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  1. Economic Opportunity zones

    Id really like to know why out of all the articles I read out of all the videos and msm coverage on Trump's 2017 tax bill WHY WERE THESE ECONOMIC ZONES NEVER MENTIONED NOT ONCE THAT I CAN RECALL! There is a reason for that! The Trumpbots will say They didnt mention it BECAUSE IT WOULD MAKE TRUMP LOOK GOOD And to that I would say If you want to be a philanthropist You dont need to give control of all your funding to a Government organization to help people. They will make money off of you philantrophic funds by investing it right into stocks bonds AND DERIVATIVES DERIVATIVES THOSE LOVELY WALSTREET GAMBLING CASINO Well its all a casino now rolling in monopoly monies but you get the point
  2. Economic Opportunity zones

    Libturded Utopia's
  3. Economic Opportunity zones

    They should rename this shit Economice totalitarian zones I have friends who started there very own food bank in my communty. They are a 501c3 THEY DID NOT NEED AN ORGANIZATION like the Economic Innovation Group To take complete control over their Philantrophic funds/monies Not only that This Economic zones act was passed in the 2017 Trump tax cut legislation. So no doubt that the government and NO TELLING WICH SHADOWY HANDS HAVE THEIR CONTROLLING HANDS IN THIS ORGANIZATION. You really have to wonder if this thing takes off. If people are STUPID ENOUGH to hand their money to this organization there is no telling what kind of laws could put on the people who would live in these economic zones. In order to live in one of these economic zones - you may not be aloud to own a vehicle - Must be rfid chip implanted - Oh my god I can really see it now This is insanity
  4. Economic Opportunity zones

    And Now I know why the Police in in cities across America Like Califorina and South Carolina would go Into the woods and kick out the homeless and dismantle tent cities. I just thought to myself How dumb you go in and raid the homeless forcing them back in the public eye on the streets. It was about Philanthropy! This is NOT about Philanthropy AT ALL. This is about Governmen taking control of the booming Philanthropy in communities across the country. Government wants those capital gains monies AND THATS AS SIMPLE AS IT GETS. THEY ALSO WANT CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL OF THE MONEY AND PEOPLE. IF THIS WAS ABOUT ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE THAT THE GOVERNMENT HELPED MAKE POOR TO BEGIN WITH WHY THE FOLLOWING Q. Can I invest my capitail gains directly in an opportunity zone business and still qualify for tax incentives? A. No. In order to qualify for the tax incentives, investors must invest through a qualified Opportunity Fund.
  5. Economic Opportunity zones

    Economic Zones Legislation was passed in the 2017 Trump tax bill https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/wisconsin/articles/2018-03-21/walker-recommends-new-opportunity-zones-in-40-counties Walker recommends new 'opportunity zones' in 44 counties Gov. Scott Walker wants to create 120 "Economic Opportunity Zones" in Wisconsin, a designation allowed under the new federal tax law designed to spur development. Walker on Tuesday released the recommended list he is sending to the U.S. Department of Treasury which will make the final designation. The zones are in 44 counties across the state, including urban, rural and tribal areas. Here is the Main website: http://eig.org From Faq section: http://eig.org/opportunityzones/faq Q. Can I invest my capitail gains directly in an opportunity zone business and still qualify for tax incentives? A. No. In order to qualify for the tax incentives, investors must invest through a qualified Opportunity Fund.
  6. They said this evening via the following joint statement: “After 12 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways. We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families. "We have five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority. We ask for your privacy during this time.” The New York Post, which was the first major outlet to report this story, confirms that Vanessa filed her legal papers in Manhattan Supreme Court. She asked for an "uncontested proceeding more at: https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2018/03/vanessa-trump-makes-it-official-i-want-a-divorce/
  7. Of course! I have sympathy! my mom passed away In 2012 I still cry when I think about her. I watched as she died on her death bed. From cancer! Shortly after she passed I started to alt media talking about a cure for cancer already found. Then many Alternative medicine practitioners started winding up SUICEDED! Then I see Scumbag Joe Biden come out and say he found the cure for cancer. Look it up on YT. True! You put 2 and 2 together! They dont want a cure out in the open. No No to much money to be had by big pharma. SO BIG PHARMA PAYS OFF THE POLITICIANS . GUESS WHAT WE STILL AINT SEEN THAT CURE SINCE BIDEN ANNOUNCED IT. NOW HAVE WE! Gee I wonder why. ITS A JOKE ALL OF IT
  8. Turned upside down? Your joking right? We are watching reality tv the men behind the curtain make all the decisions. The teams lawyers write up the laws that take away freedoms. Everyone in congress senate all want what the men behind the curtain want enacted. They are paid well. On tv we watch them act like they are fighting over these laws for 1 reason or another. If the goyim put up to big of a stink over whatever then they save it for another time or pacify by taking some parts out of the legislation and say LOOK IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE All Trump companies job is, is to convince the goyim its all 3d chess and somebody is fighting to lower our WAY OVER INFLATED TAXES AND OVERBEARING LAWS. So what Trump takes heat from Commie Press/media. Anyone of them that claim they hate Trump would be hitting the bar with Trump having a good time. Its quite Literally a circus act. "YOU SEE ITS THIS IDEA THAT THE KIDS BELONG TO THE PARENTS THAT WE MUST BREAK THROUGH." Thats a quote (not verbatim) btw came straight from a government employees mouth. Look it up its on YT.
  9. Yes i do. So what and yes it Sux
  10. Yah right those kids will never scrub a toilet for a living
  11. Oh nowees this nust breaks my heart. As the world turns. who gibs a fuk
  12. Trump is Finished

    You caught onnnnnn. To my plan! mwhuhuhuhu mwhuhu mwhuh mwhuhuhuhuhuh
  13. YouTube Attacks the 1st Article

    I understand your argument. Youtube is google's business they can operate it as they see fit. Just like states rights businesses should be able to run as they see fit. However Google does not remove videos calling for gun confiscation in fact those videos have made Youtube trending. All is not equal on Youtube and ggoogleulage as a whole. Thats fine though google nor the government is winning. The internet is huge and when they alienate most of the users with censorship the people will migrate to new platforms. The only way they could ever "win" is if they shut down the internet. Which is an instant loss for them at this point and they know it. Which is why they wont do it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1p-E2xmpjA
  14. Trump is Finished

    No No No Democrats luv the thought of taking guns first due process later. Trump aint going nowhere Democrates will nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize
  15. I know this subject SUX distasteful sick and vile. But it made news today so here is some of the Article One of the great legislative challenges of history, from the Hittite abominations to the regulation of internet porn, has been anticipating the latent evils unleashed by man’s ingenuity. Now, child sex dolls—robots engineered to warm to the human touch and disturbingly lifelike in their prepubescent features—are being marketed to pedophiles. Made overseas, they’re increasingly prevalent stateside. Republican Dan Donovan of Staten Island, a federal prosecutor for 20 years before his election to the House in 2015, has made it his mission to sound the warning about child sex dolls. “When I saw articles on the issues of child sex dolls abroad, I knew I had to act immediately to stop the proliferation of them within the United States,” Donovan said in an email to THE WEEKLY STANDARD. more at: http://www.weeklystandard.com/congressman-child-sex-dolls-are-comingand-were-not-ready/article/2011945 I hate more and more laws and regulations. BUT this law I agree with!