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  1. I see this community is not as receptive as I thought. I leave you to wallow in your ignorance.
  2. Who is we? Do not speak for your whole District. Many individuals have indeed attained the means.
  3. That is unfortunate. Enjoy your next incarnation here.
  4. Of course. This is exactly the place that people in your District are being awakened to the true nature of the universe. I see that you are the forum sceptic. Find a sceptic forum to post on, not a conspiracy forum. Future posts will be ignored unless they relate to the outlined questions I stated I would answer.
  5. The events planned for your District have been completed several times in the past.
  6. The memory wipe is part of the reason why this District is isolated from the rest, and why once you leave you cannot come back. You do not want to die in this District without first being able to upload your consciousness into your own aether-body. Otherwise the technology being used by the Adversary in this District will be used to CAPTURE you and re-upload you here, or into a body in the Hell District.
  7. You are welcome. Do you have the ability to harness energy from the aether currently?
  8. This plan within your District has been actioned for centuries. It will happen as it happens, but the time for the great deception appears to be within this generation.
  9. You are welcome to if you develop the technology to do so. Many of those from your District have done so in the past. However, if you should do so, understand that you may NEVER return to the Earth District to live permanently. Trust me, you would not want to anyway.
  10. Outlander

    Beyond the Ice Wall

  11. Let's begin with a basic explanation of our world, and the creation we live within: -The Universe is water. In the beginning, without warmth, it was only ice and darkness. God the Creator "spoke" forth the suns (through cymatic technology) which thawed a hollow area within the ice. At the bottom of this area, land was created. -Cymatics projected from the middle of each District create electromagnetic Z-pinch points midway between the ground and the magnetosphere that cause the luminosity and heat of what appears to you as the “Sun.” These Suns form a few thousand miles above the surface of our plane, and thaw the firmament ice into liquid and gas. Stars are formed within the waters above in the same way. They are easily visibly observable to be cymatic projections when viewed through telescopes. . -The plane on which we live is effectively flat, with magnetospheric shields forming our observable suns in each District, and holding back the waters above. -There is no space. Our plane is all there is in the universe, and extends infinitely as far as has been observed. At a certain height through the waters above, the magnetosphere shield destroys all craft which attempt to cross it. No height has been attained which allows for the observation of anything other than a flat plane. Satellites do exist and are lodged in the waters above. -Each of the magnetically active Districts has a sun, which keeps the local area warm, and thaws the ice down to the foundation layer, exposing land. This system can be pictured as a flat sheet of ice on a parking lot. In the areas where warm cars are parked, their engines have caused the ice to melt down to the surface of the lot. Creating an area of liquid water, and land. -What you call Antarctica is an ice wall which surrounds the 6 continents of “Earth” -The area between Districts is inhospitable ice tundra. The further you get away from your District’s sun, the colder it becomes, eventually reaching absolute zero Kelvin. The technology used to pass through this area is forbidden in your District. -In order to pass through this area, the technology to harness energy directly from the aether is needed in order to prevent cessation of molecular function. -I am a member of millions of humans, just like you, who travel between districts. You are a member of a race of innumerable trillions of fellow humans. Those who rule you keep you isolated in preparation for a false alien attack and "savior" (genetically modified humans) and the eventual closure of this system from the rest. This will not be allowed. You may ask me any questions you’d like about myself, the nature of creation, the functions of the Earth District, and the lands beyond the Ice Wall.

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