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  1. http://www.betteridaho.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Sixth-sense-i-see-crazy-people-meme.jpg
  2. How many of these people are libtard occultists who worship Satan on the side as well as many other demonic beings? It seems to me only occultists celebrate things like the solstice which is the worship of nature and other dimensional beings not God the creator of all things.
  3. Communists don't like merit because that prevents equality of outcome therefore is considered patriarchal and white supremacist and must be done away with. The libtards already have legalized racial discrimination in college admissions and government hiring by calling it affirmative action to supposedly address historical wrongs by unjustly punishing those in the present who had nothing to do with it just because they happen to share the same skin color as the perpetrators. That is now being expanded to discriminate based on sexuality, gender, political orientation, disability, immigration status and religion too. It is no longer the most qualified who gets the job but the person who meets the right diversity quota of race, sexuality, gender, religion, political orientation, immigration status and disability who gets the job. In other words, competency be damned. They are going to hire people who can't do math over those who can because it is now considered white supremacist and patriarchal to be able to do math. When you are wanting to destroy society to usher in communism as the solution to the problems you have created you don't want competent people in important jobs helping to keep the capitalist system going.
  4. Hey why not. I am sure there is market for grouchy old man videos.
  5. This is what libtards want for all of America and every Western nation is for it to be turned into a literal third world shit hole where whites are a forgotten marginalized minority and sex and public defecation in the streets is encouraged and made legal. Libtards are degenerates who like poverty, ignorance, crime, ugliness and filth and want a dystopian nightmare. That's what they call social justice. Look at the way many libtards dress. They dress like bums with their ugly ripped faded jeans and skanky tops. They can't even bother to look nice as they consider that lookism or some sort of nonsense
  6. Don't blame Texans one bit. Who the hell wants these people flooding into their communities.
  7. First they have to prove they are related to the children or the legal guardians of the children they are bringing into the country. There is human trafficking going on that is bringing in women and children as sex slaves to be used by organized crime. In some cases children are rightfully separated from their phony guardians because those phony guardians are human sex traffickers.
  8. This is your typical male feminist. He is a soy boy who says he is a feminist. In most cases it is the only chance most of these soy boys have of getting laid is by duping some young ding-a-ling college girl into thinking that they are sensitive guy who feels their pain. Frankly I find male feminists to be creepy. What do you think? Do you think male feminists are creepy?
  9. Coventina

    SJW Meltdown Palooza

    I take it that any red baseball cap will do given how psychotic some libtards are.
  10. Coventina

    SJW Meltdown Palooza

    Well they seem to be losing their shit over illegal immigrant kids being put in migrant camps. These kids did not come with their parents and were being taken by adults not related to them into America through a desert which has its own perils and is a form of child endangerment on the part of migrant adults. Of course authorities are not going to put those kids in migrant camps with grown adult males. That has been tried in Europe and women and children have been raped and murdered by the migrant men. Some of these migrant adults are criminals escaping justice in their home countries and are rapists and murderers that are not coming to western countries to do a honest day's work but to commit more crime. Why would any sane government put children in the same migrant camp as those people yet libtards are losing their shit over this. Note: Migrant camps in America are actually Walmart buildings turned into air conditioned dormitories complete with cafeteria, school, rec room and gym and they are not living in tents or cages contrary to the lies being told by the far leftists.
  11. Coventina

    SJW Meltdown Palooza

  12. Coventina

    SJW Meltdown Palooza

  13. Space has already been weaponized and has been for a number of decades now and Russia damn well knows it so I don't know why they are bitching now about it. Trump is hinting at commercializing outer space such as mining asteroids, setting up mining colonies on other planets and possibly even having tourism to other planets. Trump is a business man first and foremost not a military general. He wants all this technology produced by the military industrial complex to be put to good use in the private sector for non war activities not just to build expensive military toys that just sit there and look pretty. After all it is tax payers who are the ones that funded the development of this technology so they should be able to see what they are getting for their money and some benefit from it. Look at the internet that was technology created by the military and put to private sector use.
  14. I am always leery of identifiable Muslims when out in public regardless if they are male or female because if they fanatical enough to wear their ideology on their sleeve they are probably fanatical enough to act out in its name and are not adapting to western culture. It seems the more covered up the Muslim woman is the more fanatical she and her family tend to be. The ones wearing a burka are the most fanatical of the bunch.

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