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  1. The office of truth is to defeat the lie even as one candle illuminates darkness.
  2. CStegiel


    http://nixontapes.org/kraemer.html The Forty Years War Probes Obscure Pentagon Official Ideology of Fritz Kraemer at the Heart of Wartime Policy from Vietnam to the Present Who was Fritz Kraemer? Whether Vietnam, Iraq, or now Afghanistan, wars come and go, but the real battle is a philosophic one between two sects of conservatives. In The Forty Years War: The Rise and Fall of the Neocons from Nixon to Obama, authors Len Colodny and Tom Shachtman challenge readers to examine the role of a little-known Pentagon figure named Fritz G.A. Kraemer. Colodny and Shachtman argue that Kraemer was the leading intellectual behind what became known as the neo-conservative movement, witnessed by the fact that Kraemer influenced so many high-ranking conservative figures over the course of six decades.
  3. CStegiel

    BART & San Francisco Civic Center

    It's only going to continue. Plunder is a way of life. Maybe someday tax payers can overcome their governance but likely not in the near term. Best we can do is try to dodge the bull dozer throwing the intellectually ideal molotov.
  4. CStegiel

    Trump & His Rerun of Dr. Stangelove

  5. CStegiel

    Trump & His Rerun of Dr. Stangelove

    Jim, not entirely clear on how your experience relates to what our hacker found. https://www.wired.com/2006/06/ufo-hacker-tells-what-he-found/
  6. CStegiel

    Trump & His Rerun of Dr. Stangelove

    1. I suspect Trump is merely formalizing an actually existing situation. 2. Gary MacKinnon the hacker documented ship to ship transfers in space. 3. Catherine Austin Fitts has written on the Breakaway Civilization and Secret Space Program. 25 trillion invested so far. 4. Space is militarized. http://www.businessinsider.com/air-force-rods-from-god-kinetic-weapon-hit-with-nuclear-weapon-force-2017-9
  7. CStegiel

    The Solution to Reclaiming Liberty

    Been going on since General Washington quashed the Whiskey Rebellion.
  8. CStegiel

    LBGTQ - The Anti-Human Movement

    Frankfurt School.
  9. CStegiel

    The Solution to Reclaiming Liberty

    Rage against the Leviathan but the law has a hold outside of Federal Court. The law is constructed to permit violence by the State and not that the violence be legitimately used. In Court afterwards the violence may be found illegal and excessive in whole or in part.
  10. CStegiel

    TRUMP - Godfather to the World

    Since the most important and powerful Jewish National Syndicate Bosses such as Abner Zwillman, Philip Kastel and Morris Dalitz, along with Lansky and Stacher (who were all present at the 1946 "Havana Conference" in Cuba) were not present for this summit, it seems reasonable to assume that the Apalachin Summit was strictly a Cosa Nostra meeting, of no importance to the other National Crime Syndicate Bosses, concerning national rules, policies or joint operations. http://gangstersinc.ning.com/profiles/blogs/how-meyer-lansky-laundered-the-american-mafia-s-dirty-cash-and-ma
  11. CStegiel

    The Carnage

    Promises are incapable of being kept. Especially by a small group of players.
  12. Guns and the willingness to use them allow a state to exist. Palestinians are largely not armed nor trained in military actions. A Palestinian State when Israel exists is another name for Gaza.
  13. CStegiel

    There Has Never Been a Time

    The 13 colonies is the answer. They are not the same. And across the Allegheny mountains was land unable to be colonized due to England and France having a treaty. So the leading monetary and mercantile elites - recall Benjamin Franklin's son was colonial governor of New Jersey-saw an opportunity for breaking with the Hannoverian monarchy they detested, and with England as well once Parliment decided to keep them enserfed. The Articles of Confederation which won the war against the leading superpower were then deemed insufficent to rule 13 colonies. Now stop-why rule 13 colonies? Each colony had it's own form of governance. The Federalist argument was simple-United we win, Divided we fall. However reasonable people did disagree. https://thefederalistpapers.org/anti-federalist-papers
  14. The problem can be stated as Hobbes stated it. Mankind is not interested in truth nor freedom only power. In this regard you have two choices-open civil war or political civil war. Hobbes had the idea that only Leviathan-a strong central state-overwhelmingly strong-could prevent civil war. The downside of course is that for Hobbes even if the government was hopelessly corrupt - and he of course favored Monarchy- not a dictatorship like Cromwell- better to be corrupt than in total war.
  15. CStegiel

    Everybody Plays Games - You Know That

    Strangelove was a satire but Fail Safe was realistic and not satire. Strangelove presented the world of Fail Safe as ludicrous but in our haste to go beyond Strangelove we stayed stuck in insanity called Mutual Assured Destruction. Truth therefore is far more frightening than comfortable satire.

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