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  1. COBE

    Self-Acceptance in the Social Media Age

    I really like the saying that "happiness is the new wealth". I like this philosophy.
  2. COBE

    Self-Acceptance in the Social Media Age

    I read an article today about some adults who went undercover in a high school in order to see what is different now in today's schools. One of the things they found is that a record number of kids are struggling with depression, and that it is based on their place on the totem pole in social media. http://nordic.businessinsider.com/undercover-high-teenagers-lives-2018-2/
  3. So, I tried the instructions in the OP. I followed them exactly. I was dissatisfied with the results. There was not a white core in the center. I am trying it again, this time boiling the water longer in the initial step. I also used paper towels to mop up the layer of whatever-that-is on top of the freshly boiled water. It is back in the freezer, getting ready for the next steps. I will report back.
  4. I scanned the website for information exactly like what you found and I didn't. "Dames" would refer to females, so it looks like we (and our money) are welcome. I too regarded the site as being a satire. But, then, I remember membership drives for the Knights of Malta many years ago, when I always thought the Knights of Malta were a sort of elite metaphysical group with a lot of hidden power.
  5. I'm going to come back and watch these videos. I took a short look at each of them. I know that I need to be in a particular frame of mind before watching things like this, because I can easily spiral into a funk where everything looks hopeless. I feel there actually IS some hope, so I wait until I can stomach this kind of information before putting it into my brain.
  6. Me, too, Ukshep. I don't "fight" anything, because fighting only gives something power. I do say things, however, in case someone might remember my words and see it all differently. For example, I have a relative who takes handfuls of prescription drugs to treat his "anxiety" and his "depression". He uses his employer's health insurance policy a lot, despite his hating his job. I told him that in the book, "1984", that workers were paid with drugs, which numbed them enough to continue working. It is in one ear and out the other with him. He is an adult, making his own choices, and I have to respect that and let him dig his own grave, if that is what he is intent on doing. I don't like it, but there is only so much I can do.
  7. Oh, you betcha! Warning anybody about this falls on deaf ears.
  8. COBE

    I want to kill Woody Wood Pecker

    I am dealing with the same thing! Only here, it is called a red-breasted sapsucker. If it is not banging on the metal conduit on the side of my house, then I can hear it at the neighbor's or at some other house a block over. It is always at around 10:30 every morning. I laugh at it! Silly bird!
  9. (Incidentally, I ran out of likes and just now bought a membership so that I could "like" Centaur's post. Well worth the cost, IMHO)
  10. I agree with everything you've said here, Centaur, and I LOVE the idea of every citizen serving some time as a member of government; but, I would still want the option to elect the best person for some positions.
  11. COBE

    In honor of Cinnamon's tassle dance I bring you...

    You're supposed to rub them for good luck! Oh my goodness!
  12. Ukshep, I really like what you've said here. It is my understanding that the United States Federal government was put into place to mesh the rules between states so that interstate commerce could be performed without huge differences in the law as soon as one crossed a state boundary. This is why -- in the old days anyway -- that Federal regulation overrode state law. This is still true, but... ...but, as everyone is saying, the Feds have become too big for their britches and states are now clamoring for their original powers to be recognized again as being more important than Federal oversight.
  13. That's a good one! A submarine training facility in the middle of the desert! That gives more credence to the claim of underwater channels leading from Walker Lake. Here is the map at google maps. I'll bet Lake Tahoe is on that network too. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Hawthorne,+NV+89415/@38.5232441,-118.6076161,9z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80bd5feb5bfe6f75:0x990186134341022c!8m2!3d38.5246441!4d-118.624578
  14. I don't recall that there were any female Knights Templars. Will this updated organization allow women to join? Maybe if they have some money?
  15. Okay. Facebook is censoring them, but are they still good to go on Youtube? With millions of people following these two on various platforms, it seems that being kicked off Facebook could mean a victory for the other sites that DO support them. I would think that those millions will now flock to Twitter and Youtube and wherever else they publish their work, and that this is desirable for those other places. It becomes more obvious all the time that Facebook's day has come and gone.

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