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  1. Government reform

    Well said. But we need to start somewhere. This petition needs 100,000 signature within 30 day. It's a dream. After that I have a little over a year to convince voters to vote out all the incumbents in congress. No stronger message could be sent on our dissatisfaction. Please take the time to check out the vids on my web site http://www.judicialimmunitynecessaryevil.com/petition.html
  2. Government reform

    This petition needs your support. The supporting reason behind it can be vviewed at http://www.judicialimmunitynecessaryevil.com/petition.html We petition the Obama administration and Congress to: Make WE THE PEOPLE the Reality: Restore Our Bill of Rights. We the People demand that any administrative or legislative decision of the government that is challenged in the courts needs to be adjudicated by the people. Void judicial immunity. Under the doctrine of judicial immunity, a victim can be forced to bear the full burden of a serious, irreparable injury inflicted by a court judge in blatant violation of the Constitution. As long as judges have the power to blatantly violate the constitution, a judge should not have the power to deny someone the right to a jury trial. The right to a jury trial is definitively protected by the Bill of Rights. Placing cameras in our court room will also allow corrupt or inept judges to be exposed. Restore the people’s voice and end political corruption. The issues that I have just presented are not unreasonable in any sense of the word; they are based solely on common sense and would ultimately aid in restoring integrity to our government. The path to freedom can be as easy as demanding that the issues I have presented be put on a state referendum so that the people can vote on them. Restore the people’s voice. Don’t continue to let the politicians gut us of our rights. This petition is posted on Whitehouse.gov web site. Link. http://wh.gov/iRNXj Please sign and share this petition. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/make-we-people-reality-restore-our-bill-rights-0
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