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  1. Do it then Kim Jong!!! This guy reminds me of Lavar Ball saying he could beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1 in Michael's prime.
  2. We are the corrupt police of the world.
  3. April 24th, Same date I made a huge mistake 27 years ago when I said I do.
  4. Dude keeps puting his foot in his mouth.
  5. Amen sister!!! Think about it what are we more afraid of Russians, ISIS, China, or our own government.
  6. I've always hated Facebook, something about that creepy Zuckerberg the Zionist.
  7. One bad ass MOFO, crazy as hell. RIP CHUCK
  8. Good for her, I'm glad she had the balls to wear that. I hope everyone on the Trump train buys her music.