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  1. The whole life is an experiment, you can't hide from that.
  2. No way USD trade will be shut down. Too many businesses will collapse and the economy with it. The same applies to any other foreign currency - EUR, for example.
  3. avva

    Ladies and Gentlemen War is imminent

    Sorry guys, but you are a bit hypocritical. What you and your government forgot in Syria? What kind of agenda is held about Syria? Are you controlled by some power in that region that uses YOUR resources to accomplish THEIR goals? I sincerely do not get it. Syria has no borders with US or UK.
  4. Not gonna happen as USD is used for international trade by many businesses in Russia. Import / Export you know.
  5. I live in Russia and nowadays commoners do not care about USDRUB rates. It was very different 10 years ago, but today the bad impacts of "weak" Ruble are minimal. For holders of USD it's actually a huge plus.
  6. Video on the same topic. You can have cold energy at home, with huge COP, pay less for more usefulness
  7. Who cares. Inflation in Russia is at all time low.
  8. A similar technology, with 1KW of power transmitted over a thin wire, without risk of burns - human body is an insulator for such energy.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyjcdXPBix0 Just look at how lamp does not short-circuit being immersed into the water. Some commenters say this guy replicated Tesla's technology which allows to power many kilowatts of power at home for free.
  10. The answer maybe in Einstein's general relativity - it insists that light is bent by gravity, maybe that's what happens - or at least there is an "explanation" exists for those a bit more "educated". But I personally would not buy such explanation - if Earth is round, we are too lonely to have any future as civilization. I do not think universe was designed that way, plus there are a lot of UFO sightings that should be nearly impossible given modern physics knowledge suggests no one can reach our planet - too big distances.
  11. Where's the official press-release? Was it a mailing list message? Wants to link.
  12. Globalization is equivalent to conquest. But when this card is played, you have to do conquest again.
  13. Just a quick thought. Prior to this decade the world was globalizing and thus there was a lot of opportunity to spread capital all over the world, but at this point all market opportunities were used and there's no new world to explore and invest in for the American dream. So, the civil unrest in US will be on the rise and as a result US has to start wars in unexpected regions. A relatively peaceful decade has ended.
  14. avva

    Peace is a status quo

    "Fully aware" is at times actually a manifestation of submittance to status quo. That's what all religions and even new agers do - make all submit to existing status quo. But reality is harder usually, and if there's war or some civil unrest it means somebody took a larger part of the pie.
  15. Peace is only a manifestation of accepted status quo. In capitalism, rich become richer, poor become poor and status quo always shifts towards point of unacceptability. So, war is inevitable from time to time, be it war with neighbors or internal wars.

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