise to try and hide all lies from behind. Of all the children dying and all the lost lives. Those people fight to be alive, we are alive but our hearts aren’t really beating. We failed to realize that our silence is a crime that is lethal. As we sit and blame god for the problem of evil, despite the fact he gave us all that we needed to free these people … But are we even people? and are we all really equal? or is it okay so as long as it doesn't happen to us? War does not end anything... An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind. It makes things worse than they already are. War does not create peace, it ends innocent peoples lives and destroys humanities hope. For too long we have sat and watched idly as the world suffers its worst humanitarian crisis ever. As I type this there are men, women and children starving to death, being forced to eat dry leaves just to survive. Many of us have given up hope and therefore fail to respond as we feel we are too small to save these people from a tyrant regime. Others sit and blame God as though He is responsible for allowing evil to reign supreme.
  3. Emotional and meaningful music including the lyrics.. What you have watched was a `ramadan commercial, showing a young boy's message to the world leaders. Yeah , right. I would rather call them “ War World for peace killers” as muslims welcome the holly month marked by fasting and charity. You see the boy approaching and acting performer posing as US President "Donald Trump", wishing him a happy Ramadan. I doubt tho that Trump even knows what ramadan is..? He then invites the presidents over to “Iftar” at his home , which is basically their evening meal with wish muslims at their daily ramadan fast at sunset. Then you moved on to the family gathered around the table and what appears to be a Syrian home. There you see unlikely guest which is “Vladimir Putin “ whose Russian forces are yet bombarding Syria. Through the window, you see the boy’s mother walking back home, coming from shopping, holding breads in her hands and caring a broken heart. Next you see boats coming caring refuges capsizing of Europe’s chords “ the land of dreams” which is clearly not. The following war world you see is "Kim Jong-il" performed by the way by an actor who looks like the real one. The song goes on with the lyrics “ Every time I close my eyes I hear the bombing” Kim Jong-il looking like kind of SORRY and GUILTY respectively . Next you see a blonde Palestinian child who kind looks close to “ Ahed Tamimi “ ( The 16-year-old Palestinian girl arrested by Israeli forces) Palestinian activist getting released by the boy! We share one soul, we share one land ….We have one time to understand that we are all humankind. Brothers and sisters side by side ,we’ll have no regret, we will not forget !!
  4. Almost everything in this life is a lie .. One day this sensation we call life will leave us. Our bodies will rot,our valuables recollected. Yesterday’s actions all the remain. Death constantly surrounds us. Still it seems so distant from our everyday reality. We live in a temporary world. We live in a world on the verge of collapse. The wars of tomorrow will have no winners. For violence will never be the answer, it will destroy every possible solution. This world is not for us, Its time to wake up. We fail to realize we are not evolving upwards but rather falling down. This present moment is what every step ,every breath ,and every death has led to. We are the faces of all who came before us. Now its our turn, you can choose to curve your own path or follow the road countless others have already taken. Life is not a movie and we need to understand our purpose of this life!
  5. Im not sure where you are getting your information from or if you've possibly mistaken them with somebody else In all honesty I am not here to make mockery out of you , I’m not here to criticize you , I’m not even here to question your intelligence. All Im here to do is to give you advice. As someone who sincerely wishes the best for you and wishes the best for humanity. The first advice I give you is please if you want to talk about their religion ( islam) or culture , know what you're talking about. Don't be talking about some random news topic. If you want to judge their religion , judge it for what’s in their Holly Book and their prophet. So I suggest you stop wasting your time in attacking them
  6. Something mush be wrong when almost every single song has sex as its basis . when rap stars get famous after making lyrics that are shameless . when a women is expected to sleep with a man who does not even know what her name is and when artists are paid to degrade the very women that have made them to the point they are nothing more than pieces of plastic that we can dispose of once they are no longer attractive. Its sickening and sadistic that this worlds become so misogynistic . If you looked at statistics 7 in 10 men view porn while over 75 million are addicted , 68 million requested a day for pornographic, pictures ,making 1in 4 searches sexually related. Its like nobody even knew she existed until she got naked. Degraded and abused over and over again just to get millions of views. Its a shame we have subdued to a definition of beauty which is so misconstrued. As we judge each others looks off of Facebook likes, Instagram pictures to filter off what we really look like. I mean we are so obsessed with our outside that we have slowly lost sight of who we really are in real life. I mean its sad to see so many teens lose their self-esteem . Looking at these magazines thinking they have to look like what they see. Please you are worth much more than a 2D image on a screen. You have a living breathing human being, if you knew what you really mean. Just look into your history and begin to read of all the girls in the world who were capable to achieve and you will surely see with certainty. Honestly we don't need to give up our modesty in order to be successful for you are worth much more than a commodity that is sexual. you have so much more potential if you only knew your worth . You would see that you could be like the master of all women to have walked this earth. Like Mary the mother of Jesus, chosen by God to be an example for the believers. A woman who stood strong even when she was abused. Falsely accused and ridiculed for things she would never ever do. So it did not really matter there was no body else beside her. For she knew that God was the ultimate provider and she had her trust in him alone. Just like Asiya the wife of Pharaoh. A woman who was brave and courageous stood up for what was right and did not let anybody change this. A woman who was fearless and laughed in the face of death. For she grave up of this life for a palace in the next. The greatest women in the entire world had nothing to do with how they looked but for whom they were. So ignore the standard of success defined by society ! When God has said that the best of mankind are those who have piety . Regardless of your color, your shape, or your race. For God does not look at your bodies nor does he look at your face , rather he looks towards your HEART and checks your faith. So it does not really matter who the people say. you are who they think you are.. When you could be like the greatest of all woman in the eyes of God. The greatest women of all time are not only the best of examples for women to follow, but they are also the best of examples for men to realise the value and importance of a woman.
  7. barefoot

    why do we exist in this life ?

    Where is God in your life journey ? you need God for guidance
  8. barefoot

    why do we exist in this life ?

    agree that we need to help others and learn from others , but our purpose is more than that. The only one who would really be able to answer that question, would be the creator himself “ If there is a creator” it would be up to him to tell us why we were created and what he expect from us and what this life is really about. God has shown the people from the time of Adam until right now . Has shown the people what he wants from them and its a very simple thing and that is that worship before him alone without any partners. In fact we know this life to be a test from almighty God. Thats why we are born and thats why we die..because there has to be a beginning and an end for us to be tested on. The next life after this life, no one will ever die again. A bad person or a good person, both are brought back and they continue to live in the next life, either in a good shape or not so good shape. Depending on how they did on the test.
  9. barefoot

    why do we exist in this life ?

    if all that were tools to you, then would you tell me what is our purpose in this life? This world is an illusion is an deception , is temporary. A short step over to our final destination. We think life is real but when we get closer .. Reality strikes “ People are asleep as long as they live.. and they are awaken when they die” This life is a Big Test , and this world is our examination room. Chasing life, is like chasing your shadow
  10. This is not an attack upon Christians, so please don't take this as offensive, it's just a means of education to know what Jesus was truly sent with. Jesus is a Prophet of Islam, a God of Christianity. In Islam God is all Powerful, But in Christianity God was overpowered and crucified on the cross, how can the Almighty God be overpowered. Look , What if I told you that there was something you were missing? what if I told you that jesus does not really fit into your description? what if I told you that ‘follower of christ ‘does not really mean ‘Christian’ and just because you believe in faith , does not mean jesus did not believe in submission and conviction. You say Jesus was god and that God has descended, we say Jesus was man , for Jesus was dependent. Our God is all great and can not comprehended. You say that God was murdered or did you believe that he pretended? See God give us brains and God give us logic, but I guess God wanted us to use them in everything else except for this topic. Its like wearing a cross and proclaiming that you love Jesus, when if God was murdered on the cross , the cross really should not please us. I mean I would be wearing an axe if it was use to chop your mother up into pieces, see this is what happens when you believe in faith , but fail to believe in reason. We began to worship the people and neglect the one who made them. We began to believe that God had died, but how could a God even be created? HE Was The Creator of the universe for all we know even MORE. I mean there is still so much were still yet to explore. There is still so many things as Human beings we still haven't SEEN,,TOUCHED,HEARED or SAW. Our eyes cant even handle the sight to the sun so how could we possibly handle the sight of our Lord? See Jesus used to pray, but in your opinion , who did he pray too? I mean If Jesus was God , prayer would be one of no use Or did he only require it , when he needed to know the truth. Like when God was not sure whether it was the season of the fruit or maybe he prayed when there was something he could not do , like when he said ” I, Of myself can do nothing” but you took it as “ there is nothing he couldn't do” See no one used to worship Jesus , so ask yourself why do you? the concept so straight forward but has left so many confused . See the church says 3 … when Jesus says one. Jesus said God .. when the church said son . Jesus never said WORSHIP ME ..rather he said PRAY!! but you have to choose to worship Jesus , despite everything he used to say. You began to think with your emotion and forgot to think with your mind . I guess you did not pay attention when Jesus says our Father , never says MINE. And just to clarify I DO LOVE JESUS , matter fact I love him MORE THAN YOU because when Jesus said do something , I actually DO . I am not connected with the church nor with the bible. I love Jesus as my prophet , but I refuse to worship him as an idol. Just like he wanted and proclaimed it as sin . so it does not really matter if they don't let him in. Because Jesus wouldn't want to be in the present of people worshipping an idol of him. the worshiping of Jesus , IS a man invention . He never asked for your worship so he can grant you protection, rather he asked you to ultimate your prayers towards another direction. To God and God only and pray that he accepts them. And that just because you love Jesus, does not mean he feels the same way about your affection. See what you believe in, is exactly what he resented, matter fact its everything he despised. You began to follow a religion and called it “ love” disguise because love can be good but love can be BLIND
  11. We spend so much time living life, yet not enough time thinking about what are we doing alive. Ponder over the meaning of life, the purpose of our existence, who is responsible for our creation and what happens when we leave. If you don't want to think about where you came from, at least think about where you are going to go when it's all over. I just need to know is there more to the cycle than growing and getting old? Living and dying just to leave behind a happy home ? I just really need to know before the caskets closed, because I'm not willing to gamble with my soul nor am I ready to take any chances. These are just simple life questions and I'm just searching for some answers. Like what are we doing here? and what are our purpose? How did we get here? who made us so perfect ? what happens once we go or is this world really worth it? questions we don't answer because apparently we don't really have to. There is no purpose in this life and our existence merely natural? We just woke up one morning and then its just welcome to the show. do not ask any questions, just go with the flow. Make as much money as you can, try your best not to get broke. Copy everything that you see on TV from the hairstyles to the clothes and don’t think too often just do exactly as your told. You ever get confused then turn towards the alcohol. You still hear your thoughts? then just turn up the radio as you learn to live a lifestyle of drugs and sex? If that is the case, please let me ask. Did you created yourself or was it somebody else fashioned you ? There isn't a camera on this earth that can come close to the human eye nor a computer that can complete alongside the human mind and if the whole world was to come together, we would not be able to create A SINGLE FLY ! So many sins we still deny. As science tries to justify that all this could come from none. “GOD” the greater of the universe along with every single soul. The everliving, the master the only one who is in control ,unlike his creation beyond our imagination. He is not a man nor he has no partner in association. He is on his own and neither did he EVER LEAVES US ALONE. just like every manufacturer he left us with an instruction manual . The only definition of God as the one and only supreme being is logical. We took God as a mockery and his messengers as a joke . Dismissed his scriptures as legends and tales of the ancient folk. As we live life according to our whims, desires and hopes. Saying this life is the only home we will ever know . We will live then die and simply turn to bones. CORRECTION: after the grass dies, the rain arrives it re-grows and God promises to do the same thing to your very soul and bring you back from your very fingertips to your toes. We are surely being tested in our wealth, health, self and everything and every thing that we have been blessed with. So believe for we will surely be resurrected and be brought back in account for every sing deed. As he hands us our books and orders us to READ. From the bad to the good and everything in between, you yourself are sufficient for your own accountability. So don't be mad at me your Lord says.. YOU WERE THE ONE WHO TAUGHT YOU WOULD NOT COME BACK TO ME, I GAVE YOU A WHOLE LIFE LONG TO SEARCH AFTER ME , BUT YOU WERE BUSY CHASING ALL THAT WHICH WAS TEMPORARY. So, READ and glad tidings for all those who believed and if you disbelieve , then SEEK and READ !

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