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  1. Holy internet outage. Something big going down!!!

    I have Spectrum in Central FL, no issues.
  2. Tweet: Trump kicks down CNN

    I love it freaking hysterical. F U C K FNN
  3. Very interesting video. Sad but true.
  4. 17 days would come out to about $11 dollars an hour.
  5. If you would like doom on that day, forget to wish your wife a Happy Birthday.
  6. I was waiting for her to say Ohhhh Noooo!!! Mr Bill
  7. I never knew that dude from Milli Vanilli ran track.
  8. Anarchy in the USA!!! Johnny Rotten could sing it.
  9. Hey Shep, I really don't dislike her. But I find it hard to believe that the she doesn't know how much the workers are getting paid. The Trump's are savvy business people.
  10. Hopefully she doesn't want to talk to you, after you've done the deed. Plus she sleeps on the wet spot.
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