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  1. Sweet potatoes are easy to grow. Once they take hold, you'll be growing sweet potatoes whether you want to or not. Some vines hopped out of their garden at my house and now whereever I dig in my yard I find sweet potatoes. Haven't planted them in years
  2. No. The gov't should not have access to a registry showing where and what guns are in who's hands.
  3. Yes, it goes Unclassified, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, and Top Secret / Special Compartmentalized Information (SCI). "Above top secret" info is placed into "compartments" such communications Intel (COMINT), signals Intel (SIGINT), human Intel (HUMINT) and many others with, with access only granted on a need to know basis. Not technically above top secret but often referred to that way
  4. Nice! I have a backhoe and a little backhoe to bury stuff if needed. Presently trying to finish a 14'x14'x8' ICF FEMA shelter... 6 sides of reinforced concrete ;-)
  5. Yes sir, I have a 150+ varieties of non-gmo, non-hybrid seeds there in a pelican case, sweet potato vines already inplace and growing, blueberry bushes, olive trees, inoculated medicinal mushroom logs, and ~10 tons of fresh compost.
  6. I've got a well, on a river, and made a portable distilling, filtering, and finally RO/DI setup in a pelican case ;-)
  7. I'm most impressed this old lady uses linux
  8. Sounds like ISIS is making a play right out of the North Vietnamese playbook... Tet Offensive, but everywhere. Its been done before... and was effective
  9. https://vistar-capture.web.cern.ch/vistar-capture/lhc1.png?0.08476750762201846
  10. I can appreciate your situation as I've been there. When I graduated with my B.S. degree (computer science) I was unemployed for 9 months unable to find a job. And I've been 100% on my own since about 16 years of age. Once I did it was for pretty poor money and that lit the fire for me to start my own company, which happened in 2008. There were some *very* rough times at the start, but its worked out well now. I've since started several more businesses and it is absolutely true that its far easier to make money once you've got a little. The first $ is by far the hardest to make. Thats why most entrepreneurs frame the first one and hang it on the wall lol. For similar reasons, thats why lottery winners and overpaid athletes nearly always go bankrupt... "easy come, easy go". We can take this to a private communication, but if I may ask, whats your career field, whats your age and region where you live? I can probably find a way to help or advise in some form or fashion.
  11. *edit*... I thought I was in my thread. gonna leave it as it sits though Thanks however its less an issue of what I can afford, but one of availability and credibility. As I mentioned, builliondirect was always a good source for near spot price and I've bough much on there, but at present they declared chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  12. I used to have some white South African friends. I remember one time there was a heated argument when a black person called himself African American and said my friends were not. They disagreed lol. They moved back to South Africa (maybe they knew something I didn't at the time)
  13. The little bit I had in the market outside of 401k exited the market yesterday and I'm feeling pretty good about that call for the moment