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  1. It's amazing they know I speak Japanese. Needless to say, I won't be off to Belgium to be experimented upon!
  2. The engineers have no political affiliation. They set the ball rolling in the right direction but men predictably redirected it. Naturally, they built in a correction mechanism.
  3. Not politicians but engineers with a plan.
  4. I just look out the window to see the Creator's works. Mind blown. I've never understood how people can profess to know the Creator when they can't possibly fully understand Creation.
  5. Lamb93

    LBGTQ - The Anti-Human Movement

    Isn't it amazing that less than 2% of the population, of which only a fraction are politically active, can have such an impact? Be thankful you weren't faced with the whole 2%.
  6. Lamb93

    My inner spirit is crying...

    You're British. Stiff upper lip and all that.
  7. Lamb93

    Can you figure this out ?

    OK, got it. A becomes N, B becomes O etc. Still prefer my answer.
  8. Lamb93

    Can you figure this out ?

    "Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. " is a Pangram. You modified it with A<->N which removes the pangram concept and creates a new challenge. God Man's solution does not satisfy the A<->N. I'm guessing there is some site offering a grand prize for the pangram + qualification challenge. Anybody searching the text "Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. " would be hit with all the pangram definitions. Finding a solution, if it is online, would be nigh impossible. So, you came here, set the challenge of pangram + qualification and are about to reap the rewards for my solution. If anyone worked it out, you would fall back on an arbitrary pangram solution in the hope that nobody would realise it didn't fit the A<->N part of the puzzle. Telling me not to PM you anymore spells guilty conscience. Communication from the guy who you covertly got to solve the challenge from which you benefit in secret can only jar. Enjoy your prize if your conscience allows you to.
  9. Lamb93

    Can you figure this out ?

    He either doesn't know or he is in shock....
  10. Lamb93

    Can you figure this out ?

    You said to PM if we had the answer. I gave you my answer and you responded with "No idea??"... I wasn't sure if that was "I too have no idea", or "Don't you have an idea?" so I qualified with an explanation. Was it right? Or don't you know? My answer was this: A <--> N Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. -- A = 1, N = 14. The arrows mean 'that in between'. From 2 to 13 inclusive is 12, the dozen, as in 12 disciples. Liquor jugs (or jars) combined with the 12 therefore refer to Jesus turning the water into wine. The fifth disciple to be called was Philip. Philip means 'Lover of Horses'. Pack Horse and Horse Box are viable combinations in English. Therefore it would appear that the answer is 'Philip'. If I'm wrong, the solution had better be really clever.
  11. Lamb93

    Can you figure this out ?

    I PM'd you my rationale which appears concrete. Interested to know why it's wrong, if so.
  12. Precisely. The initial message of peace and love was twisted, predictably, by the power hungry and the greedy.
  13. At the time of Jesus, the Romans were in charge. Any sensible Greeks would have left. The remaining certainly wouldn't parade a herd of pigs in front of the occupiers. The herd would be confiscated, no? As for language, educated and therefore literate Romans would be fluent in Greek as well as Latin and any other language they took a fancy to. They would also be versed in mathematics, the sciences (such as astronomy, metallurgy and geology), religion, history, literature and the arts. Speaking a language and being able to read and write it were different things. With literacy came education. Revelation, for example, employs numbers, metallurgy, geology, religious history and much more. No ordinary person would have that knowledge. Therefore, that person was intelligent enough to construct a cunning plan and execute it. He describes multiple attributes of Roman law, including Pilate's ruling. He also uses Latin word-plays. A verb to wash (Ie baptise) in Latin is 'praeterlambo'. A 'praetor' is a judge. A dove is 'columba'. Praetor + columba = Praeter(co)lambo. Lambo is also to wash. Co means 'with'. Jesus, the 'judge', is baptised with a dove appearing. Clever stuff. Therefore, the author is more likely Roman than Greek. He writes in Greek because it is more 'marketable', Greek being the literary language. Latin, at the time, wouldn't sell. The literate Aramaic and Hebrew market would be too narrow and with a narrative of the promised Mashiach that no Jew would entertain, those languages would be doomed to failure. The 'hidden Latin' reveals much about his background. Further, he used Saul/Paul, a Roman citizen with many liberties, to represent himself and to explain how his plan was so easily put into operation. A Roman citizen would have unlimited access to the postal system of the day and the author maximised on that. Like it or not, Christianity is a deliberate construct developed to be undermined. The pigs are just one 'hole', whether discounted or not. There are plenty more.
  14. Christianity has had 2000 years to create world peace but has left devastation and destruction in its wake. It has killed more than Islam over the centuries. Is it really surprising people want a change for the better?
  15. Maybe so. I hadn't thought of that. I think you mean 'Romans' rather than 'Greeks'. This is interesting and explains butcher's meat was an uncommon luxury in Rome, let alone in the colonies. I wasn't until the 4th century that legions ate meat. Wikipedia - Ancient Rome cuisine

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