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  1. eclipsed

    GLP Going Down The Shitter??? PIC

    i remember many posters there were extremely intelligent, but it doesnt seem that way anymore. i keep wondering where they all went...
  2. i cant believe i never thought of this...good question!
  3. before i dive back in, i was thinking that the globe earth is a fairly new concept to the human race if i remember correctly, they used to think the world was flat BEFORE they then decided it was a globe. like coming full circle.
  4. its funny, i was singing a song in my head while reading your post here and just when i came to the word accident, i was singing the same word! this was no mistake or accident is what i was singing...ok now im going back in to keep reading.
  5. eclipsed

    The Royal Wedding

    im not gong all feminist and liberal and whatnot, i had jsut finished reading the story told by an ex nun who had escaped the convent. she was a lucky one. the next day the wedding was on and i didnt see any nuns or female religious people. idk what you would call them.
  6. eclipsed

    The Royal Wedding

    i did notice there was not a single FEMALE priest or religious person. no nuns. every religious person there was a man.
  7. (the reason i even tried it was someone was asking us to.) heres his OP, titled: Someone else try this for me please... Some else try this for me please... Reply to this thread with the name of a pop star who wrote Purple Rain and another name fir a match popular in WW1. Also known as the fallen angel. Tried it several times now and it just won't post.
  8. i didnt know any of this...ive been there since Emporer Kenton was still alive, nli, so thank you for posting on it. i DID learn this morning that over there if you type the words "prince light" into a reply, it turns into "prints lucifer". it auto corrects to that.
  9. eclipsed

    GLP: The Smurfs

    oh...i remember the papa smurf avatar here and there long ago there but i didnt know anyone personally. yeah i remember the name..
  10. donald marshall says the black eye is whats left after someone has been droned, meaning this tiny reptilian creature burrows into the eye to get to the brain http://www.auricmedia.net/tag/vril-droning/
  11. solar radiation management...for global warming. they admit chemtrails its not a theory.
  12. i dreamed i was told i was pregnant with my first child and didnt even know i was pregnant. in this dream, i was working at the fry station in mcdonalds and above the machine was a scroll sitting there, so i took it down and opened it. in huge letters written in beautiful calligraphy was the word CONGRATULATIONS! under it in smaller letters were the words "you are pregnant'... the rest of the long scroll was filled with flowers on the edges and very tiny writing which i didnt bother to read. thats how i learned.
  13. its the same lady in a mask that is being promoted as a still from the so called hillary and huma video.
  14. eclipsed

    Henry VIII Holding Turkey Leg Painting

    the ford logo is now a pig tail. my father was a mechanic and he was a ford man. back in those days it was an 'either or' kind of thing meaning you were either a ford or a chevy person. i have seen the ford logo since i was born. to me, it always looked like a little childs hand cupped, like he was asking for something. for whatever reason it made me a bit sad so i tried to never ask for anything from him. weird huh? but i do remember that ford logo, and its now different.
  15. eclipsed

    Henry VIII Holding Turkey Leg Painting

    it was in a book of course, i was an avid reader. i dont remember the book itself, possibly a school book for history i think. he wore the fur robe/coat and faced the left holding that turkey leg up in his right hand. his coat was red with gold trim. i didnt like him very much because i was hungry alot and he seemed like such a big fat PIG. back in the seventies, there were fewer obese than today. yes im pretty sure it was a history book from school...i just couldnt remember the number after his name. roman numerals were not taught to us so all those numbers after the kings names were confusing.they still are.

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