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  1. Grace O'malley

    We Are Having Sex!

    That is hilarious!
  2. Grace O'malley

    No escape for Hillary "Q"

    I can't wait! If she's still alive? Some of those released emails between Podesta and others were stating something like this after one of her debates with Trump- "Who was that last night? I don't know but she was good." As in a clone or body double etc. I also saw Bill Clinton look at her butt one time and I knew immediately it was not HRC!
  3. Well just make an anti-vaccine statement anywhere on the internet and suddenly you've got stalkers and attackers. It's unbelievable. I found out the hard way.
  4. Yep a big liar and as crooked as they come plus the added benefit of being nutty as a fruitcake.
  5. Grace O'malley

    Russia Spy Ship Off Georgia Coast

    I agree, my son was a Navy diver and he said they were always out there...I like your possibilities.
  6. I understand totally. I'm over 60, but I still hug people everyday. Here's one for UKshep and anyone else who needs a hug this morning!
  7. I love it. It's about time. Everything will be ok. If not I'll eat crow. I make a good crow stew.
  8. Just google shipping body parts - real eye openers!
  9. Well, well the CIA is not running NK anymore. Oh my my my. Obama has no where else to hide...
  10. Grace O'malley

    Daylight Savings Time is War Time


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