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  1. Ya but its a big CBC headline every time Trump farts and constant Israel on the front page of the Post...WTF we're in Canada?? But you'll never read about the Bronfman b*tch and her NXIVM connections either.
  2. In the words of Forrest Gump: "Stupid is as stupid does"
  3. CDN Eh Hole

    Vinegar and oil salad dressing

    When doing a small batch by hand I disolve/mix the dijon into the vinegar then add oil. For a big batch I just use a hand blender
  4. CDN Eh Hole

    Vinegar and oil salad dressing

    I do the same ingredients + some dijon mustard (approx 1/2 to 1 tsp per 1/4 cup dressing) the mustard thickens it a bit too! I use approx. 2 parts vinegar to 1 part oil. Can change it up with balsamic or lemon juice concentrate (great with salmon salad or dishes) instead of ACV. Now I'm getting hungry!!
  5. CDN Eh Hole

    New programming music...

    I'm old school, hit the drums, sing with no harmonizer, maybe a bit of echo. I thrive on Pink Floyd & the Led Zep box set, it never gets old, and still love that old Hank Williams twang!!
  6. Naming convention legit if they found some unknown fossilized dinosaur poop
  7. How about the scum called John O Brennan. He has been unscathed in this so far, and deserves a cattle prod up the wazoo so he can sing some truth rather than constant lies. Clapper is a real scuzball that's deserves some "tender" prodding to the nads as well, just make sure to turn up the voltage!!
  8. I think Devil's Club you find in old growth cedar & fir ranks up there for being nasty, seen some 10-12 ft high with 4" spikes
  9. The govt employee are minions who are being set up as fall guys for the powers that shouldn't be. It's all status quo smoke & mirrors until we see the take down of CFR, Bilderbergers, Pilgrims Society, Skull & Bones, Illuminati, Committee of 300, etc who really & truly are the covert "hidden hand" at the apex of the pyramid. To the powers that shouldn't be: "I FART IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION" (quote credit to Monty Python)!!!
  10. CDN Eh Hole

    Rapper XXXTentacion dead at 20 after shooting

    Yaaaaa.... that''s music for my generation!
  11. You may find this Dark Journalist X series vid on Howard Hughes interesting too, its a bit long but there are some interesting "connections" discussed:
  12. CDN Eh Hole

    Happy Fathers's Day!!!

    My son said its the only day of the year we celebrate a bunch of motherfvckers!! Geez....some peoples kids
  13. I mulled this over after I slammed my snifter of Cognac AND I have the answer........ He overused his slit stinkeye on Trump at G7 and his shapeshifting is glitching now!!
  14. And Justin is a Soros knobgobbler too, in case anyone wondered why I fly the CDN flag in distress!!! BUT on the bright side....don't ya just love karma??
  15. CDN Eh Hole


    Taxman would love to snap on a rubber glove and do a deep probe of his ASSets.

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