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  1. damn, why these kind of news are never on the main newspapers
  2. Chlorelle

    PANOPTICON. A Must See Documentary.

    this is really scary, you feel like staying on a concentration camp
  3. it seems talks about very different point of view on civil liberties, I downloaded it to watch it later.
  4. Chlorelle

    Whoah. Security footage 'viewed by thousands'

    they should have thought about first https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b505tw
  5. Chlorelle

    Vaccine testing time again...

    oh boy. that's good https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-11-30-vaccines-just-get-your-damn-shots.html
  6. Chlorelle

    From Facebook to Policebook

    that's cherished beliefs
  7. Chlorelle

    I saw FALSE PEOPLE on 9/11

    ? it's a giant?
  8. ohh girl, that's criminal
  9. probably some additives substitutes of sugar are more dangerous than sugar indeed.
  10. I applaud you. It's really disgusting.
  11. Chlorelle

    Tell your kids

    it is very refreshing to be informed on alternate points of view, but poor boy, I can't figure he's going to understand at that age.
  12. I'm truly convinced
  13. Aluminum has a documented neurotoxicity all by itself. The French veterinary vaccines exclude it for this reason. The human ones don’t

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