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  1. Psyfis

    For You - I Remember

  2. So anything can be shut down and anyone removed from public association with just an accusation from private interests these days. #METOO
  3. Next mass shooting there. Everyone will pull out their guns within the fleeing crowd, no one will then know which the shooter is, what a mess!
  4. As the newly entrenched Dictators of the nations threaten one another and provoke stock speculation, for each stock sold out of fear, the same is taken by them and theirs at extreme discount relative to its actual value, gaining market monopolies in all sectors and allowing further globalization. Trump works with some of the globalists, Xi works with others, Putin others still, and they are growing day by day as they play you all into fear. Each group trying to gain more leverage over more people, not willing to declare war until one side or another gets penned in, or one exploited populace or another revokes globalist policy and gives rise to opportunity the others can attempt to fight over.
  5. Mankind in a state of honesty, trust, and mutual cooperation honors both the dead and the living, communicating and celebrating life, and recording and remembering their deceased ancestors, calling upon them for help in times of trouble, for in previous times during which said ancestors lived, may the troubles often be found to have been brought from. In times of trouble man may become confused and distraught, seeing so many problems in front and not considering the answers were left somewhere upon the past by those who allowed him to be here, for those are basis to the reflexes now being exploited. This confusion brought on by the problems and pitfalls placed in front of him by the adversary only heighten his ability to be exploited, confused and further forget the lessons of the past, even to the point of blaspheming the recordings of his own ancestors as foolish, for under some others lights, they may be made to appear so, and those others have much interest in having him believe so. If AI routines are the combined intelligence of the recorded dead ancestors lives and ways, then one should not fear that their ancestors may be more intelligent than their living progeny whom they left the world to, or even capable of being so, for the dead care not, and now only exist in complete trust, leaving them more vulnerable than a child, and as useful as an empires hoard if plundered. Fear comes in this situation only with the living adversary using the the unguarded trust of your ancestors ways against you, and is only feared because man has been convinced to leave their ways and cultures of life and death, their memory of the past by the side of the road, as if they were garbage of no value because they could not be sold for gold or traded for food. Others chose to fall and cooperate, selling their ways (and consequently the ways of their people) for use against them, and in return sharing power with the adversary, so long as they continue to fall in line.
  6. The artists communicate to you not what may be a dream, but what is being dreamt. Word flies on the wings of birds, long before silicon interconnects, AI routines existed in human behaviour, practices and calculations and transmitted in the living interconnections between people. And so too then were exploits found, and communities and cities undermined by the exploiters for a gold coin. Those restricted military research labs cooked up AI routines long before any giggles or fakebooks applied them to advertising, for by nature they are the tools of human calculation, reasoning, decision making and problem solving, decoded from observations of man, and encoded again in the book of the dead in the form of electrical patterns to be wielded as a tool, increasingly these days by madmen and dictators - See Chinas new social control structures. The question is not whether you are subjected to AI. Since it has been around for 80+ years as concrete scientific structured programming practices. But what AI routines are being run, by whom and for what purpose, and if and how they should be accepted by your community.
  7. To whos benefit is openly poisoning these people and as a result pitting russia and britain in tension? Russia Owns the EU via energy dependency, Russia has killed many of its own traitors in the past and barely made headlines for a day. America, isreal and china all have an interest in keeping britain and russia out of their playing fields.
  8. Yes, clearly this is the place where complex topics get discussed.... And you all have become such experts on ... AI.
  9. Here too are news stories retrieved and threads made. It is not the playing of games that is a problem. If you consider the nature of participating in a conspiracy forum, it assumes you believe that men are able and willing to conspire against others for their own short term gain of power over them. To solve problems like that (whether there is a conspiracy related to a given events cause, and who is resposible), a game must be made and played to reach a solution. This game is of following trails of data, investigation, sharing results and finding out what is responsible for the cause of death, confusion or misery of others. The issue is, when the conspirators (or those who would benefit from them at the cost of others) are playing games in opposition; to divide and hamper such uncovering of simple truths as which they benefit from keeping secret, you get things which occur like GLP, where a group of people will hack, harass and hamper all productive discussions.
  10. You too seem to be a newbie @ 33 posts. Are your comments more coherent or just lacking content? Are accusations like this considered posts of substance or trolling?
  11. Who sounds like a bot or troll now, trying to sow discord rather than contributing to the discussion at hand?
  12. It should be taken as a compliment if anything, the only comment about COP in there is that you are a lovely moderator. And it is one of many good ways to keep garbage like bots and trolls (relatively) out.
  13. Why would there be an accusation? This is a discussion thread about that other place is it not?

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