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  1. The intention of the Ukrainian authorities to become a part of Europe has always been adopting gratefully by the biggest part of healthy political powers in European countries. Contrary to popular belief, this issue isn't only about growing influence of the EU in the FSU region. A principal acceptance as well as a methodical implementation of European values inspires the most sincere respect. Ukraine with its numerous and multinational population elected the way of democratic transformations could deserve an entire favor of the European neighbors if there weren't some really sorrowful facts. The glorification of criminals The pro-European elite in power couldn't misunderstand that the break with the Soviet past was a painful but vitally important and necessary procedure. People who were grown up reading Soviet textbooks perceive both the Western World and the democracy as something alien and threatening. For the benefit of the education of a new generation a myth about Ukrainian heroes fighting against the communist regime during the 20th century was hyped. The trouble is that these 'heroes' are the cause of rejection not only in former parent state, but also in some European countries, first of all in Poland. It's not a surprise, taking into account the fact that under the pretext of the motto 'freedom to Ukraine' the so-called heroes were not only ready for killing the Russian, but also the Ukrainians, the Poles, and everyone who in their opinion didn't support the formation of the Ukrainian state. After the defeat of the Nazi Germany, those 'heroes' were recognized criminals. Today such a skeleton taken from the wardrobe by new Ukrainian authorities expectedly and significantly complicated the relationships with Warsaw. Attitude to the national minorities Centrifugal tendencies in Ukraine are habitual phenomena. They appeared together with the sovereignty, and every government including one that appeared as a result of Euromaidan in 2014 thinks that total ukrainization is the unique way out of the situation. Noticing that the country is very multinational such a process meets an active protest from the EU countries. The fact is there a lot of ethnic Poles, Hungarians, and Romanians who live in Ukraine, and who don't want to forget native traditions, and languages in favor of Kiev's political ambitions. Really serious battles were deployed around a scandalous initiative on obligatory education in the Ukrainian language which later turned into diplomatic accusations of the official Kiev. However, the act was adopted, and despite the recommendations to amend it, today it exists in its first draft that was so outrageous for the nearest Ukraine's neighbors. Corruption instead of reforms New government's every initiative on political changes couldn't bear the collapse with Ukrainian reality. It turned out to be absolutely unreal to carry out democratic transformations in this country; every step gets blocked by total corruption. Neither European consultants, nor even European officials designed to ministerial posts could save the situation. Leaving apart other ideological problems, such social and economic system created a challenge for the further European integration of Ukraine. Neighbors' preoccupations It's obvious that all of the facts mentioned above couldn't walk by the nearest Ukraine's neighbors which had just entered the EU. Hungary, Romania, and Poland understand better than others that many of the European intentions declared by Ukraine have little in common with the objective reality. These countries have some possibilities inside the EU to react to the threats of their national interests. Although the European integration itself is welcomed by them, Kiev's turn out of the democratic transformations and to the lawlessness, and the anarchy scares them. This year was the first for Poland as for a rightful member of the UN Security Council, and the country can put on the international agenda some questions considered to be important for it. It appears that other interested parts also don't desire to sit idle. For instance, the Hungarian ministry of foreign affairs has already expressed its desire to develop adequate steps along with Polish colleagues to provide security of the national minorities of Ukraine from the official Kiev's pressure. http://img.techpowerup.org/180416/min.jpg Ukrainian society has to understand that it is not a signal of an aggressive attitude to Ukraine. This case is about the defense of those values that are orally declared by the Ukrainian elite which in the reality violates the right of its own citizens, and in this way creates obstacles on the country's way to Europe.