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  1. EuroTrader

    DOJ Inspector General Report -- McCabe

    Wow! In reading this, McCabe LIED to FBI agents. Isn't someone facing criminal prosecution for that very same thing -- although there was no underlying crime alleged?! Yes. That would be General Flynn. Here, there IS an underlying crime. McCabe also lied to the FBI Director in an active investigation. McCabe finally lied to the Inspector General, under oath. So, McCabe arguably committed obstruction of justice (several times) and perjury (several times). All felonies! Certainly enough for an indictment for any commoner.
  2. It's out and can be found here: https://static01.nyt.com/files/2018/us/politics/20180413a-doj-oig-mccabe-report.pdf This relates to McCabe only . . . not the BIGGIE that's promised.
  3. This was so clearly ILLEGAL. Whatever they find cannot be used against his client unless there was an active criminal conspiracy involving the attorney and the client. It will be suppressed in an initial pre-trial motion. No . . . This was all about finding "dirt" to use to blackmail a sitting President. Trump absolutely wasted his chance and threw-away our (Americans) last chance since the Establishment will guarantee nobody that represents us commoners ever even sniff power again.
  4. Won't work with the Russians or the Chinese.
  5. EuroTrader

    Paul Ryan's departure sparks unrest

    Politicians almost never walk away from power. Power must be pried from their cold, dead hands. The Speaker of the House -- #3 in Presidential succession -- with his own private jet and perks most Americans are clueless about -- would never walk away. He must know what's coming in November . . . especially now that Trump supporters will be demoralized and Demoncrats jazzed out the wazoo.
  6. EuroTrader

    Trump Pardons Scooter Libby.

    Sadly, seems like more proof to me that Bolton and the rest of the war-mongering neocons are in complete control and President Trump has either given up or worse. Trump just would not understand that you cannot play nice with evil. He should have moved swiftly and decisively and cut its head off. There was NO way the Establishment would play nice and trying to engage in their rigged their game squandered the tsunami he was swept into office riding! And I think they learned their lesson and will never, ever allow someone like Trump to get that close to power again.
  7. I agree. Regarding the last part . . . for background, I have a degree in accounting, a masters in business administration, was a trial lawyer and served in the legislature -- specifically on the Budget Committee and the Education Committee (among others). I could easily understand and should have enjoyed access to EVERY single thing about budgets, income, etc. and you would not believe the double-talk and stalling and outright refusal to show true budgets, accounts and financial statements -- which would have specifically identified income sources. I remain convinced to this day that the local governments -- through the schools -- get money from Big Pharma for forcing shots onto innocent kids! Now they're trying to force it on home-schoolers in some places too! * * * * * P.S. -- Lots of improper "grouping" of expenditures too -- which likely obscured pay-offs.
  8. Then I guess we'll just disagree. President Trump is pretty clearly not implementing the same agenda Crooked Hillary planned. I think almost everyone can agree Crooked Hillary was supported by the Deep State and is a pure Globalist. The Globalists can't have competing agendas. Their candidate lost. Despite their best efforts. Despite treason. So if President Trump is NOT the Globalist candidate and he is NOT implementing the same Globalist agenda as Crooked Hillary and we are NOT already at war with Russia, China, or both . . . he's still nonetheless part of the Deep State?!?! Why? Because he just has to be? Since I don't watch ABC-CBS-NBC-MSNBC-CNBC-CNN, I don't receive Deep State programming. Are you seriously disagreeing that corporate-controlled media has been 99% anti-Trump exactly as I said? There have been studies that show the "coverage" for over a year has been almost entirely negative or anti-Trump. As far as claiming I have a left/right mentality . . . I guess you overlooked my second paragraph. But I am always interested in what dots I may be missing.
  9. EuroTrader

    These other forums man....

    From my experience, you simply CANNOT be nice to evil. You cannot even tolerate its co-existence. Evil people almost always take simple kindness or compassion as a sign of weakness.
  10. I can only look forward to the day when we finally are . . .
  11. I am seeing many more awakened to the propaganda of the corporate-controlled media -- based on the constant, close to 99% negative-only coverage of President Trump -- who many support. I also see the same attempted divisions that have been fomented for YEARS: Republican vs. Democrat, young vs. old, man vs. woman, gay vs. straight (yeah, yeah, this shows my age -- LOL!), abortion vs. non-abortion or "right to life" vs. "right to choose," black vs. white vs. brown, etc. So only groups within groups can find common ground any more. "Republican" vs. "Democrat" is nothing but W.W.E. wrestling! Everyone has seemingly forgotten the right to free speech means you must tolerate speech with which you disagree! But as for the sentiment expressed by Siddrix and many others I've heard (I'm NOT picking on you Siddrix -- you just stated it clearly), I have to ask: What would be their end game? OK, so they create complete social unrest or outright civil war. Then what? That just hands -- and I mean on a silver platter -- complete control of everything to President Trump, which for sake of disclosure I'll admit would be OK with me. He can declare a state of national emergency and deploy the military -- which is overwhelmingly supportive of him -- and does anyone believe a bunch of Antifa cowards stand a chance against even a single platoon of recon Marines with live rounds deployed in a major city? President Trump can then quickly and single-handedly put an end to the "establishment" and drain the swamp faster than anyone imagines with purely Military Tribunals. Forget liberal, activist judges. The Deep State -- including the career politicians and their minions -- are not stupid. Believe me. I've seen things on the inside. They know the power a sitting President wields. They know how quickly the American people will come together and immediately forget all the fake divisions in time of a true national emergency. So I still believe the Deep State's #1 goal is to remove the President . . . only that attempt would lead to the outright rebellion from the right instead that would then result in a state of national emergency before President Trump could be removed. So it seems the Deep State is keeping the left in a state of outrage in anticipation of the November elections (for turnout), hoping to take either the House or Senate and concoct their partisan "investigations" ahead of 2020 when they can try to re-take the White House from a weakened President Trump. Maybe I'm missing something and would like to know what . . .
  12. EuroTrader

    McCabe may be fired by Friday... no pension?

    Yes, I think so. There was a vast conspiracy to subvert the will of the people and hand the Presidency to Clinton. Part of that was ILLEGAL spying on the campaign of the other guy -- Trump. 9 out of 10 times they would get away with it and we would never even know all the illegal things they did . . . but Clinton lost. Then they went to Plan B and if President Trump had selected someone with even tiny little mouse balls, instead of a good-old-boy like AG Sessions, we would be cleaning-up, exposing their crimes, indicting Comey and Lynch and Clinton and many more! You cannot play nice with these people who are out for your very life! I think AG Sessions will wait for the upcoming Inspector General's Report and then claim cover for having to appoint a second Special Prosecutor . . . someone completely outside the DOJ. Someone who can investigate Mr. Mueller himself for his part in the treasonous Uranium I scheme. That's what I've never been able to understand (well, just one thing) . . . Rosenstein and Comey and Meuller were all sitting on their hands and allowed the, what should have been, illegal Russian Uranium I deal to go through. They have been covering their butts since the beginning -- and IMO that's why Rosenstein selected and appointed Mueller -- he knows everything and his rear-end is on the line too.
  13. It's in Jerry Brown far left-wing liberal California . . . It really feels to me like violence is brewing just under the surface in make places -- but California is lost to all reason. I cannot understand what Soros (funding) and his ilk hope to achieve.
  14. EuroTrader

    McCabe may be fired by Friday... no pension?

    President Trump has been greatly dis-served by insiders from day #1. HUGE mistakes he made (based on arrogance, I think). I understand he wants to reward loyalty and Senator Sessions was the first to get behind Trump . . . so he's AG. But part of the "Club" too for so many years, he won't rock the boat. That's the only reason I can fathom Rosenstein still being there. I will be shocked if Sessions fires McCabe., although McCabe 100% deserves it. He tried to subvert our election. He tried to undermine a President of the United States. He was exposed, he should pay the price! Based on the FISA crap he pulled, he should be indicted and sitting in a federal penitentiary! But AG Sessions will do nothing. As far as AG Sessions himself, his GOP buddies in the Senate have said they absolutely will not confirm anyone else if Sessions is fired. This is how politics actually works . . . "chips" that are earned and called-in later.
  15. EuroTrader

    No escape for Hillary "Q"

    The FBI can swoop-in a seize all evidence, and all copies, claiming it's pertinent to a "national security" investigation. It can be other agencies but the FBI is usually easiest to use. Whoever has had access to the "evidence" can then be placed under a "national security" non-disclosure agreement . . . and POOF! All that wonderful "proof" just disappears down the rabbit hole and nobody can ever say a word about what they would then only be able to claim they saw (because all supporting evidence is gone). But they won't even do that because it then suddenly becomes much more personally dangerous for someone to blow the whistle. If you do, what do you accomplish? Exposure of Clinton? Nope! YOU are arrested -- based on the NDA -- because you ruined a years-long national security investigation involving dozens (no, hundreds sounds better) of FBI agents who put their lives at risk for their country -- or at the very least they blame YOU with the next FF and your career is over (and maybe your pension and retirement benefits are gone too). You'll need to mortgage your home and pony-up easily $50,000+ for a good defense attorney to battle the hoard of government attorneys seeking to put you in federal prison, etc. What could that good defense attorney accomplish? Well, not much, except a reduced prison term and favorable placement for you. That may well be why these things have a way of just disappearing.

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