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  1. The shit you admin's have to put up with... FUN AS SHITE!!! lol. But no really. It's as dangerous(and fun) as riding a motorcycle down the road. It's all about keeping balance. Cheers!
  2. It's obvious. They closed the two GLP related threads including comedions thread about flying. Because they figured it out as well. We all did. It was a big troll. And a dangerous one as cenimon(i can't spell) brought up. Entrapment! It was definitely a setup to try and bring them down. They gone now.
  3. I'd say you could go ahead and put this thread to bed. But this place ain't mine to dictate. Cheerio! : D
  4. And, there you have it folks. LOL! They Found themselves a new home. Lmao
  5. I've been around a long time. I was at LOP. Saw the exodus. And decided to investigate. I found a lot of my old friends are running that forum and others i know have been posting there for some time. I was at GLP in the early 2000's under a different user name.
  6. Oh i understand fully what is going on with all that. But why bother trying to shove an 'I told you so' in their face? Aren't we all here for the same reason(Forum fora)? So if some folks don't get along with others, then find i new hang out spot if it bothers you so much. Every forum has it's own character. I even remember kitter box. Cool people. Despised lop. Now all the splinter forums are not just hating on glp. but also lop. And they are all hating on eachother. It is seriously annoying to me. Here is my point. Everyone plays the part of the fool at some point in time. Then we are supposed to learn from it, and move on. Conspiracy has effectively blurred the lines of engagement. lol Idk man. I like you guys and everyone else. Meh
  7. I don't understand this whole forum war thing. Everyone has their own story. And everyone claims they are innocent. idk man.
  8. Nope. It's still up and running with no hiccups on my side.
  9. Thank you. I am just an observer. But what board are you talking about that closed down?
  10. It seem like a nice tidy place indeed

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