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  1. “We need to concern ourselves about our own issues here in America first . North Korea will Korea well enough on it's own . 1400 immigrant children taken from their deported parents now locked up in a Walmart in Texas would be a start . This must be hell for a child ! “ What in the world does this have to do with the topic? You hate Trump, I get it. Next........
  2. This is what happens when people with little common sense get to make up news. It falls apart quickly. John
  3. How about an old school BBS? Even an iPad can teleport into one of those. I used to visit them on an old netbook. Cool stuff. A bunch of people are running Mystic BBS on Raspberry pi’s now. You can post, upload files and do a bunch of stuff with them. Thought about hooking one up myself as an underground message board if Hillary had made it into office..... john
  4. Konaexpress

    YouTube Shooter was CGI

    Don’t want to feed into this but was wondering why this gal, Adam Lanza and David Hogg look so much alike. Just a strange thought, John
  5. Used to be a good podcast until a few years (6ish) back. That’s when what’s his name got his new partner and it became the I hate God Show. I don’t expect people to believe the way I do but it became obvious after a while. Some of the hateful things that would be said were a bit shocking, I had to stop listening to it. John
  6. Konaexpress

    Ouija Board Anyone?

    The board is a focus device, you could use a piece of paper and a shot glass as the planchette. Stay Away! John
  7. Konaexpress

    Ouija Board Anyone?

    Played with one in the military that belonged to a friend. They work very well. Leave them alone! I really can’t say this strongly enough. Leave them alone! You are opening a door way and are giving them permission to interact with you by super natural/ spiritual law. The door does not close because you put the board back in the box and put it away. Trust me on this. John
  8. Konaexpress

    He Predicted Trump Would Win

    Here is another one for you about oil from the same guy. It’s an intriguing show but go to about the 55 min mark for the oil bit. The before stuff is good too, he has an interesting take on things. I know this is a side track but still fun! John
  9. Konaexpress

    Signs Around Us

    I know what you mean. I got out about the time they made a word for that. After all these years, I still wake up with the sweats every once in a great while. I still keep a go bag. As my SO knows, give me 15 min and I’m in the wind. John
  10. Konaexpress

    We are in The LAST Generation!

    I once heard someone say “ In the blink of an eye, I the most high will take you. You will feel no pain.” I believe this as true. John
  11. Konaexpress

    He Predicted Trump Would Win

    Yep! That’s the guy I think. I have seen his name pop up from time to time. He looks to go against what everyone else is saying. Only time will tell I guess. From what little I know on this, 2030-ish is the max time we have but it will be cut short if Trump is taken out. Then the hand of God is lifted and all hell brakes loose and time is accelerated. Trumps time in office is to give us some time to rebuild our energy and strength for the final push. Like half time at the 3rd quarter instead of the 2nd. John
  12. Konaexpress

    Signs Around Us

    Sink holes! http://strangesounds.org/2018/03/canal-drained-sinkhole-cheshire-uk-pictures.html John
  13. Not sure if this was posted before but I just found this. Not sure what to to think of it.... John
  14. Konaexpress

    We are in The LAST Generation!

    This may sound weird but way back when I was a teenager, I found my dad reading his bible, crying and staring at the sky. I asked him what was wrong? He said over and over how sorry he was and that I would live to see the next civil war and that he would not be here to help me. He said it would be a race war and it would be devastating and weaken the USA. He then said “ watch out for the Chinese son, watch out for them”. He didn’t talk for a few days after that and every time I saw him, he would get tears in his eyes when he would see me. At the time, I just thought that the docs had left some of the tumor in his noggin. I hugged him and just kept going. Now I have to wonder how much he knew and didn’t say, he was very private. Later in years he was so proud of me being a Army soldier and doing so well but from time to time he would make it a point to remind me “ This isn’t your fight son, you run like hell and hide and protect those around you. You can’t win this.” Crazzy stuff.... John
  15. Something doesn’t sound right about this chem story. I have a bit of NBC training and if the agent they are touting as the cause of this is true, they would of had to blockade a city block. You would of seen hazmat suits all over the place. The first responders would have been put in quarantine until the agent was found and taken care of. Total lockdown, no one in or out of that area period. I have to scratch my head on this one. John

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